How To Listen To Books On Tape

How to Acquire an Irish Accent.

I’m dyeing my hair strawberry blonde this weekend, thus from now on I shall pretend to be Irish, starting this weekend.

Listen to a lot of Irish (hopefully authentic irish speakers.Try books on tape featuring Irish speakers, look up Irish bands and listen to them,try to access Irish TV people (newscasters?), and there must be other resources to check out the Irish speakers in Ireland.Then try to speak with them, sing with them, etc.(please pick a ‘best of’, some dont.)

Books on tape, is it worth it.

I was thinking of buying a book on tape but is it worht it? Is it the same as reading the book yourself? the one I’m buying is the latest in the Twilight series and the store (the only one that sells books in this small town Im in) doesn’t have any more of the written copies.

It depends on the one who reads the books, what book it is, and how long you can sit still listening to it and not fall asleep, lol. I like to listen to them while I write my stories, but sometimes I lose my concentration and have to rewind the audio book! So, if you were gong to be in the car for a long time or on a plane, yes. If your at home a lot and stay busy, no. I have a fast pace for reading, and sometimes I get irritated when the person reads to slowly. I’d tell you to get a audio book from your library, a book you like, and listen to it. Judge for yourself if it is worth buying one, :)Hope this helped! How to get free books

Any advice how to improve German.

I have good grammar and quite reach vocabulary, but how to mix them into a fluent speech?

If you can’t get to German (Austria/Switzerland) for some time, reading widely will improve your fluency. You will get a good grasp on what words ‘go together’. Also listening to German (books on tape) while driving can help your listening comprehension and from there your fluency. I’ve had the German book-on-tape of Harry Potter recommended to me as being especially well can get those for you, but shipping and handling will make it very expensive. Once you have the ISBN number, IBIS (google it) has been very helpful to german teachers in the US, and she might have it in stock and therefore be able to get it for you for less shipping costs.

How did the book “The Hour I First Believed” by Wally Lamb end.

I got sucked in to listening to this stupid book-on-tape and the whole story really annoys me, and I definitely do NOT want to read or listen to any more… so just tell me how the thing ends.

It’s been a Long time since i read it bur i think his wife died , from a brain hemorrhage. the young girl got married and gave birth which she named after the teacher. Sorry, i can’t remembe their names but this is what happened.

Is listening to a book on tape the same as actually reading the book.

I have enjoyed some bestsellers and thrillers on tape…they are great when you need your hands free for other activities…so is it cheating or is it almost the same as actually reading? Anyone know how it effects the brain..any studies?

I have always kind of been anti-audiobooks because I’m a prude when it comes to literature. I have my BA in English with a specialization in creative writing and I believe the words in books are meant to be seen and not heard.My bf who proudly states books bore him and he’s never finished on bought the audiobook series of Game of Thrones. He listened to it while he was driving. I was able to hear some of it. There’s just something about one guy voicing the narration and all characters (male and female) that turns me off of it. I have so much more fun putting voices to characters in my head. Let’s add I this that I’m a writer. I think an audiobook version of my masterpiece wouldnt do it any justice.Enough of my prudish opinion.This isnt exactly a scientific source but it offers some good insight.…

If I listen to a book on tape while I sleep, will it be like I read it when I wake up.

In hindsight, I do see how this question is probably a bit ridiculous, but I have an exam tomorrow and the thought crossed my mind.

It’s easy to understand why the idea came to you. It’s been tried lots of times. During the Cold War, the Russians tried to get soldiers to learn English by playing English lessons through speakers hidden in their pillows. What they accomplished was that a lot of the soldiers became nervous and had problems concentrating because of lack of sleep. Of course, that’s all that happened. The soldiers were no better at English. People are always trying to figure out how to do things the “fast and easy way,” and it never works.

Japanese book on tape and my name. (2 questions).

I’m learning japanese. So far I have memorized almost all the hiragana. I was wondering if there was somewere I could get a FREE japanese book on tape, just so I could listen to how it sounds. I don’t want it to be teaching me any japanese.My 2nd question:My name is Coreen pronounced Core-ee-n. …

Why not just listen to things on Youtube? Might not be an ENTIRE book-on-tape type of thing but there is plenty to listen to you youtube.Coreen would just become Korin or Koriin (こりん or こりいん) in Japanese. Korin is a name that already exists. It wouldn’t be difficult for Japanese at all. I wrote them in hiragana because you said you can read most of them, but since your name is foreign it would usually be written in katakana instead (so こコリン and コリーン instead).

Do you feel guilty listening to books on tape/CD.

