How Many Miss Marple Books Are There

Thirteen Problems Question.

Hi. I’ve been a huge fan of Agatha Christie since I could remember, but there’s something about the first mystery in her book “Thirteen Problems (Tuesday Club Murders)” that doesn’t add up.In the end, it is revealed that Gladys Lynch was the murderer, having been forced by Mr. Jones. Miss…

Hundreds and thousands are those little coloured sugar balls, each about the size of a pin head, which are scattered over the icing or frosting on cakes or biscuits. In this case, they were over the top of the dessert that they were eating. Corn starch could have been used in making the trifle which would have had custard in it.A blotter was an absorbent piece of paper which was pressed over writing when we used pen and ink. Yes. I learned to write in that era and many a blot I dried by pressing blotting paper over it. Pity we could not have done the same with the ink on our fingers! Those days vanished with the coming of the biro. Perhaps Agatha used the blotter to absorb the moisture on the mirror so that the happenings behindthe viewer could be seen without his needing to turn around.Mr Jones ate very little, or none , of the (poisoned?) trifle; the companion was banting (throwing up?) so the third person at the table was probably poisoned because of a love of trifle….Jummmm….I like it too; but I will be mindful of the pitfalls in the future.I love Agatha Christie too. She was the first crime writer I ever read as a child. I am now on a rerun as our Library has lots of her books.

I have a very high IQ, but why am I hovering around average in my grades.

I usually end up with C+’s – B’s. At the beginning of the school year, I get straight A’s and then it drops. Its funny, in math…my teacher thinks I am weird as I score higher on the harder stuff than the easy stuff. Also, I didn’t speak well until I was thirteen and I was way behind in school up…

Yes that happens. I am sure your hearing loss has nothing to do with it…I am sure you heard of Helen Keller..she was deaf mute and blind since she had scarlet fever at the age of 18 months old…she was like an animal living in darkness and made animal like sounds..then at age 12 she got a marvellous teacher. Miss Sullivan, who taught her to feel objects as Helen was blind as well and mute..she taught her Helen learned to read and write and like you she wrote books and she later in life became an author of many books..she also made speeches..if a person suffers from hearing loss and it’s severe they can speak..but if they don’t hear themselves anyomore then it’s hard for others to understand what they say..but Miss Sullivan always translated when Helen Keller gave a public speech..she was a true miracle and she achieved so much in her life and she was deaf and mute and blind..and she became a author not of fiction but she became famous…You should maybe learn sign language..that will help you with your hearing and your family should learn it..just in case and you can lip read if people talk slowly and distinctly you are not blind so you can learn to read from peoples’ lips and if this ever gets worse then there are still universities for those who have an impairment..where they get taught in sign language..and sign language is something you will pick up easily..and you can teach others..You said it yourself…”when I am interested’ ‘ then I am good..” so maybe the easy stuff bores you and you daydream…You seem to be a creative thinker as well as a logical are good at difficult math questions but you don’t do well with the easy me that shows you just feel bored and you don’t give it your best get distracted and then you make silly have a talent to you also have imagination and your reading material is versatile..from fiction…relaxing to non-fiction and a lot of books that deal with want to do something that has got to do with does crime..if someone is a forensic expert..and to read crime novels of a better class can teach you how a criminal mind might work…so crime writing is tough..Dame Agatha Christie was a female mastermind in writing a detective story that was top class and she really understood how the mind of people seemed to work and it was all a pleasure to read Agatha Christie but she did not go for cheap trashy novels..hers were well thought out and one was almost always totally taken by surprise how she or how her ”hero or ‘heroine..Hercule Poirot or Jane Marple or some others managed to find out who committed the crime..that needed a lot of deductive skill and we guessed until the end..unless we read the same story once..but she was one great writer of detective fiction..I believe you are somewhat bored with certain subjects and you are good at those you are genuinely interested in..Difficult questions are a challenge to you so you want to learn for that, simple math questions bore you, so you can’t be bothered to give it your maximum effort..I believe that is the reason you are slacking..My husband had his IQ tested at Mensa..they are very accurate..he has an IQ of 142 but he was not at all good at grammar school..he finished but he had lousy marks..then he went into the army and there he had a chance to redeem himself and he was interested in he became a computer engineer and got his diploma in the army…at school he was daydreaming because he was bored..xxxx Free black urban books

question about dreams.

and just to let you know, i always had the same nightmare.

