How To Get Free Books For Classroom

How to prepare for MBA.

I am 22 year old girl living in chennai, working in bpo nightshift.I wanna prepare for MBA with out going to classes.Please suggest some ways,books, and easy method of preparation.Also suggest some websites where i can get Q-papers.

I will suggest you to start your preparation from now, give around 2 hours everyday. Focus on all the three sections by finding out your areas of improvements.Join Mock Tests, that is must and surely helps !Following additional points would be helpfull for you1. Find out your areas of improvement:Firstly you need to find out which all areas you need to work on.You will have to start your preparation depending on the no. of areas of improvement. More the no. of areas of improvement more preparation time is needed.2. Need of Classroom Coaching, is it really needed?This totally depends on the discretion of candidate. If he feels he requires coaching in certain areas he should go for it. But always remember one thing to crack the questions that comes in exams like CAT requires a good foundation which comes along with your schooling till 12th standard.How to find out whether you need coaching for exams like CAT or not?Read here :…3. Mock Tests How helpfull are they?Appearing in the Mock CAT or any other mock exams is really helpful.Most important thing to succeed in exams like CAT is toa. Manage your time properly andb. Smart selection of questions.Please read more here:…Free download links for MBA Books :————————————–…For Quantitative Ability Books:…Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning Books Usage and Comprehension Books: Papers of MBA Exams(CAT,XAT,IIFT,FMS,JMET,IRMA,SNAP, NMAT etc):

How to get most out of my sewing machine.

I have mainly made clothes with patterns on my sewing machine and I am not yet good enough to make my own patterns and I don’t know much about altering patterns to fit. I want to get interested in my sewing machine again. What are some best ways to put the spark into my sewing machine without spending much money?

This is all free -First, you have to get the spark.Once you set down and start sewing it will come.If fitting is an issue, try Simplicity’s Classroom 101.…In the meantime you could make non-apparel projects. There are several free at the Simplicity site.This is not free, and is a popular book for learning to draft patterns –…

Gay romance books free

How can u read books online for FREE.

Well, I’m trying to read a book called Sign of the Beaver. I need to find it online but I can’t find it. I tried and but it’s not there. Its a Newberry Honor. Please help me by the end of today at least. 🙁

“The Sign of the Beaver” is not available online. Even if you wanted to pay for it you still can’t get it online because it has not yet been made into an ebook. It is also still under copyright so places like Project Gutenberg do not have it.There is an ebook called “A Guide for Using The Sign of the Beaver in the Classroom” available as an ebook for $7.99. See the first link below.A Limited Preview of “The Sign of the Beaver” is available at the second link below. You will be able to read a few pages from several chapters, but not everything.

What are good books to prepare for the MCAT.

I am a pharmacist and wanted to go to med. school, i wanted to know what books are good to refresh my knowledge and prepare for the MCAT exam.

It might be a good idea to start by taking AAMC Exam III, because it’s free and taking that test will give you an idea of exactly how much detail you need to review material. It’s written by the actual test writers (albeit years ago). You may be pleasantly surprised that your pharmacy work makes some of organic chemistry and biology a breeze.Once you know where you need a more in-depth review, then you can start customizing a collection of various books for each area. If you reference, you’ll likely get a good idea of what most people who have recently taken the MCAT think about the available materials.The best books are the ones that have a brief review of material and count on people learning how to apply the material when they do the passages and questions. Berkeley Review has text and passages in the same book. Examkrackers and Princeton Review have separate books for text review and passages.At SDN there are a few posts that summarize the consensus opinion in the MCAT forum. From what I’ve read there, people strongly recommend Berkeley Review materials and Examkrackers text materials. The consensus is:Verbal Reasoning:1) Exam Krackers 2) TIE Princeton Review classroom books and Berkeley Review classroom notes and course book 4) KaplanPhysics:1) Berkeley Review 2) Nova Press 3) Princeton Review 4) Exam Krackers 5) KaplanGeneral Chemistry:1) Berkeley Review (“by far”) 2) Princeton Review 3) Kaplan 4) Nova 5) Exam KrackersBiology:1) Exam Krackers 2) Princeton Review 3) TIE Kaplan and Berkeley ReviewOrganic Chemistry:1) Berkeley Review (“by far”) 2) Princeton Review 3) Kaplan 4) Exam KrackersOther books (such as Barrons or REA) are not listed in their opinions because they are generally considered to not be very good. In fact, REA is downright bad. The best books are associated with companies that also run a classroom course, which makes sense.If your plan is to only use one company, then the best option for both depth (full coverage of test topics) and great test-taking tips are the Berkeley Review materials. They have both text review and tons of practice passages. The answer explanations go into detail about how to field the question (eliminating wrong answers and choosing right answers). They also have some unique shortcuts I’ve never seen anywhere else like how to solve for the pH in 15 seconds or how to find the image position for a lens or mirror in 10 seconds. The downside is that the books are hard to find used. You probably have to get them from their website.The problem with most books, as you may have seen, is that they don’t explain things in depth, they assume you know it already, or the questions are unrealistic. In fact, that’s the biggest complaint about the EK passages and questions. The questions are unrealistic and the answers are often one to two sentences that simply say things like “this is like the example on page 82.” But their biology text and verbal book are highly recommended.Good luck!

