How To Be Successful Books

How to be successful at school.

Last year, I really messed up. I got bad grades (but not any F’s) wasn’t very social,failed at tryouts, and my appearance was just plain BLAH. But, I wanna start over. I want 8th grade to be the grade I’ll remember forever. Any tips on having the BEST school year ever? (AND how to make myself just a…

– Confidence: You are brilliant and you can do it! Doubting yourself is the worst thing to do. Set targets and achieve them, organise yourself and set routines. All mistakes are made to be learnt from so you can’t lose :)- Timetable: Give yourself a decent sleeping pattern that is consistent (go to bed at 10 to wake at 6, 11 to get up at 7, 12 to get up at 8 etc) and maybe 2/3 days after school give yourself an hour in the school library to either study/read books/catch up on homework. I found the library environment to be the best for learning, home had too many distractions.- Food: Believe it or not but eating better helps your brain to work better 🙂 Never skip breakfast and don’t eat 3 hours before bed, plus this will help you stay a healthy weight with nice hair/skin/nails- Excersise: The one thing I missed out on, join a club while you’re young, get started in something new. Sport provides optimism, motivation, stress relief and health.- Surround yourself with study: have fun, get highlighters, paper etc and decorate what you learn for exams and put them up as posters so you see them every day. Set your background on yoru pc to the periodic table if you have to :)- Carry a notebook: We all get the ideas that just pop up in our head, make sure you always get a chance to write what you learn- Pride: There’s no shame in being smart, study with your friends and be confident. I was too afraid to ask to talk with my friends about schoolwork but when I did I laernt it is much easier to study in groups where you can discuss.- Ask questions: You have a teacher! When they say something you don’t understand, ASK! Don’t sit there and be shy. You know they are there to help you learn so use that to your advantage, that will also help you score more points in classEDIT:- Senses: To learn, write notes as the teacher speaks, and when you read them back to yourself, read them aloud. Also, in your own notebooks (notschool books) DOODLE! Images, sound and written word are all good for helping the stuff stick in your mindGood luck!

How to be successful in life.

I mean I want to be someone in life! I want to be able to give my kids averything they want, I want to give them all I can’t have right now! I don’t want to be a mediocre! Is studying really hard and doing good at school going to help me? Please be serious about it! Thank’s alot!

heh, i hope you are reading this even if it is somewhat long.When i was younger, i went to school just for sake of going t school. I ignored my parents when they told me to study and what not.Note: I never had to study in my life and i maintained straight B’s and As. I graduate high school with 3.79 GPA and never once did any homework if it was not required. Never touched the text book if i could help it.But, when i entered college. . . I regretted everything i did. Not studying that is.There are 2 types of studying. Studying at last minute to cram everything in your head just for the next test and forgetting them all.OrStudying hour or two every day and really learning the stuff and reviewing it once in a while. ( i highly recommend this type of studying, because in college, you can’t afford to forget. pop quizzes, and finals that are worth more then half your grades. I remember having a final, worth 50% of my grade, it was one single question. Something we leaned on first chapter, second day of class.)I regret not studying while i was in high school and . . . well its not too late to change my ways but it became lot harder now.Because every other person that comes from middle class family is going to attend college, it is becoming harder to get a degree in right field.There is huge wait list just to do anything decent now days. Even if you get into school of your choice, its still really hard to get into programs. (law, med, doc, most white collar high paying jobs)I thought i could change my ways when i entered college but old habits die hard. . . its better to get in habit of studying correctly before getting into college then after.Personal experience, no bull **** at all. I have handful of friends who easily got excepted into Harvard, Columbia, duke, university of Florida, and other high end colleges. They scored around 1400 – 1500s on SAT. highest score is 1600. But, half of them actually failed their first semester because they were not ready for the classes.In high school, teachers spoon feed you the information. In university. . . you are basically on your own. You are in a lecture hall, you shut up and listen. You are not even known by name until you are graduate student, you are simply a number that you were assigned with. You listen to the lecture, and study on your own or with friends. It is highly recommended that you read ahead, and know your field, know more then what your professor has lectured.Why? because B’s doesn’t cut it when you are graduate student. you need As and As. B is same as F.

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Best Stock Book to be Successful.

For the people who have had tons of success with stocks…What is the best book to read on stocks that really helped you to be successful? Also, would it be best to pick stocks but not actually buy them for practice just to see how my choices play out?

Here is some reading material that can get you started in the right direction,Beating the Street by Peter LynchBulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered, by GalleaFrom Riches to Rags, by I.C. FreeleyHow to Make Money in Stocks” by William O’Neil24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success by William O’NeilThe Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin GrahamCommon Stocks, Uncommon Profits, by Philip A. FisherOne Up on Wall Street by Peter LynchStocks for the Long Run, by Jeremy SiegelWhat Works on Wall Street by James O’ShaunesseyYou Can Be a Stock Market Genius by Joel GreenblattYour Money and Your Brain by Jason ZweigWhen you think you want to invest/trade, try some paper trading so that you can test your skills without spending any of your money. Check out these sites for paper trading to practicetrading/investing

good books..

