Learning How To Read Books

Learning how to read Music.

I would like to learn to read music. Are there any good sites, or books to teach me how to do this? Is it hard?

It’s simply practice. If you want to learn to read music well, you need to do it a lot. Reading books and studying it aren’t really going to help much. It’s like learning to bike. There is no point in studying about it. You simply need to practice. Are you learning to play an instrument? Then, you can practice as you play. It’s not difficult to learn if you spend some time doing it, then it’ll begin to come more naturally.Good Luck!

Good books for learning how to read and write poerty.

I understand that no book will teach you how to write a perfect poem, but, while I’m young, I don’t think it would hurt to at least try to learn how to write a GOOD poem, like the mechanics and techniques. Like, what makes the Waste Land by TS Eliot different from gibberish and randomly strung together…

Probably the best thing you can do for yourself as an aspiring poet is to read a lot of good poetry. You can also take a look at some of these books:”The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within” by Stephen Fry”The Poet’s Companion: A Guide to the Pleasures of Writing Poetry” by Kim Addonizio and Dorianne Laux”The Poetry Home Repair Manual: Practical Advice for Beginning Poets” by Ted Kooser”A Poetry Handbook” by Mary Oliver

Free paperback books

Will I be able to learn how to drive by reading a book about it.

I’m 14, so I obviously can’t hop in a car and go. But I was thinking, if I started reading those theory and practical driving books, maybe I’d know all the answers to the questions on the actual driving test when I’m 16/17.I know I can’t learn how to drive completely as I can’t get in…

yes it will definitely, driving is not as easy as it looks especially if you are one of those that are sacred that you might hit some one.Am currently 18 i have taken 8 driving lessons and although am good at steering it is still hard to control the car as many different things happens all at once. i read a lot of books so am getting there and plus ur 14 the quicker you learn the better, and it also makes you a better driver. i would recommend buying this DSA book: driving the essential skills.GOOD LUCK….btw you can save money when it comes to your driving lessons, watch your parents when they drive thats how i manged to crack it..:Dif you live in the uk then don’t bother buying any theory test books as they will change it. but reading reading it still helpsany questions just ask..:D

is it easier to learn how to drive by reading the book or taking drivers ed.

I dont know whats easier to learn how to drive by reading the book or drivers ed. I think by reading the book would be kinda hard cuz you need some hands on experience i cant just read the book with out knowing how to drive you know what i mean? & taking drivers ed id more of a hands on experience. what do you…

Well, being the “old timer” that my son sometimes says I am, I do remember that the drivers ed that I took decades ago started out with reading only, or reading and the teacher’s “lectures”, and then, once he was sure we had the rules down pat in our brains, and maybe a written test or two, THEN we began the “hands-on experience” of getting behind the wheel of a full sized sedan with the teacher and several other of our classmates, and taking turns driving. And, considering the impeccable nature of my driving history, I can’t say there was anything wrong with that approach of learning how to drive. I’m not saying I didn’t “act up” a bit, from time to time, behind the wheel of those cars back in the “muscle car” era, but, God willing, I and everybody else lived through it. But, if I had the chore, and I do mean CHORE of teaching drivers ed, the path I took to learning how to drive is almost exactly how I’d teach it. I might be a little harsher on making DAMN SURE everyone learned AND appreciated the rules of the road and respected the laws of physics when you apply your foot to the accelerator and turn the steering wheel and apply the breaks. Why? Well, I’ve had the “opportunity” to help my son, now 24, learn how to drive, and somebody on his mother’s (with whom he “grew up”) side, didn’t seem to understand, or appreciate, the nature of a new driver in their teen years, and so I had numerous bumps and bangs on my car which effected my personal budget and my insurance rate, and then even more, and bigger, “bumps and bangs” on the new car I bought him, to the point it no longer exists due to a very severe accident he got in, and, by God’s Grace, lived through. So, whatever you do, don’t be in a hurry to learn and get behind the wheel (yeah, right). LEARN and APPRECIATE the incredible number of factors involved in driving a car. Your life, and ours, depends on it. God Bless you.

What is the best book to help one learn how to read EKGs.

