How To Archive Books On Kindle App

Question about kindle/ipodtouch.

I got the kindle app on my iPod touch and I need to know how to get the books I want

If you’ve already purchased them, you just need to register the app and the books in your account should be under Archived Items. You can download them to the iPod. If you haven’t purchased any, you need to set up an account at Amazon (if you don’t have one), register the app so it’s associated with the account, then browse the Kindle ebook selection. When you find something you want, the Buy button allows you to purchase it and download it to your iPod. It will appear in the Archived Items folder.

How do I use my Kindle app on my iPod touch.

I just got my iPod for Christmas and I downloaded the Kindle app. Well, I went and made an Amazon account, but I can’t figure out how to get books onto my iPod. Help me, please. (:

You need to register the Kindle app to use the Amazon account. Once it’s registered, go shopping for Kindle books. The Buy Now button should have another button under it saying Deliver To and you can select your iPod. Once you buy a book, start the Kindle app on the iPod. There should be an Archived Items folder. Go there and click on the book to download it.

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How do i permentaly delete books off my Kindle/ipod.

I have a ipod with the kindle app on itI want to delete the books i have on it permanently but they just go into archiveIs there a way to permanently delete themThanks so much

The “archive” is on the network servers, so, it’s not taking up any room on your phone.The idea here, is that you bought the book. you own it. Deleting it, would be like throwing it away. The archive function let’s you keep the book without having to store it.

How to read books from my kindle on phone. .

I got a kindle fire for Christmas and I have a book on there that ive been reading,but how do I get it on my phone? I have the Amazon Kindle Application on my phone (DROID2) I just cant figure out how to read it on my phone… thank you!!!

On your phone, start the Kindle app. There should be an Archived Items folder, and when you go there you select which books you want to download.

How do I read books on kindle app… Help. 10 pt if it works.

I downloaded this app on my I pod touch but I dont know how to dowlode books..????

I am pretty sure you need an Amazon account, and there you go under ‘Kindle Store’ when you’re searching in the search bar 🙂 There are many free books, and if you are serious about reading eBooks I’d suggest actually buying a Kindle!Oh, and once you buy or download a free book, log on on your app and I think it’s called Archives that you click and you just press on the book you want to put on your app, and it downloads almost instantly 🙂 Note: you need wifi

Kindle app on android. Help….

I use the kindle app on android and I got a new phone that is also an android so I logged into my new kindle app and all my books are there but when I click to read one it says ‘the book could not be opened. Plase remove the book from your device, and download it again’How do I do that?? Please help!!!!!

when inside the kindle app long press on the book you want to remove and a option menu should pop up that has things like….Go to last page read, Go to beginning, etc.Look for “Remove from device” at the bottom of the list.This will add it to archived items.Now hit the options button for kindle so that the little option bar appears at the bottom of the screen.Look for “Archived Items” and open it.Find the book you want to re-download and click it.And you book should now be back on your phone.Hope this helped.

How to get books to iPhone kindle app.

I had a kindle but it broke (screen cracked) I’m trying to retrieve the books I purchased on my kindle on my iPhone. I went to manage my devices but I don’t even see my kindle on there and it was registered. I had an android phone with the kindle app and everything worked fine so I do not see why the iPhone…

You go to archives and tap the books you want. They will take a minute or two to download but as long as you have wi-fi or a signal you should be able to retrieve you books. I don’t think you can buy books off the iPhone though unless they added that to the app (I know they did for the iPad but not sure about the iPhone).

How can you put Kindle books from your iPod to your Itunes.

I was wondering how to send my archived books from my Kindle app on my iTouch to my iTunes without having to sync my iPod and risk losing everything. Is there a possible way to do this? Thanks in advance.

It’s very easy to do it,you just need one ipod to ipod transfer software.I recommend you to try AVCWare iPod to iPod/Computer/iTunes Transfer.It has some functions as below.1.transfer music and videos from your iPod to iPhone or other iPods.2. can quickly and easily transfer your iPod playlists, ratings, and other info directly to iTunes.3.transfer music and videos from any iPod back to any Windows computer,.If you want have a try itdownload from here…

How to transfer books from Kindle cloud on PC to iPhone Kindle app.

