How To Rip Audible Books

Do you like this book.

Chapter TwoI was still doing my best to figure out just who the Hell that crazy cat woman had been. How she’d morphed from and back to a cat in a matter of minutes, and why had she not cared about me? Why was she so concerned about Donovan?Most of all, why had she once been his maid? What the hell was up with…

I only got to the eighth paragraph. The dialogue was horrible. No one talks like that. It’s like you want them to sound smart and grown-up, but they really sound like they’re in some badly made romance movie.

Is it being fair to the author to do this.

I’m sorry, I don’t know if this fits here exactly. If not, feel free to tell me and I’ll delete my post. Thank you.I have insomnia, so I listen to audiobooks at night. I always buy them off of iTunes, but I get so many that I’m considering starting to buy them off of since they have…

The author is making their money.Companies sometimes offer deals like this to entice people in and it is the company that is offering the deal that takes the loss, not the author.

Free zane books

Audio books, streaming… Like netflix.

Are there any sites that offer *Streaming* or instant play audio books online?NOT! You have to purchase and download there. I just want to listen once, but I want a selection that I can pick from.I am not looking for free sites or anything, I’ll pay for an account. But ,I don’t want to… has free downloadable audiobooks, but only if the books are in the public domain. I regret that I don’t know of a site with newer books like the one you describe, but try libraries. Oftentimes, you can get books on CD for free at your local library and then you can put them into your computer, rip the audiotracks, and return the CD to the library. That’s how I listened to 1776.

How to insert chapter breaks into an audio file.

I have some audio books on CD that I am transferring into my itunes library. The problem is the huge amount of individual tracks that get transferred – it just makes my library and my ipod messy when I try and scroll through everything. I found a program that lets me rip an entire CD into one consolidated .wav…

stop it & go the menu like insert, then click browse, for the file u want put in

Downloading books.

I’d like to find a site where I can download books for a lesser charge, seems to me it should be you can listen to a book once,and not have to pay the high price charges,like a library.I have a boatload of books on my computer,and trying to figure out a way to trade with people.I use the books at…

there are some free books here…and it’s legal

How can I download my c d’s to my Dell Juke box.

I have tried to go step by step through the help section of dell and they lost me, also, has great books but they will not move over. I called help and they were not at all

i’m not famiar with jukebox..i know i have it on my computer, but I don’t use it..I use windows media player…but you can also find the assistance via your troubleshooter on your computer…or go to your jukebox, click on download or rip & you may be able to do it like that :)…….DreO

How can I convert a protected m4b file to mp3 format for free.

I’ve searched, but have only found programs that convert about 1 min. or so for free. I’d like to put an audio book that I bought from in my mp3 player. Please help. thanks!

You can burn m4b files to CD, the rip the CD to mp3, this process will remove the DRM protection.If you don’t have DVD or CD burner, you may try this media converter, it’s not free, but it can convert protected m4b file to mp3, it works pretty well for me, I think it worth the money. a nice day, you can use to search more answers or email me if you need further help.

I want to burn a downloaded Audio book to CD.

Hi,I purchased an audio book (Fellowship of the Ring), stored as fileformat (.aa) and downloaded it, and want to burn it to CD now, so that I can rip it to MP3 format so that it will play on my mobile devices.I know I can do this with itunes, but it says that the audio book file (total size is 314MB)…

Yes it will cause the audio to abruptly stop when you need to change to the next disc. This obviously could be in mid sentence or mid word. When you are ripping them back to PC you will have to use an MP3 Joiner (lots of free ones available), it’s a simple and quick task.What I would do is : Edit the files in to 80 min sections now using something like MP3 Cutter (free), ending each disk at an appropriator place rather than mid word. Then burn the prepared sections. It may seem like a lot of effort but it will be worth it in the long run.

can you return audible books at

I just bought an audible book from through amazon and i want to return. is that even possible?

Usually the answer is no…the reason is copyright laws. If you have downloaded anything from Amazon or Audible you, in theory, can copy it to your computer and then return it, get your money back, and have a copy of it for free. Many, many people do it and that’s why stores are really hesitant to return open cd’s, software and/or games. That said, if you explain to them that you’ve made a mistake and bought the wrong thing often times they will give you your money back, especially Amazon…but beware they can track how many things you’ve bought and tried to return…every business keeps track of your credit card info and know if they have reimbursed you or not.I work at a Barnes & Noble in the music dept. I had this man who kept coming in and returning open cd’s. Over and over…I called him out and said we couldn’t return open cd’s anymore and he started coming in and watching to see who was working. If it was someone he didn’t know…he’d return something and we’d be nice and give him his money back. I realized this and took his photo off the security cameras and told everyone working who he was and what he was doing. Sure enough, he came in, with 4 open cd’s, I saw him and told him no….he freaked out and the police were called. When the cops showed up they said, “We know all about him from other stores (Walmart and Best Buy)…he buys music, rips it on his computer…then sells mp3’s to other people…while returning the cd for refunds.”If they tell you no, on your refund, this man is the reason why.

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25 thoughts on “How To Rip Audible Books

  1. Do you mean to RIP off a poor author and publisher, where their profits might have been just a penny on that sale? Have a heart and BUY eBooks.

  2. Because Apple has done nothing but please their wallets by conning you people into buying that proprietary crap. They don’t care about their customers wants. They decide what THEY want you to do. I’ll take my freedom of choice in what I do with my PC. Why do you people suppose that Windows systems STILL outsell Macs 95 to 5? Because smart people know better than to buy that crap.

  3. Who the hell cares? Just enjoy your books. Let the author worry about how much they’re being paid.

  4. I feel like my imagination goes in full force while I’m reading verses when I’m listening. When I read I can sit there and ponder the things that I have read and come up with appearances of characters but with an audio book it continues to go. I enjoy listening to them depending on who is reading the book. There can be some dreadfully boring voices and some accents that get annoying. But then again there can be some really good readers that keep your attention and make you excited about the events. I think it is to each their own type of thing. Be sure though before you buy the book off of iTunes to listen to the clip of the reader to see if that could keep your attention

  5. and also yahoo search provide this facilityOnce again I assure you, it is possible to burn 314 MB file easily on a CDrom. Read more here :for further details contact

  6. Once you read a publication you start to see the story the way you want to imagine it not what sort of director wants you to see it

  7. CDroms have a capacity of 710 MB. Your file size is only 314 MB. It can be easily recorded on a CDrom. 80 minutes playing time of Cdrom is applicable only to CD Audio format. These are actually WAV files. The original Windows WAV files are of high quality recording without any loss of data. whaen that is converted into audio CD format some loss -say 10% – of data takes place. When WAV files are converted into MP3 file format easily a compression ratio of 10 or more is achieved. The quality of sound suffers as a resulrt. The purist will like to store only in WAV format. What you wrote as aa file format is actually AAC file format, Advanced audio Coding, considered to be an improvement of MP3. MP3 file format was invented to reduce the size of music files so that it can be easily stored and transmitted on internet.

  8. Why are not able to you argue rationally towards it? There are many matters that can not be scientifically actual within the bible. There are not any outside corroborating memories. I wholly agree that it has no situation within the cutting-edge age: not more than fairy stories.

  9. If you’re listening to them on a pc that has a CD or DVD drive have you considered just checking some out from the library?

  10. It doesn’t look like you’ll be able to download them legally any cheaper than the website you’ve found; even Itunes charges between 22-45 for unabridged audio books.

  11. i think its’ best cheapest (free) to use emule than you will find evrey books that you neead 🙂

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