For a summer job, I have been working at a Cardiac Care Clinic as a filing clerk and a receptionist. I have been wanting to go into Pre-Med and hope to get into Medical school thereafter, so right now, as a start, I want to learn how to interpret EKGs, get some knowledge and practice for it.Are there any books…

There’s a book called Easy EKG 1-2-3, I’ve seen it in every Barnes N Noble or Borders bookstore I’ve been into. It should fit you fine. They also make an advanced book that gets heavy into 12-leads and touches into “you’ll never see this, but its cool” type ECGs (like heterotropic heart transplants without implanted pacer).Really easy to follow as a beginner — But it doesn’t treat you like a Jr High Bio student.

Good books to learn how to read music.

Looking for suggestions on good books for a beginner wanting to learn to read music and play piano/keyboard. Are there any specific books you have used and enjoyed from personal experience? Any help from those who have been in those shoes before would be appreciated!Thanks!

Any beginning piano books would be fine. There are a few websites that have tutorial and flashcards. You can look at them to learn, but the biggest factor is to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE whatever you find. Make it so that when you look at a staff, you don’t have to think about what the note is on the staff and where it is on the keyboard. When you see “A” on the staff, you press “A” on the piano. Practice enough that it is second nature.http://www.musicards.net/http://www.theviolincase.com/Flashcards/…

learning how to read.

when starting first grade,how many people remember reading from the book called dick and jane. also what do kids these days learn to read from

Yes, I remember Dick and Jane. Wonderful reading. I have a 5yr old, and we read the Dr. Seuss books together. The ryhming and repitition of the words help her identify them throughout the book. She then recognizes the same words in other reading material.

A good book to learn how to speak/read japanese.

Does anyone know a good reference book that teaches you how to speak/read japanese?

The best way to learn Japanese is through a variety of methods. You need to work on your grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Its best to think of these as separate categories and focus on each specific category as these require different methods and techniques.Start by learning the basics through grammar. These books really helped me and just don`t contain polite Japanese, but everyday conversational Japanese:• Shin Nihongo no Kiso I & II• Shin Nihongo no Kiso Japanese Kanji Workbook• A Course in Modern Japanese by The University of Nagoya Press• An Introduction to Modern Japanese by Osamu Mizutani & Nobuko MizutaniHow to Learn Japanese http://japan-australia.blogspot.com/2010…

I need to learn how to sight-read. Any helpful books out there.

I am in a choir and I need to learn how to sight read. I don’t play any instruments and I don’t know anything about finding the right key or anything! I need help! Are there any books or anything out there that can help me? I was hoping there was a Sight reading for dummies book out there. If so where can I…

There is a free book online called Eyes and Ears, but it is written at about a college level. Still, the price is right and it is in PDF format.http://www.lightandmatter.com/sight/sigh…I put this, and a few more links below as well.The main thing is to find your Do, or your root note and learn your intervals.The easiest way to do this is to learn a song for each intervalIn the Key Of CDo – Re (1 – 2) ( C – D) “DOE A” Deer, A Female deer (Do – Re – Mi – from the Sound of Music (You can also use Frere Jacques)Do – Mi ( 1 – 3) (C – E) “If I” Loved you – Words wouldn’t Come in an Easy WayIf I loved you from Oklahoma (You can use When the Saints go Marching in as well – See Below)Do – Fa (1 – 4) (C – F) “Here Comes” The BrideThe Wedding SongDo – Sol (1 – 5) (C – G) (The sound of bagpipe drones) I’m “In Space” and it is boring, space is so boring, space is no fun!(Parody to the Theme from Star Wars) (You can use Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as well, see below)Do – La (1 – 6) (C – A) “A Song” of love is a sad song, Hi Lilly, Hi Lilly, Hi low(Hi Lilly, Hi Lilly Hi low)Do – Ti (1 – 7) (C – B) This is a hard one. The only one I know for this is Bali- Hi from South Pacific, but the first and third notes are the ones you have to pay attention to “Ba”-li “Hi” They Call youYou will not know all of these songs, but you can find them. They are all very popular songs, or were in their day, and they are all songs that are readily available at a library, or even online. Search for Midi Files as they are small and can be transposed using the Van Basco Midi player. It will adjust the tempo for you as well.Learn your intervals, then apply them to the notes in each key. When you need more help, drop me a line and I will be glad to send you as much help as you need. I am working on revamping some of the sight singing material for my own classes anyway, so your questions will undoubtedly help me as much as it helps you.>>> My grateful Response to the input below <<

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  1. RE:Rapid Interpretation of EKG’s by Dale Dubin is one of the best out there! I’ve used it and so have many other people I know. It’s great for learning and ends up as an awesome reference book once you understand EKGs. I believe the 6th edition is the newest edition. I absolutely recommend it.