You would benefit from Sylvia Browne’s Book of Dreams. She explains the different types of dreams and what your dreams might mean to you. Even if you are not a fan of hers, this is a good book.Dreams can be created from bits and pieces of our day. Part from a tv commercial, part from a book we were reading, something from a tv show. Sometimes the foods you eat cause more vivid dreams like pizza or something with tomato in it. I guess for me the difference between a dream and a nightmare is the terror when I wake up. So I have many reoccurring dreams and one is a house, my grandfathers house, only I know it isn’t my grandfathers house. There is a hallway and stairs and you go up the stairs and there is a landing and the landing turns to the left and there are more stairs, and there is a door at the top of the stairs, and I am terrified as to what is behind the door. Now here is the funny part. So a few months back a tv station aired a bunch of old Miss Marple movies and I taped them. So I am watching this movie and Miss Marple is in a house, a grandfathers house, not my grandfathers house, and she is walking down a hallway,(now I start to realize this is looking familiar) and there are stairs (the stairs in my dream) and Miss Marple is going up the stairs, (I am screaming at Miss Marple, because you know she can hear me through the tv) and yet she goes up the stairs, and there is a landing, and the stairs go to the left, and there is a door at the top. (I am still screaming at Miss Marple) and she opens the door and……sets her suitcase down and a few minutes later a little boy jumps out of a closet or wardrobe and tries to scare Miss Marple, only Miss Marple isn’t afraid of him. So my nightmare was in part a scene from an old movie, but considering the house I lived in at the time I must have first seen this movie, and my life then, I can see why this dream scared me.

The mother of heroes: Christie to Rowling.

Sherlock Holmes was the most famous sleuth of his times, maybe even today. To counter that A. Christie developed Monsieur H. Poirot.She didn’t make a female lead till Ms. Marple, although there were many strong female characters and killers in her books.But half a century later, J. K. Rowling gave…

A professional detective was more likely to be a man than a woman. It probably never occured to Mrs Christie to make her detective a woman. It would have been much less likely in 1920 for a professional detective to be a woman. But the 1939s produced a number of significant female detectives, Miss Marple, and Patricia Wentworth’s Miss Silver, and Stuart Palmer’s Miss Withers. And nowadays female fictional detectives abound.J.K. Rowling just imagine Harry as far as I know, though possibly there was a conscious decision on her part to make him a boy. Boys tend to prefer reading books which have male protagonists, but girls are happy to read books with either boys or girls as the protagonists. Rowling’s books would probably not have gained such a wide readership if she had made her hero a girl. That may have influenced her choice of a male hero.Some children’s authors manage to strike a balance between boy and girl protagonists, as C.S. Lewis did in his hugely popular Narnia series for instance. In all the narnia books there are both girls and boys who seem to share more or less equally in the action, though there seems to be a distinct preference for Lucy in the first book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.And Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice In Wonderland’ come to think of it, did not seem to suffer in popularity from having a female protagonist. Would more boys have read the book if it had been about Alec in Wonderland? Possibly. I don’t know.I don’t really know how much significance there is to Harry being a boy, or whether Rowling herself consciously made him a boy because she thought a boy hero would be more popular. Would Harriet Potter have been just as popular? I honestly don’t know.

Agatha christie vs Sherlock holmes.

When you pick the winner please tell me their best books with SUMMARIES…(no links)P.S. I have already read many books of agatha christie like murder of roger ackroyd or and then there none or murder on orient express….so tell me her other books.Thanks for the best answer!!!!

Agatha Christie vs. Sherlock Holmes?Not fair. Mr Holmes is only one fictional sleuth. How can he cope against Poirot, Miss Marple, Harley Quinn & Tommy & Tuppence Barrisford, among Mrs. Christie’s other heroes?By the way, there are 60 books about Sherlock Holmes in the official canon by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, plus “How Watson Learned the Trick” [a vignette, not a story], plus “The Man with the Watches” and “The Man Who was Wanted” which featured letters to the Times by ‘a detective of some celebrity’. Also Adrian Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories (if we just keep it in the family)Agatha Christie wrote so many books and plays that I’m sure there must be a multi-page listing beside the last book of hers published.Look up the authors. Print out the lists. Enjoy reading the books and judging them yourself.

I can’t read novels with heroines that are younger than me.

I wasn’t sure how to put that into a questions, but…how can I stop that?There are so many interesting books I want to read, but once I find out the main character, specifically a female one, is younger than 17, I lose interest.Does any one else have the same problem?

You’d better hope you stop aging soon, because eventually you’ll only be able to read Miss Marple, and then, nothing at all.I’m guessing that the problem isn’t the age of the characters, really, but the fact that novels featuring girls under 17 are aimed at readers younger than 17. You’re more mature, ready to read New Adult fiction rather than Young Adult, or maybe flat-out Adult.I think it’s probably a matter of choosing different materials more suited to your level of maturity as a reader.Have you read Douglas Coupland’s “Girlfriend in a Coma”? How about Scott Heim’s “Mysterious Skin”?

What is your absoloute favorite book by Agatha Christie….

Also, how many Agatha books are there???