anybody know any good books on how to become on entrepreneur or tips on businesses and how to be successfuleasy tp read aswell

My favorite author for “entrepreneurial” things is Robert Kiyosaki, whose first book was “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. I’ve read almost all of his books, and I think they’re great! It’s not going to tell you, “First you do this, then you do that…yada, yada,” but it will give you information that is more fundamental to becoming an entrepreneur. His books are very easy to read, and you may be able to find someone through the “Rich Dad” network in your area to mentor you. And don’t stop with just his books. The books written by his “Rich Dad Advisors” are very valuable as well. Especially important is “Sales Dogs” by Blair Singer. You can have the best product or service in the world, but if you don’t know how to sell it, you might as well have nothing.Also, I really liked “The Millionaire Next Door”. Granted, this is not what one would call a “page turner”. It doesn’t keep you on the edge of your seat because it’s got a LOT of very boring (but important) statistical information in it. I really liked Charles J. Givens’ books as well. And, of course, everyone you talk to will have a different opinion on what is valid and valuable information and what’s not.I’ve read a lot of books on business, and can’t think of all of them right now. But take some time and check out that section of the library or a discount book store. You can find a lot of different information from a variety of authors.And remember that entrepreneurship isn’t easy, but it IS worth it!! If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Probably the hardest part is being able to fail, learn from the failure, then pick yourself up and go at it again. (The “average” millionaire has gone bankrupt 3 times before he/she “makes it”. Keep at it and you’ll succeed!!)Good luck!

how to be a successful comic book Creator.

i make comic book characters nd write them i also have a patent so i own them and have someone draw it for me i have really good ideas and make sure they’re Original but one of mine may have the same rage and anger as the hulk but his abilities and concept and story is much different is that ok to have that…

I would change it in some way, so people don’t think it is a kind of Hulk mimicry. Success comes from being able to connect with the audience and that is tough to do

Recommend good book on how to be a successful manager.

My husband is accepting a management job in his field. He has over 10 years experience supervising and training staff, but has never directly interviewed and hired staff. Does anyone know any good books on how to be a successful manager, what to ask potential new-hires in the interview, and any other good…

I would suggest his first step is to speak to the person who hired him and ask his advice. In most organisations there is an “ethos” that could not be captured from a book aimed at a general readership. Essentially, if the company wants him to hire their kind of people they are going to need to ensure he knows what they want.Further, most hiring is done by two people one from personnel/human resources and the other the line manager. One is concerned that the hiree is capable of work, the other that the hiree can do the required work. Most companies hire on the basis of a probationary period, he will need to know about this.Essentially, if he has taken advice from within the company and things go wrong it is their problem, if he has read a book and things go wrong, he will have a lot of time to read books.

how to be successful.

am 14 right now and when i grow up i wanna be successful and rich i would like to talk to someone who made it and is rich i just want to have a job that makes a lot so i could be a millonare i cut yards and work hard so if someone that it is successful and has done it .please reply thank you

If you don’t delay, you can get very far….The best advice I can give you… and I hope you give it the value it deserves is this:Begin by reading a little book called:The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason.You won’t believe how ahead you will be from all the kids your age if you start studying Wealth Now,, and if you begin by reading this book…>>> Tell me what you thougth after you finish reading it….>>

Please give me tips on how to be a successful author of e-books.

I plan to write a book for YA and if I’ll be able to finish it,I’ll try to self publish.I hope I can get tips here in Yahoo Answers from those who were able to publish their own e-book.

If you haven’t written a book yet, go away and write one. Preferably more than one. Then worry about how you’re going to get it into reader’s hands. There are all sorts of marketing tricks you can use to get people to buy an ebook, but careers aren’t built on one book, and if the book itself isn’t particularly good, they won’t come back for the next one.Smells like New Screen Names – Amanda Hocking, John Locke, J A Konrath and Barry Eisler would disagree. The tipping point has happened already.As for piracy, price the book sensibly and make it easy to buy, and the majority of readers won’t seek out a pirate copy. The few who do probably wouldn’t have bought the book anyway, so it’s not worth anybody’s while to try to stop them. Besides, new authors should fear obscurity much more than piracy. Pirates – at least the ones who are stupid enough to post questions here – don’t want the obscure stuff. They want what all their friends are reading.

How to be successful.

okay,so what i really mean by successful is have a HUGE home and easy job that doesnt take too much time away.So im 14 and im a freshman in high school.I never took school seriouse before,and i relized that i need to think about my future.I havnt got honor roll because i feel like i lack motivation since i feel…

You are young and smart right now.Most people do not wake up like you just did when they are adults.Read Og Mandino books for now. They are not very thick but they are full of stories that will help you develop the skills you will need.If you are up to it at your age you can read, “The Seven habits of successful People ” by Steven Covey. I am just now reading this book and wish I could have read it at your age.I am a 49 year old woman who was doing ok until a work injury changed my ability to make money.I pray with all my heart that you get the information from these books and soar far beyond me or other women in this world of success.Because you woke up at such a young age I pass on an older woman’s perception.I have no kids to pass it to so here you are.

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  1. you need to work hard and make money ,but never forget about the things are valuable in life .like honesty, help to other, respact others and try to teach those to your kids too.

