How Does Google Play Books Work

How do you book shows for a band.

we live in Mansfield Massright near boston however, i have no idea how to get a show anywhereis there a website full of music agents or sum1 that we could call?

Look in the phone book for the local chapter of the American Federation of Musicians (or google for it, in a city the size of boston, they should have a website). Continue reading “How Does Google Play Books Work”

How Does Amazon Audio Books Work

how can i download glass menagerie by tennesse williams audio book free.

I would buy it if i could actually find the audio book to buy plus i got the book already but i need the audio book for a presentation if someone has the audio book send it to me [email protected] or give me a good website where i can download the audio book freeplease i could really use your answer

I don’t believe you can download The Glass Menagerie for free – legally – in any format. Continue reading “How Does Amazon Audio Books Work”