How To Listen To Downloaded Audio Books

How to play audio books on blackberry style.

Ok so school is starting soon, and I have a lot of work to do. (1 class requires 30 hours or work in the office) I need to conserve my eyes for a lot of things!I want to be able to read listen to audio books from my blackberry style, so can someone tell me how to do it.Will this way work?Buy book on…

download the audio book or buy itthen plug in your blackberry to your pcand then copy and paste the audio book in the music file on the blackberryand then unplug it and youll be able to find your audio book while searching in the music appits as simple as thathope i helped 🙂

Where can I find this free audio book.

Where can I find this free audio book of how to read literature like a professor. I want to listen to it on my iPod but I want to stream it, no download and I do not want to pay.

You can buy a legal copy. Authors deserve payment for their work and so do the voice actors and sound engineers.Or you can see if your public library used tax money to buy the audiobook and check it out.Any other way is theft. I survived series

how can i download free audio books on to my ipod easily.

please tell me step by step

ListenLibriVox provides free audiobooks from the public domain. There are several options for listening. The first step is to get the mp3 or ogg files into your own computer:

How do you download audio books to a MP3 or like player.

I enjoy walking every day and thought it would be great to listen to audio books on my digital device. As you can guess I an not a computer person and have never put anything on a digital device. Do you buy them on;ine and download them or are they mailed to you? Also where would be the best place to find these…

Well this isn’t exactly a question about downloading to an MP3 player – your question header suggests you already have the files and just don’t know how to put them on your player. You may want to use a different header if you repost. You can find audiobooks on sites that sell books – Amazon for one. You download immediately. AFAIK, audiobooks are just large audio files. I find them boring honestly much preferring recorded drama like the stuff you get from Big Finish.Once you have the files you connect your device to the pc using a usb cord. Many players connect in usb mass storage mode (MSC) that turns the player into a removable drive. You just open up a window on your computer for the device and drag and drop files.You may be able to listen to such files using your cellphone.

how can i listen to a free audio of the book Beautiful Creatures online without buying or downloading anything.

I would like to go online to listen to a Full audio of the book Beautiful Creatures with out buying anything is there a website i can use to listen to the audio read me the book?

There is no FREE and LEGAL audiobook. The author wants payment. The publisher wants a profit and the voice actor and sound engineers want payment. Buy a legal copy or use the public library that you pay taxes to if they bought it.Any “free” copy online is stolen property.

How can I download an entire audio book.

I have an audio book that I downloaded from the internet. However, it’s too large to be put on one disk. How can I put it on disk and listen to it in my vehicle?

umm well you could try getn a ipod and a ipod cable so you can lissen to as many audios as you want… then you should get a cable that hooks up to your ipod and your car.. if you dont wanna do that you could allways find were that book on cd in sold … or you just as easilly get it from the library. also theres the simpler one which is get two cds and download it on to both of them…

where is a good place to download an audio book off the internet…

i am looking for the book “one last shot” on audio book for an ipod or mac computer have any suggestios on a free download

Let me try to answer this kindly. To know the answer to your question, you need to understand copyright law. “One Last Shot” is a book that was published in 2002, therefore it is still under copyright. You won’t find a (legal) free download of an audio book version of it.More bad news for you, there is not a legal audio book version of it. Not in digital format or on tape, so there is no way for you to get this book in audio (assuming you are referring to “One Last Shot” by Mitchell Krugel).After so many years (don’t ask me how many, it’s kind of confusing) copyright expires, but if someone makes an audio recording of a book, it has its own copyright that is not expired. Fortunately, some volunteers are recording public domain (expired copyright) books and releasing those as audio books, so if you want to listen to a classic, you can get some MP3s at

I want to download audio books onto my mp3 is this possible. If so how.

Yes, it is very popular to listen to audiobooks on your mp3 player. Top Shelf Audiobooks has free videos that show you how the process works. Enjoy !

how can i listen to the audio of the full length books.

Look in to something called Audible. You can sign up with them and pay monthly fees to download audiobooks of entire books even popular new books. Also some apps in the Apple app store are free apps where you can download and listen to classic novels.

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  1. Here is one site I have been looking at, but I am still researching. They have this one for only $7.95 a month for the first 3 months.1. Buy an unabridged audio book.

  2. They also have great free titles to download at this link.Other sites you pay for the CD or rental but too much money. Keep my name and get back to me in a month. By then hopefully I can see if the library have those audio tapes and any worth copying. Reason is I want to see about send mp3 files over the net. It will give me something to do. If I do order it will be in the science fiction or detective category.

  3. Also you might check with the local library. I have gone to mine and read stuff there and I never paid attention to the audio tapes they have there. But just a matter of figuring out how to record to CD or DVD then simply transfer to my phone. I got the PPC 6700 with the 4 Gb card so I will have plenty of memory.

  4. I recommend Librevox. This is a whole host of audio books that are in the public domain, and are voiced by volunteers who release their recordings in to the public domain. Using this service, you break no law. I’m currently listening to “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” as courtesy of this service.

  5. I got a free iPod Video from this site, and I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking to buy an iPod. Why pay for something you can get for free, right?

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