How Many Books Are There In The Hunger Games Series

what order do the hunger games book series go in.

how many are there and what are they called in order? thanks:)

There are three: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay.

the hunger games questions.

How many books are in the series?Can Katnip’s sister get picked again being how her sister saved her?I just started reading the first book so no details please

There are three books in the series; Huger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay which has yet to be publishedNo one in Katniss’s family can get picked again.

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How many Hunger Games books are there.

My sociology teacher is having us read “The Hunger Games”. But i look and see like three different books.. Then I looked at the plot overview for “The Hunger Games” and it said there were three parts, “The Tributes”, “The Games” and “The Victors”. Am I wrong, is…

The hunger games is the name of the first book in the series. What you might have looked up was probably catagorizing things from the book to make it more organized to understand. The book is about tributes who go into the games and every year there’s supposed to be a victor.The books in the series are the hunger game, catching fire & mockingjay. There are also other things written about the series. I own the hunger games unofficial companion and the tribute guide. There is also a movie companion and a cookbook. I also want another one i think its called the world of hunger games or something.

Third book in the hunger games series.

I just finished the second book and was pretty dissapointed. A few friends have said the 3rd book has an even greater gap in quality from the 1st book.. How many of you out there found it worth reading?

I have read all of them at least 4 times. The first time I read the third one, Mockingjay, I didn’t like it very much, I thought Cathching Fire was ok, but I loved the first one. As I read the series again, the more times I read it, the more I liked the third book. I think it is worth reading and if you don’t like it, maybe read the series again in 6 months or so and you may like it better (:

Is the Hunger Games series good.

and how many books are there in it?

there are three. and they are excellent/fantastic/incredible/awesome. i would definitely recommend reading them, the plot is interesting and original, the writing is excellent, and i thouroughly enjoyed reading them

How many books will there be total in The Hunger Games Trilogy.

So far there is:-The Hunger Games-Catching FireI know she’s writing one right now and that it is to be released Fall 2010. But I heard this will be her final book to the trilogy? Is that true? I really hope not.p.s. Peeta or Gale? 😉

Three books = Trilogy, I’ll also agree with the person who first answered.The final one IS going to be released Fall 2010. Probably September or October, if current trends continue. Don’t worry, she’ll probably have a new series right after. Or she’ll just be working on the Hunger Games movie. :)I <3 Peeta!--AlexandriaAdmin of HGT.Com


how many books in the hunger games series are there.

i heard there was 3 but is there any more coming out?

Sadly only 3.lol1) The hungergames2) Catching fire3) Mockingjayanswer?:);…

How many books are in the series The Hunger Games.

I have the first and second books but how many are in the whole series?

From my understanding > There are 3 Books….Becoz…This is actually a Trilogy ~~~*…*…CHEERS & Nice Day:)Nice seeing U here….

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how many lord of the rings books are there and what are they called thanks.

can i get them of the internet without putting credit card details (im 16 and have’nt got a credit debit or cash card and if so what is he internet site called

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