  2. Ok, back to the familiar song bit. Get a few pieces of music for SATB. Some easy stuff. Next, get someone like your music director to play these pieces and record them on a cassette. Have the pianist play SATB, and then again with SA. Whenever you can, listen to these tapes and look at the music. Concentrate on your part. Soon, you will know what that note on the first space of the staff sounds like.

  3. Christmas songs are written in this key because it is the one key most people regardless of voice placement can sing.I’m a lazy bastard, I know… :pYou would have 1000% more luck in learning if you use a language learning website- Its freeWith in one year of Choral singing, I was picking up notes on my own. I joined a church choir and that is a very good place to learn as most others are in the same boat as yourself. It is one free avenue available to you.But, it is an art that with exposure you will learn.1

  4. actually i do not suppose there may be an convenient method. both you have to begin with lame infantile songs which might be dull and a anguish due to the fact that they are so unnecessary. otherwise you check out studying songs you favor however then it is already type of complex and it is fairly gradual to determine it out and will also be miserable due to the fact that it sort of feels complicated. however you’ll be able to additionally get a few program, when you have a midi piano, that has variety of video games in order to aid you study the notes and rhythm individually and that is quite painless due to the fact that it is like a sport, and upon getting all of them memorized you’ll be able to check out songs you favor and the mission might be simplified. I’ve attempted a pair instances to take on studying tune however I consistently giveup and simply return to earing matters out. I want i might were expert to learn whilst i used to be more youthful and listened to youngsters songs.

  5. The books will definitely help! They will explain the physics of how a car performs in various conditions and proper procedures to follow. It will make you a.much beTer driver when you start. Most people read nothing, get a license, crash, and then take the defensive driver course to study how to drive. You are doing it right!

  6. We on no account used Dick and Jane. We had different books that presented new vocabulary words for us. I do have an as much as date e book positioned out by somebody in Canada who offered the rights to the D and J books. Or they might have already been interior the conventional public area and that’s how the did it. they have been real to the watercolor and drawings and that they are very thrilling. Edit: The kin offered a ok automobile. Dick has 2 boys and a sparkling canine named Spot. Grandma (mom) is on my own as Dad died and he or she bought the farm to a chemical organization and he or she is fairly envolved along with her bowling group. Sally is into arobics , sky diving and on no account married. i think of Jane is a stay at homestead mom. the unique animals have all exceeded on. My e book is in storage and that i don’t keep in mind something.

  7. This Site Might Help You.When you are a choirster, it is important you be able to sight read to speed along rehearsals. You can hire a pianist to play your parts and record them to help you learn. Such tapes are available for major works like Messiah.

  8. Tim lived in Japan for over a decade and taught Japanese at The American School in Japan (where my kids went to school.) His use of mnemonics (and the manga-style illustrations by artist Lexi Cowan) make learning hiragana and katakana easy and fun.

  9. You can find many sites with practise tests, however, the questions on those usually aren’t anywhere near the same as the ones on the actual test. I bought the MTO Drivers Handbook for Ontario, read 2 pages, closed it and never opened it again. I now have my G2, and the G2 test was just as easy.

  10. You need to read the book to learn the driving rules and laws. You need drivers ed to actually teach you the mechanics of how to drive a car, maneuver through traffic and park. In other words, they’re both necessary.

  11. Out of all the wonderfull language learning websites i recomend,Start with a familiar song. You did not mention if you were a soprano or Alto. Because soprano’s so often get the melody, it is easier to learn in a choral setting.Often Christmas songs are great for this, and because most are written in the key of F Major which has only one B Flat.Oh yeah. They now have a hardback collected volume for all of us nostalgic boomers. I don’t know what the kids read today, but it has to be better than all of that repetitive nonsense of D & J.