how to make a mission for rent a car company .

like how to arrange between the inside department

I would start with a good bookstore. Look for a book to design a business plan. A proper business plan is paramount when deciding how to start a business and bring it into maturity.Take a part time job at a rental company to get an idea of how the business works. Or volunteer to work as an apprentice. Work for free as long as they train you in several areas of the business. Many times work experience is better then classroom education.Good luck!

How to get rid of my studies mate who always learn from my book for free. I bought it from my money..

I’m annoyed by a course mate who learn foreign language from my book. I bought these books from a bookstore. It wasn’t cheap, but also not extremely expensive. A third month my studies mate (not boyfriend) is still sitting next to me and read everything from my book. It’s very uncomfortable to share 1…

personally i think you are being stingy. you need to learn how to be kind and share. (and stop being judgemental)

website for donations of books free to schools dealing with 3 to 18 years old.

I have a recreational Centre for kids from 3 to 18 years old. I need various books for the liberary. Where can I get books free for the liberary

Websites to donate free books to schools but you say you have a recreational center. Is it a school too?Perhaps you can write for a donation on (I think you have to be a school teacher)Is this a center for disadvantaged youth? In that case, you might be able to contact First Book.…Try contacting second hand stores in your area such as Goodwill. Ask them to donate books to your center if they can’t sell them. How about your local library sometimes they have book sales. You may want to try look under free (sometimes they have books) and www.freecycle.orgOtherwise start contacting publishing companies and ask for donations. When I had to build a classroom library for my students, I shopped around at the second hand stores and garage sales. I was never able to find free books off the Internet although I did look. Good luck.

how can i get all the books of the harry potter series for free.

especially fifth and sixthif anybody have then mention it

For books- Paperback swap is absolutely wonderful. There are no fees and you get three free credits when you post 9 books and one credit every time you mail a book to someone that requests it. It is meant for people to recycle books and get new (used) ones. Check it out.It is free to join and there are no fees or strings attached. I am a teacher and list my books as I read them, or if friends give them to me and then use the credits for books to use in the classroom. Check out the forums too- some people give 2 for 1 credit or even 8 for 1 credit books.…

How can I get free books donated to my first grade classroom.

My kids need books from kindergarten levels to first grade levels. I am looking for some program or organization that donates books to classrooms. Please help.

Did you Google “donate books to schools”?Just Try It

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  1. I had not sewn in a lot of years, the job, commuting, and the household taking all of my spare time. I decided to take my old Barbie doll clothes that my Mom made and bought for me, and refurbish them and give them to a friend’s granddaughter.All have educational programs and donations to support the kids.

  2. But then I bought some sparkly pink shear fabric, and got it in my head to make a fairy princess Barbie. The dress is done except for the wings, Barbie has a beaded fairy wand and headdress, and it looks smashing. I made little fabric flowers, and attached them to the dress. and I bought a bag of flower and leaf shaped beads, and attached them to the flowers, and made the wand and hat out of them.3) Go to JKR for help.local schools after they let out often have free books. check locally to see if any used book stores make donations. online you can usually find sites that sell super cheap. like 30 cents a book–good luck, reading to our youth and having books available is so important

  3. Consult the Official MBA Guide, a comprehensive free public service with more than 2,000 MBA programs listed worldwide. It allows you to search for programs by location (US, Europe, Far East, etc.), by concentration (finance, marketing, aviation management, health management, accounting, etc.), by type of program (full-time, distance learning, part-time, etc), and by listing your own criteria and preferences to get a list of universities that satisfy your needs. You can use the Guide to contact schools of your choice, examine their data, visit their web site, and send them pre applications. You can see lists of top 40 schools ranked by starting salaries of graduates, GMAT scores, and other criteria. It’s the best service available at

