How To Get Books On Google Play For Free

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How To Listen To Kindle Books On Iphone

How i remain Pandora in the background in my Iphone.

Just i got an iphone and l love it!!! I want to know how i keep open aplications in the background while i read the mail or do other things, for example Pandora music, when i switch to other aplication Pandora stops. thanks

Install a FREE app “Radio” turn the background play on. Continue reading “How To Listen To Kindle Books On Iphone”

How To Record Audio Books

Can you record audio/video on a MacBook.

I have a Mac book and i want to record a video with audio on it. Anyone have any idea how to do this?

In iMovie, change the preferences to record from the built in camera.

What is an Audio Book.

I had problems concentrating on books and I thought that if somebody was reading it to me would me more easy .Could you please tell me if this kind of type pf reading will help me concentrate more on books.How does an Audio Book work?

An audio book is a recording of a book, usually by a professional narrator. They come in two forms of narration, abridged and unabridged. Abridged means edited and shortened for recording, unabridged is the full unedited text of a book.You can download them online from lots of places in mp3 format, or you can buy them in any bookstore on tapes and cds. You can also get them free from your library or download them free from your local library website.They may help you with your concentration if it’s a story you like and a good narrator you like to listen to. Sometimes great stories are ruined for me by a terrible narrator, sometimes a great narrator makes a bad story enjoyable.If you want to increase your reading skills it may help you to have a paper copy of a book in addition to the audio book and follow along with the narrator.If you are listening to an audio book for a school project be double sure the version you’re listening to is unabridged.

Relationship books free

Microphone headset for recording audio books.

I’ve published two Kindle books for children, and I’d like to record audio books of them. I read a bit about proper audio book recording equipment but I have no money for anything like that.What I have is a cheap Logitech headset with microphone that cost around $20, which I use for business meetings….

You might maybe be able to get away with it if you’re in a good environemnt with no real ambient noise, but it’s is a site for audio books that are recorded by volunteers. Go there are check out their FAQs and forums for volunteers. They have a lot of good info on recommended hardware and software.

M3P Audio books… .. .

I might sound stupid but I ordered a book in the library and then realised it said it was an mp3 audio sound recording, but how exactly do you listen to the story?

Use your computer – i tunes – or wma. both windows and mac play mp3. audio mp3 generally is downloaded but if it comes in discs you can use an cd player is way easy.

How to record a Audio File on my P.C .

I would like to read a book and record it on to my P.C Hard Drive Disk. It would be 1 hour long Audio File ( MP3 )Which application should I use? Is it Windows Media Player, Windows Media Centre or any other application ?I have Windows 7 Ultimate.

You need an audio recording and editing software (e.g. Goldwave, Adobe Audition etc). None of the software you mentioned above does it, they just play and catalog them. These recording software will allow you edit out plosives, pauses, errors etc in the post-recording process. For professional quality audio you need good microphone and sound proof rooms as well. Shure SM58 or Studio-grade Condenser mics are good microphones for voice recording.

Recording books for the blind.

I would like to volunteer to record books for blind. Am in UK.How can i help? are there virtual opportunities?

The link below may be not quite what you’re after, but it’s a step in the right direction.…

How do I train to become a audio book reader/voice.

Over the summer I want to train and maybe even send a demo to some small publishing company’s. Any pointer’s/ advice?

Hi, training actor here! Voice is very important in audio books (obviously). Not only to I had a lot of training in this, but I listen/read to many audio books. The first thing I would suggest is start taking acting lessons (even though your expressions won’t count so much :P) and voice lesson, meaning singing voice lessons. A vocal coach will help you improve all aspects of your voice, not just your singing. A vocal coach will also help with dynamics of voice, expression in voice, etc. (I’m also reading a series on audio book that is AMAZING but the narrator has a HORRIBLE singing voice, so when there is a singing part…) If I were you I would study up on vocabulary that is common in the types of books you want to record so you know how to pronounce what you are saying and what it means which is very important in expression. As well as that, I would listen to things like Story Nory to This American Life. Between these two (and many other audio stories both fictional and real) you will get a huge range of types of stories and you will hear differences between amateur and professional recording. If you want practice, make sure you have at least one decent mic that you can hook up to your computer and a quiet place with good acoustics to record. I record loads of books for my friends and it is wonderful practice and it makes a great gift. I hope you become a great success & I look forward to your recordings!

how can i start recording voice books.

I want to start recording voice books and want information on how to start in this business.

I’ve been involved with audio narration of stories, poetry, and book chapters for four, going on five years now. It is for a non-profit website called>>>http://www.librivox.orgThis site is designed for people just like you who wish to get involved with audio book narration but might know where and how to start. The literature you read is in the public domain (for copyright reasons) and streamed on their website for the public. You can record as much or as little as you want, even entire books. All you have to do is create a free account, get a microphone for your P.C. and download free recording software (many use Audacity)My Librivox>>>…If you don’t have prior experience in narration, it might be an excellent idea practicing the skill on Librivox, because it really IS a skill. Your vocal inflections, tone, delivery, and pacing are very important.

How is audible able to sell audio books legally.

audible has many different books on audio- how do they do that legally?

The purchase the audio rights from the author through the author’s agent and publisher. They have to pay up front (either advance against future royalties or fees to buy those rights), plus the author is paid royalties.The reader is also paid. If it’s the author, they might pay some additional sum as recording fee, or pay a higher royalty rate. If someone other than the author reads the work for recording, they either pay royalties on each copy sold or pay fees outright.

How To Download Books On Android

How do I get an ebook from a website to show up on my Nook app for Android.

I have a tablet that runs Android 4.0, and I have the Nook app for it. I downloaded a couple books in epub format from a website, not the Nook shop or How do I get them to show up on my Nook ap?

You’d better download the books on your computer, copy them to your the “Nook” folder of your tablet with the USB cable. Continue reading “How To Download Books On Android”

How Many Books Has Stephanie Meyer Written

How many people want Stephanie Meyer to finish her book Midnight Sun.

If you want her to finish the book and publish it sign this petition I guess if that what you want to call it. Because the 1st 4 book are amazing, and I love the twlight series. I personally haven’t read the 12 chapters posted on the Internet due to repect for her. Continue reading “How Many Books Has Stephanie Meyer Written”