  2. There are many, but a few of my favorites are:I agree with Confused ..yes, school will pay off. Education is the key to freedom.

  3. I am not a big proponent of school, but it can pay off if you know your stuff and are really good at what you do. This usually requires good studying and research methods, as well as experience. Usually you just end up $50,000 in debt working at mcdonalds to try and pay it off. Most of the people that have alot of money and are successful did it on their own, not working for someone else. You pretty much have to get on an upward track either in your own company or with someone else that’s going the same way and hold on through everything, and I mean everything. Success comes slowly if at all. The main keys I have noticed (and I own my own successful online business) are dedication, creativity, ability to problem solve on your feet, multitasking (very important), and you must be able to handle large amounts of stress without cracking. Don’t worry so much about what physical things you will give your kids, but what mental things you will give to them. You have to find that fine line between enough time and enough money and the right time to do everything. Good Luck

  4. Have a schedule such as when you get home automatic do your homework and have somebody like your parent check them over.

  5. Hasn’t happened yet. The ebook hasn’t even become accepted yet, so wait a few years till there is an actual audience for such things.Studying hard doesn’t make for more money. If so, the “rocket scientists” would be driving Porshes and the salesmen with no college would be driving Hondas. (no dispersions on either make)Put your nose to the grindstone and promise to get out of your situation through education – get a volunteer tutor for the tough subjects. The girls on “Big Rich Texas” are actresses. Getting an acting education may interest you. Also – if its just you it will be easier than if you had the responsibility of someone else – know what I mean? try to keep it that way -at least until you have found your success.

  6. it is a normal life ,it also is a sweet life ,i think u will be a good husband and good father.but i don’t think it is good for ur kids,if theycan get everything easily,don’t u think so?We just do our best in my life,it is enough.

  7. Not studying when you have the chance will result in poor grades and less money.i was lucky enough to do a research work for 1 month during my holidays and that helped me realise the importance of my life as a student. i have the power to make an important decision now, but if i plan to take that decision l8r, well…i think by that time i wud not long for a life of insecurities…and settle down…

  8. if a good job means a job where u get paid fatly is what u think of a successful life, think twice…Of course by then Generation Napster won’t be paying for Ebooks either, just as they stopped paying for music and movies.

  9. now, as far as i have understood u r only a student and u have ur whole life ahead. make the decision now…but that wud not meaan that u shud not b serious with ur studies…and it is amazing that u start think of ur responsibilities as a father at a very young age…those motley fool books

  10. Yes….Paper Trade, and do it seriously…Paper trading would confirm a short-term strategy,..and most strategies don’t hold-up in the long run.Good luck 🙂

  11. by: Lynn BuschAsk a lot of questions at school.I don’t qualify as tons,..but a personable book like Peter Lynch’s ..”One up on wall Street”,..and Andrew Tobias, and William E. Donoghue.. Books.well, as a youth, u surely have got the passion to do something that is quite challenging, and along with this passion comes the courage to do it…but we lack the wisdom to achieve it….but when we do get it, we wud already have started a settled life and wud have “matured” and we wud long to stay like that….but if that wud b the case, then we wud end up waking up after 30 years and still have the same life taht we had in the beginning, only that, by then u wud also hav a family to look after and a load of responsibilities tat comes with it…otherwise everyday in life wud b just another day!…The 4-Hour Work Week, and Be Who You Were Born to Be

  12. Everything else flows from there. Hopefully you find multiple things you like doing, so you have some options.

  13. you’d succeed in numerous aspects of your life and nonetheless search for progression and look to achieve different targets as you pass alongside in life. i imagine all of us have disappointments and wish to achieve fulfillment; it truly is accepting what you’re given and coping with it that makes you decide on even if you’ve made a fulfillment of your life. so a lengthy way; so reliable. i have had my united statesand downs yet have carried out fulfillment in maximum parts of life.

  14. well, everyone wants to rush through education and settle for a job, and that is the end of it!-they get married and have a dozen responsibilities…Success, by the way is very noble cause. You deserve it. And when you finally reach it, don’t forget to see if Mom needs any help – OK?

  15. First figure out how anyone can be a successful author of e books.One of the key to being successful is organize. Make sure you take a lot of notes. Doesn’t matter if take messing notes, but when you get home, rewrite the notes a lot nicer so you can understand them.POINT 2: Go for happy / not rich. Listen to the kids, Talk to the kids, spend time with the kids. The poster I saw had a quote something like… 100 years from now no one will know the type of car I drove, the house I lived in….. but the difference in one kids life would be remembered.

  16. Success is not a destination.It is the process of living life to the fullest and being meaningfull to others and oneself.Being a great contribution to others(our country,society,associations, family, parents, bros. and sis). It is really a be-ing feeling and not a get-it achievement.You can never call yourself successful when you have gotten something.You can say you are successful when you feel successful so… you are successful if you think you are!

  17. If not, studying and doing things that you don’t necessarily like, but let you make a living is even more important than you might think.

  18. The Magic of Thinking Big,[DELDUP()]that was my opinion, i had appreciate it if u cud share ur views on the topic with me…

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