  4. Check out all the boards and sub-boards at that involve sewing in some way (look down at bottom right for the list of “Craft Forums,” then click on each of the ones below to see all the sub-boards under them):

  5. There are also sites like Threadbanger online and some of the pattern companies have projects, etc. And just do a search at YouTube for sewing and/or clothing and/or altering or anything specific you want to make or do, and loads of lessons will come up.RE:3) Colette Wolff. Art of Manipulating Fabric. I dare you to resist some of the techniques she does — and many of them set you up for pattern manipulation. Take a basic blouse pattern, use one of the manipulations, and you’ve got a designer original. If the thought of “wasting” all that muslin while playing hurts, most of the techniques can be learned just as easily on paper towel. Or old sheet. Or that thing you made but won’t wear…As for “not much money,” many of the things above will use small amounts of fabric, clothing or fabric or things you might already have (or scavenge thrift stores for clothing/bedspreads/etc you can cut up for fabric including fancy fabric, buttons, other trims, etc). Fabric stores often have sales too, and you can also ask for spare fabric from your local freecycle group if you want: http://www.freecycle.orgsteal them

  6. [/DELDUP]4) Don McCunn. How to make sewing patterns. — a very basic start in the process of making sewing patterns by a costumer.You’ll find all kinds of lessons, pics, ideas, discussions, etc., for things you might want to try in each category, including but not limited to clothing and wearables, “reconstructing” clothing, etc. And if you join (free). You can also ask questions and join in the talk (most of the members are teens and young women though there are some older there too).go check the catalogs at the fabric store, there are a whole bunch of really cute patterns for the household, my friends might be getting a cupcake pincushion next year.

  7. Next project is coordinating a pair of tights and a blouse with a existing skating skirt. I am going to embroider dots on the white knit shirt and tights to match the red skirt. And I made a hat, muff, and vest from fur. And I have the leather and a piece of molded metal that will make fake skates.2) Nancy Bednar and Joann Pugh-Gannon. Encyclopedia of Sewing Machine Techniques. Things you never thought of a sewing machine doing.

  8. I would think your local education chapters, city then state.This Site Might Help You.This Site Might Help You.

  9. Or sew for your friends, mine got aprons presented in home decorated boxes. they are getting welcome brooms [a broom dressed up like a doll] and I have made roses out of wired ribbon for the wrapping paper for Xmas..reading is much better the book keeps u thinking therefore you get greater detail in what people are thinking and you have more imagination

  10. hi guys u can get the book free by downloading a cool thing called on

  11. A text on biology, cell biology, physical chemistry, and organic chemistry are good starters. You could also pick up an MCAT practice book to get a feel for the type of questions.

  12. I really like Jon and Jordan’s MCAT audio osmosis. They cover everything that is going to be on the MCAT. Everything, A to Z. It’s 12 CDs, and I burned all the CD’s to my iPod and now I listen to them everywhere I go. It’s really good, so you don’t have to read, you can just listen. But it would be nice if you were familiar with the subjects already, so you know what they are talking about. Good luck! I take mine next summer, just started studying for it last month.

  13. I suggest you get books which prepare you to take the GMAT this way you will be prepared for the MBA.

  14. …Image Reproduction Techniques (stenciling, simple screenprinting, block printing, etc, on clothing, or pillows and more)…Quilting

  15. so go get your instruction manual out, and see what maintenance your machine might need, and do that, so it will not fail you in a moment of inspiration. Dust it out, wipe it off, check all the gizmos. Open up all the bobbin section, and around the light and dust that out well.

  16. Well, I’m trying to read a book called Sign of the Beaver. I need to find it online but I can’t find it. I tried and but it’s not there. Its a Newberry Honor. Please help me by the end of today at least. 🙁

  17. RE:Reading the e book instead of enjoying the movie is the best way to see what the writer intended. Reading uses your thoughts, hones your reading skills, and can transform your vocabulary

  18. But I was not happy, so I bought some material, and started to make a dress from scratch and some old patterns. Mistake! I bought some beige to make a dress to go with a coat, and it was slick and shiny and hard to sew, and well, beige. It sat for over a month.I am a pharmacist and wanted to go to med. school, i wanted to know what books are good to refresh my knowledge and prepare for the MCAT exam.

  19. …Occasions & Holidays (e.g., to make costumes or decorations for Halloween, Xmas, etc)If you’re in the US, have you considered joining ASG? Are you near any of the consumer sewing shows? I usually go to the largest, in Puyallup, WA, just S of Seattle, every year… along with about 35K other people. LOTS of inspiration and very cheap classes there.

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