How Many Lord Of The Ring Books Are There

how many lord of the rings books are there and what are they called thanks.

can i get them of the internet without putting credit card details (im 16 and have’nt got a credit debit or cash card and if so what is he internet site called

Actually, The Lord of the Rings is a single work, which was published in 3 parts for practical (=money) reasons at the time it first came out. Continue reading “How Many Lord Of The Ring Books Are There”

How Many Books Did Dr Seuss Wrote In All

what year did Theodor Seuss (dr.seuss) die.

Later yearsAfter the war, Geisel and his wife moved to La Jolla, California. Returning to children’s books, he wrote many works, including such favorites as If I Ran the Zoo, (1950), Horton Hears a Who! (1955), If I Ran the Circus (1956), The Cat in the Hat (1957), How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1957) and Green Eggs and Ham (1960). Continue reading “How Many Books Did Dr Seuss Wrote In All”

How To Convert Audible Books To Mp3

MP3 help..

what r audiobooks on an MP3??&what r podcasts and how do u get them??

—–AUDIOBOOKS————————-…audiobooks are books that are read to youyou can download audiobooks from for a fee, but it is the official supplier of iPod Audiobooksor you can visit the iTunes store, also for a feeyou can get free audibooks from Project Guthenbergif you have audiobooks from a CD, you can import ithowever, itunes will classify all . Continue reading “How To Convert Audible Books To Mp3”

Best How To Books

best how to draw manga book.

what is the best how to draw manga book out there?

There’s one called “How To Draw Manga.” I don’t know if it’s the best how to draw manga book there is out there, but it’s still a How to draw manga book.

What’s the best how to draw anime book.

I’m looking for a complete guide on how to draw anime. I have absolutely no drawing experience so I need something that includes the basics and works its way up. Something that shows how to draw anime girls to guys. From there expressions and emotions, to there cloths(uniforms to casual cloths and everything in…

Have you never picked up a how to draw manga/anime book?Well let me tell you I have and there are several on this subject. As for being the best, well that all depends on the persons opinion.Some say Christopher Hart books are the best, where others say the How To Draw Manga series are.Also depends on how much money you are willing to spend and/or where you buy them from.I say give them all a try and find the ones you like the most.The public library usually has a few, so check there first.I am one of those that like Christopher Hart’s books a lot, he has the Manga Mania series, Manga For The Beginner series, one titles Anime Mania and Mawha Mania[that’s the Korean version of manga] He also has a kids version of how to draw manga books.There are also tutorial sites on this subject like and has some as well, but I advise you don’t sign up for their home study course, because it’s a rip off. I know from experience.Also youtube has some how to draw manga/anime videos

Gay romance books free

What are the best how-to books for writing a novel.

I need some direction on how to finesse my skills regarding plot structure, character development, scene, dialogue, etc. I am wondering if anyone can recommend some of their favorite books on these areas of writing.

The Writer’s Guide to Character Traits by Linda N. Edelstein PH.D: a good thumb through resource when creating characters with development issues, criminal characters, and adolecent development. It has a lot on relationships, what makes a good fictional relationship and such.I also enjoyed “How I Write” by Janet Evanovich. It’s written in a Q & A format (for frequently asked questions she recieved by email) and one chapter details her average day as a writer. It’s funny, too. It’s more encouraging and ‘taking a load off’ than educational.My personal advice would to not look for the best. Even if it’s not the best ever created, you’re bound to learn something from it. Just go to your local library and check out all the books they have in the 808 section (writing).

Best general how to book.

I’m looking for a book or books which will give good information into how to do useful things. Such as how to do basic carpentry, how to set traps, how to grow food, how to fix things Ext.. I’m not talking about the “For Dummies” series just books that give good information into how to do things…

This book on the self-sufficient life might help you.…Also, be sure to go to your public library and ask your question; bet they will have resources to help you.

What’s the best how-to book for photoshop.

I’m using CS3. I’m taking a class that requires monochrome and multiple image combos. We are also to use vector, bitmap, analog, and digital. This is not all happening in one piece, just a few of the requirements of particular projects.

Deke McClelland is a Photoshop pro who continues to provide excellent “how-to” books. You might try his latest…Check out Amazon for others. Scott Kelby usually has some good Photoshop books as well.The “Dummies” books are usually too abbreviated.

What’s the best how to draw manga book.

Whats the best book that teaches how to draw manga that’s under $30. The book needs to have how to draw manga eyes, heads, body etc.

Please don’t buy a “how to draw book”. If you think they hold some super secret drawing Info, your gonne be let down=.= Believe me, I’ve tried. Just go on sites like can find free manga Tutorials there.But srly the only thing you need is practice!!!!It’s hard i know, but there arn’t any magical how to draw manga books out there. If only it was that easy.

What is the best how to play mandolin books.

I have a mandolin, and I have had it for a little bit more than a year now and I really wanna get serious with it. I know a few chords on it like D, C, G, Em, E, etc… Easy stuff, and can really only play Wagon Wheel, Knocking on Heavens door. But I really wanna learn more. I have been playing guitar for…

There are quite a few resources available. If you want a book that will start you from the very basics then take a look at the selection on They also have instructional DVDs. Additionally, here’s a short list of sites that have down-loadable or printable material:Mandolincafe.comMandolinchords.netMandolintab.orgYou could also take a look on Youtube as may people post instructional videos on how to play the mandolin.How this helps and good luck.

What are the best how-to-draw books.

For a while now I been looking at comic books and now I know that I want to draw like all the good comic book artist like Marvel, DC. I want to know online where I can buy some good comic book ‘How-to’ books. (Mainly Drawing)

The first two books that I would suggest that you look at are Drawing for Dummies and Manga for Dummies. Both books will take you step by step through the drawing process. I found both books to be helpful, but suggest that you go to the library to take a look through them and see if the way the lessons are presented appeals to you. If you find the books helpful, then I would suggest that you purchase them and have them as reference books. Some other books that I found helpful wereDrawing Cutting Edge Comics by Christopher Hart, Drawing Cutting Edge Anatomy: The Ultimate Reference Guide For Comic Book Artists by Christopher Hart, The Fantasy Illustrator’s Technique Book by Gary Lippincott and Drawing and Painting Fantasy Landscapes and Cityscapes by Martin McKenna. I really enjoyed all of these books and found them helpful. I keep them handy as reference books. All were purchased through Amazon. Hope this information helps you!

Best How to draw books.

i really love draw and i like to have drawing book can you tell me what books have help for you or for someone you know and tell me the name of the booksThanks (this will be a big help )

Draw the pictures and study the information in the following books. You will learn how to draw anything and learn the fundamentals of drawing. Buy books at Amazon website.1. You Can Draw In 30 Days by Mark Kistler -OR- Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad2. Exploring The Basics Of Drawing by Victoria Vebell3. Drawing For Dummies by Brenda Hoddinott4. Lifelike Drawing With Lee Hammond

How Many Books Are In The Bared To You Series

How Christianity views young adult book series..

My step mother-in-law is currently in a foul mood over the fact that I am reading the first Harry Potter book with my 4th grader.I have always encouraged my children to read and would never stop them from it, as long as it’s age appropriate of course. Continue reading “How Many Books Are In The Bared To You Series”

How Many Books Did F Scott Fitzgerald Write

Great Gatsby: how important is Fitzgerald’s evocation of the Jazz Age to your appreciation of th text and why.

My essay topic is:”Choose a novel which is set during a period of social or political change. Discuss how important the writer’s evocation of the period is to your appreciation of the text as a whole. Continue reading “How Many Books Did F Scott Fitzgerald Write”