How To Transfer Kindle Books To Ipad

Next year are alot of college textbooks going to be transferred into books to be read on the Ipad.

Buying textbooks are expensive, how can you find out if they are going to be on the I-pad.

You can already buy digital versions of a lot of textbooks. You can either download them onto your computer, or you can subscribe to them online. Continue reading “How To Transfer Kindle Books To Ipad”

How Does Google Play Books Work

How do you book shows for a band.

we live in Mansfield Massright near boston however, i have no idea how to get a show anywhereis there a website full of music agents or sum1 that we could call?

Look in the phone book for the local chapter of the American Federation of Musicians (or google for it, in a city the size of boston, they should have a website). Continue reading “How Does Google Play Books Work”

How Many Fablehaven Books Are There

Recommend me a good book.

I’m in middle school and we have to read 2 books every month. Books I liked and have read/finished the series are The Hunger Games Trilogy, Artemis Fowl, Fablehaven, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Percy Jackson, The Heroes of Olympus, and Flush. Don’t recommend Harry Potter and Twilight because I don’t like it. Continue reading “How Many Fablehaven Books Are There”

How To Listen To Books On Tape

How to Acquire an Irish Accent.

I’m dyeing my hair strawberry blonde this weekend, thus from now on I shall pretend to be Irish, starting this weekend.

Listen to a lot of Irish (hopefully authentic irish speakers.Try books on tape featuring Irish speakers, look up Irish bands and listen to them,try to access Irish TV people (newscasters? Continue reading “How To Listen To Books On Tape”

How To Sell On Amazon Books

how do u sell book on amazon.

go to open an account. Then on your personal account page go to listings & type the upc# of the book in & follow directions (condition, quantity & price) if the book has never been listed by anyone before ( not very likely) you can create a new listin by taking picture & entering details (takes about 5-min) If you become a pro-seller the listing will stay indefinately till book sells or if not pro-seller 30 days & you can re-list. Continue reading “How To Sell On Amazon Books”