I do…I barely ever listen to them on CD, but this book I’ve been wanting to read had been going really slow, so I just decided to listen to it instead.I just feel sort of stupid. And like I’m cheating for some reason.How do you feel about it?

I still don’t get why you would get guilty, but I would feel like that was a waste of time. Whenever I read, I always like skimming through disgusting parts, or not putting animation to weird lines, and reread some confusing lines.

I want to listen to books on tape in my car w/ a CD player. Any ideas how 2 transfer tape to CD fast..

May not be fast but it can be done1. You will need a softwatware that can burn cd’s like NERO You will need a tape deck player with Head Set jack so you can connect it to your computers MIC jack3. check out video on how its done here it helps out

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  1. You must practice speaking German a lot. Reading and listening will help develop your ear and vocabulary, but if you actually want to speak fluently, you have to practice SPEAKING. The best way, of course, is to live in a German-speaking country. You can also try to look for German people who are willing to practice with you. Even if you don’t know anyone who speaks German, just practice speaking it to yourself. Imagine telling a friend about your day but do it in German. Translate songs you hear on the radio into German. The idea here is to practice the “active” use of language. It’s also good to train your brain and tongue by reading German out loud; sometimes we get tripped up pronouncing things even when we know what we’re trying to say.

  2. No, because when you read you can easily remember the information in your head. when you listen to it it will be even more hard for you to remember it.

  3. Sometimes, not always, but every once in awhile they’re better that way! For example, the book Inkheart on audio is AMAZING! Every character’s voice is unique. I was so impressed by the narrator when I listened to it (and I listen to a lot…) that I researched becoming a narrator myself, lol.

  4. by listening to that form of song, you’re exposing your self to sinful impacts. God isn’t happy approximately that because of the fact it corrupts you, subtly before everything, and then extra as you hold doing that. i could advise which you hit upon some Christian rap song to take heed to truly. There are some good possibilities available, like KJ fifty two, T-Bone, and so on.

  5. No, not at all. You are still experiencing the book the way the author intended. The words are what are important and since the CD is just reading out loud from the book, then that is certainly fine!

  6. Try talking German with your friend or roommate for some time. Translate all your basic needs to German and converse with someone in the language.

  7. I don’t feel guilty, unless I tell a teacher that I am reading it. Or ever say that I am “reading” it to anyone. I will say that I had it read to me, or are having it read to me.

  8. Some people record more of what they see and read than what they hear, depends on what type of person you are really.

  9. i use audiobooks to keep me sane during my commute but yeah sometimes i feel like im cheating. you know reading helps you use your intellect, put words together and figure out syntax which, in turn, helps you be a better speaker and writer.

  10. Not at all! I love listening to books on tape! How else can I read a book while I’m working out, cooking, cleaning the house, or driving?1. Convert to Catholicism

  11. i think of Harry Potter may well be somewhat no longer trouble-free; i stumbled on it no longer trouble-free as quickly as I examine it in English for the 1st time, even although I´ve constantly been stable at English. you ought to nevertheless supply it a attempt, although. I don´t understand regarding the others, yet i might propose toddlers books for the commencing up. If that´s something you like, I´d propose Alice in Wonderland (Alice im Wunderland), it´s somewhat trouble-free to understand, yet i’m constructive it´s stable for recuperating your German.

  12. Also, Bloody Jack is very well done. The accents, different voices, tones… the narrator truly does a fantastic job. I still have Mary’s “Jackie’s” voice in my head when she pretends to be a Jamaican girl, … lol…

  13. Relying on the rationale they would either be the identical or very specific. Within the case of you writing a “e-book overview” for a class, it’s fundamental that what you’re reviewing is genuinely a publication, except otherwise stated. In an audio-book assessment your experience is transformed considering that there are new variables for the evaluation equivalent to how certainly the speaker is reading it out, if you’re replaying ingredients, and which variant of the audio-book you’re reviewing. As you mentioned you spent much less time on the audio-publication than you might have studying the physical (or digital) guide, and so relying on your skills of listening and/or studying, she may be assuming you neglected a lot more of the content material and “believe” that you might have been getting or else. As much as I prefer to suppose i will be able to multitask relatively good, and as so much as any individual could, typically if you’re doing more than one important factor at while you tend to miss out on lots. If you’re looking at a movie whilst reading blogs, or taking note of a podcast even as doing an essay – you probably do not get the entire experience of both of them. I could add that none of this has ever stopped me multitasking earlier than – i’m just attempting to give an explanation for where she might be coming from =)

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