Sorry to be negative but probably the last one “Postern of Fate”.I find her books quite dated but i still have a couple.I’m reading this from the front of one of them”She wrote 77 detective novels and books of stories and also 6 romantic novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott as well as several plays and a book of poems.Postern of Fate was the last book she wrote before her death in 1976 but since its publication two books she wrote in the 1940’s have appeared. Curtain:Poirot’s Last Case and Sleeping Murder,the last Miss Marple book”

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  1. The problem is that of herd mentality. I’m sure there are some who would love a female harry but that’s not the majority and that won’t make Rowling that much money. That makes me wonder why the herd aren’t that interested in female journeys. . .Passenger To Frankfurt

  2. I suppose the easiest way to go about it is to really just read it as objectively as possible, don’t try to slip into the protagonist’s shoes so much. Even if it’s in first person, read it like it’s in third person, being told to you by someone else. Or, you could think back to when you were that age, and try to get back in that kind of mindset before sinking into the story, to better relate. ‘Cause now, you can look back and say, oh, maybe this isn’t really realistic, but, come on, the author’s probably years and years older than you, writing from an age that they haven’t experienced for over a decade, at the very least, so, really… An objective(-ish, because objectivity is actually impossible) standpoint is probably the best antidote.

  3. I was the same way, I think sometimes it is just that you have become tired of structured education, I suggest you spend more time doing what you feel would stimulate your mind more adequately than school. By doing this your brain will be kept active and hopefully it will reflect well on your grades. For me it was basketball, and helping people with their psychological problems.

  4. Because you are a slacker. My I.Q. is 131, and I made low grades in school because there was no challenge. I didn’t feel the need to put effort into something I already knew. But I did quite well in advanced classes and in the gifted program I was in.

  5. I think the idea of being a hero is deeply routed in men’s sense of identity and/or masculinity and not so much for women. That’s why the action movie appeals so much more to men than to women (or when it does appeal to women it’s for different reasons rather than male wish fulfillment type stuff).If you have a high IQ, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will get good grades in every area of study. For instance, my friend, he gets pretty much A in every subject, which includes advanced maths and sciences, but barely passes chemistry. Some subjects and areas just don’t interest some people or its just one of those things you’re not good at.

  6. Have you read Cinder yet? It’s an awesome book and the main characters are 18 & 19. Jumper is also really good and is nothing like the movie. The character in that books is 17, turning 18. Although he’s very young, Jumper is considered an Adult book, not YA.

  7. You answered this question yourself. It has to do with where your interests lie. If you find something dull, or without challenge, you do not apply anymore than the minimal necessary brain power to it, but if you are interested in something, you hit it full force five and have it down in no time. As for your memory, it may surprise you to know that all humans have the same memory capabilities, it is the recall powers that you possess which are the true gift.

  8. My fave book is the ABC Murders. Once I got into it I couldn’t even predict what was going to happen at all, and if I tried, I would be wrong! It was weawwy gewd (really good)

  9. She wrote more than 70 novels featuring Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple. She also wrote under the name ‘Mary Westmacott’, and had plays produced in London.

  10. I also want you to know, that many of the greatest minds ever to grace the fields of science and the arts, have like you and me, not done so well in academia. So just in case you needed reassurance, I wouldn’t worry about it too much, as long as you try your level best at it, lower grades only indicate your energies are needed elsewhere..

  11. I don’t think this is very significant. But I do hate Ms Marple, it’s on TV every now and then and she annoys the HELL out of me. Little old lady sitting at the dinner table or on the armchair sipping tea, staring around at the other women who are chatting, narrowing her eyes in suspicion and judging all of them in her head. It doesn’t actually make sense – an irritating old bint like her would never be invited to social events.

  12. I also realized that I learn better on my own, than from someone else. I don’t do well with forced learning. But that’s because I have a learning disability. I would get bad marks in my math classes because I never did the right steps to solving equations. Even though I’d get the answer right, they wouldn’t accept my formulas.

  13. Then don’t read them. Most adults aren’t interested in reading children’s books, and almost no adult books have child protagonists. This isn’t a problem, it is a normal part of growing older.Harry potter isnt a man- hes a little boy

  14. You’re not alone. It’s widely known in publishing (by publishers) that kids read up and not down. This means they’re more likely to read books where characters are older than them but not books where characters are younger than them. This is generally, and I’m sure there are lots of readers that don’t fit the mold. But your “problem” is pretty well known in publishing.

  15. I certainly have a lot of questions approximately Christie from courtroom nominations, to helping Mike fortress, to his stance on the floor 0 mosque and his putting out with the pink chinese language on the state dinner. i don’t believe the guy. And he seems extra like a RINO than a Conservative.

  16. All because they know what will sell. It’s business on their part. Not because they believe men are inherently better than you suggest.

  17. i totally have the same problem. Like when I was a freshman I loved this book series where the main character was the same age as me then (14) but now i can’t reread them because they are so much younger than me now. I don’t really think you can stop, a big part of liking a novel is liking(or even hating) the main character and if you can’t get into it you cant get into it.

  18. It’s probably because anyone under the age of 25 is an idiot. I’m only 23 and I can’t stand myself sometimes.

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