  12. sightreading is the act of going through a piece of music for the first time and actualy figuring out how it is supposed to sound. no one ever gets it 100% right on the VERY first time. once you understand all the basicis of music you will be able to practice sight reading. the best practice is to pick a different piece every day and trying to read through a small part of it. it is about being able to take the knowlege you have and applying it and trying to “figure out the puzzle” that is the line of music in front of you w/o too much work and haveing to go throught it too many times

  13. Check out a web site called thesingingmuscian.com It is set up by Patti Dewitt. She is an authority in teaching sight reading. The web site has information about her materials (which you can order) but it also has A LOT of free info online (like the first 8 chapters of the unison book with actual pages from the books that contain explanations and exercises for you to practice with yourself!)I need to learn how to sight-read. Any helpful books out there?Sound and Sense

  14. I am in a choir and I need to learn how to sight read. I don’t play any instruments and I don’t know anything about finding the right key or anything! I need help! Are there any books or anything out there that can help me? I was hoping there was a Sight reading for dummies book out there….

  15. Just go to the web-site and click on textbooks and then choose unison. You should also check out the SA materials.

  16. I’ve been useing it for 4 months now, I’ve used other websites, japanesepod, and tae kims guild, both a great, but 123japanese has everything that they have + more, and easy to understand.

  17. Today, different schools use different things. My grand daughter will begin to learn to read this year, in pre-school. They are going to use the phonetic method. Too early, if you ask me! I doubt there are any “standard” readers anymore. Seems to different from system to system and state to state.

  18. Singing teachers will cost money and can be expensive so they’re not for everyone. Singing can be learned so it’s not an “either you have it or you don’t” kind of thing.2

  19. Whether you sound like crap or you’re decent, I recommend this singing course. It’s one of the best methods to learn to sing well in a short amount of time. It’s all about using efficient techniques that work.

  20. For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/awImQIt's loads of work, but if you want to learn how to read Japanese you will have to learn that anyway. (Because obviously, they use these characters to write with.)Driving is very easy. For most people. The G1 (Permit) test is simple, basic, common sense. Learn your arm signals, and remember you have 6 days to notify the ministry of transportation that you are moving. Steering is easy, don’t slam on the brakes, nothing in a car needs to be pressed, pulled, or pushed hard, gas petals, you’ll get used to them almost instantly, as well as braking. And steering is simple.

  21. – It has lots of learning tools.You are trying to put a sound to a note on a piece of paper?And you need to know Katakana to learn the Kanji, since the On reading is written in Katakana instead of Hiragana.

  22. They only teach you polite JapaneseBooks only teach you to speakI started in Choral Music and I could not sight read at all. My audition was an air and aria from the Messiah which went very well, but I could not sight read at all.As for Japanese course books and workbooks, my school uses Genki:i have to say- all of those answers seem very indepth and great and will help immensley with understanding music, however sightreading in itsself is a whole different thing. sightreading is a skill that one developes all that time. it is something that needs to be practiced constantly. even many professional musicians have a difficult time actually sightreading.

  23. http://www.123japanese.com- It has the most content and lessons (over 200)They now use animated litaracy, it’s a neat program. my sister is translating it into german. they also use specific levels of books, and now they focus more on morals instead of Dick and Jane.

  24. Much good advice has been given to you from others, but for the moment keep it simple. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Learn from the others as you go along.I learned how to read on Dick and Jane. Nowadays, I have no clue, but I do know that there isn’t enough emphasis put on reading like when I was a kid (ok, that sounded lame, but I remembering doing reading exercises multiple times a day, every day).

  25. I read a book called Our Freinds that had Dick and Jane in it before I went to school. When I actually went to school they used “The Letter People” to teach how to read. Which made a lightbulb click in my head (oh the letters make sounds not just words)

  26. They only teach you the basicsIt’s great for learning how to speak, write and read at the same time, so it’s good if you want to learn the entire language. But if you want to focus on the speaking part I suggest looking for another book, or possibly to use it together with another course.

  27. Encourage him to read. Have Dr. Seuss books (rhyming), there are some good short stories that he can read. Take him to the public library for Saturday story time and in the summer many public libraries do have book clubs. Encourage your sons to check out library books from his school. The Librarian should guide him in the right direction. You can use sight word flash cards. You can make up games and create a game of making sentences. You can even label things in the house and have him read the label. To get my son to read, I made braille labels for his dressers and he had to read them. I made Braille flash cards and word flash cards for my other two sons. We would play word go fish and in order to keep going- the person had to read the word correctly. Blessings

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