I bought a Kindle book on Amazon. It’s now stored on my Kindle cloud. How can I transfer it from the cloud to my Kindle iPhone app?

Just download archived item from Kindle cloud to your iPhone Kindle app. Here are the detailed steps:…Hope this helps.

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  1. The first thing you need to do is register your app. Set it up using your Amazon username and password. If you don’t have one it will prompt you to create one, but it’s easier to do that on the computer than the iPod.

  2. Removing Content from the Kindle AppTo delete all content by uninstalling the app:Bookmarks, highlights, and notes, and synchronization of reading locations through Whispersync are not supported for subscriptions, personal documents that are not archived in your Kindle Library and side-loaded content on the Kindle app.

  3. I don’t have an iphone but I do use several Kindle products. The cloud is designed to HOLD your Amazon Kindle purchases and items you e-mail as an attachment to your Amazon account (****** If you go to manage your kindle on you can select the item you want to download and where to download it to.

  4. Automatic Whispersync is enabled by default. To manually sync, tap the center of your screen to activate the toolbar. Tap the Whispersync icon with circular arrows at the end of the toolbar. Tap the “Get Last Location” option if you stopped reading on your Kindle and want to pick up reading at the same point on the Kindle app.

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  6. If your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch is connected to a network, your book will download and appear on the Home screen the next time you open or sync the Kindle application. You may be prompted to log into your account if you haven’t already.

  7. reading is way better the book will keep u thinking so you get greater detail in what people are thinking therefore you get more imagination

  8. Tap a title to begin downloading.You can remove items from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch so you don’t have to use your device’s memory to store them. To remove individual items from the Home screen, tap and hold the cover of an item, and then tap “Remove from device.” Content that is purchased from the Kindle Store is archived and can be re-downloaded at any time; sideloaded content and personal documents that are not archived in your Kindle Library are permanently deleted.

  9. i’ve got no longer used it plenty, yet have in simple terms appropriate the Kindle App to my amazon account/computer. The books I downloaded on the computer seem on the pill straight away away.(there are some unfastened classics so which you would be able to try it for unfastened in spite of everything). looks incredibly good fairly. I easily have some concerns a pair of million touch buying although yet that is all to do with the way Amazon want you to regulate your account on the pill. What this suggests is that your toddlers could probable circulate to the Kindle keep and purchase any books while not having to circulate right into a password. (assuming it become appropriate on your amazon account you used to purchase their books). could be ok yet you will could verify you delete your mastercard info after purchases.

  10. You can download content from your Kindle Library directly from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, or send the content from Manage Your Kindle on[DELDUP()]

  11. reading is way better the book continues u thinking and also you get greater detail in what folks are thinking and you get more imagination

  12. Note: If your Apple device has software versions 3.0 or 3.1, we recommend that you do not uninstall the Kindle app, as it will no longer be available to download.

  13. you can use this way, it has nothig to do with the kindle application on your iPad, which make things easier to deal with.

  14. Visit Manage your Kindle.Reading the book instead of watching the movie is the ultimate way to see what the writer supposed. Reading uses your imagination, hones your reading skills, and can increase your vocabulary.

  15. Reading a good reserve offers a richer experience and can leave you with remembrances that will last years

  16. “1. Make sure that your iPhone or iPod Touch is connected by wireless or wi-fi. 2. Begin by tapping the button just below your display to bring up your device’s existing App screen. 3. Tap on the App Store icon (a circled “A”) to enter the App Store. 4. Tap “Search” on the toolbar at the bottom of the display and begin typing in “Kindle for iPhone.” As soon as you have typed in a letter or two you will see “Kindle for iPhone” near the top of the search listings. Tap on it to select the “Kindle for iPhone” App. 5. Tap “Free” and “Install,” to purchase the App. 6. Follow the prompts to complete the installation. (Depending on what else you have done with your iPhone in your current session, you may be prompted to sign in to the App store). You will see an icon showing that the App is loading to your device. A few seconds letter the process will be complete. 7. From your Home Screen, tap on the new Kindle for iPhone icon. 8. Register your Kindle for iPhone with Amazon, when prompted, by entering the email address and password that you wish to use to access your electronic reading purchases. If you own a Kindle, you will want to use the Amazon account to which your Kindle is linked. 9. If you are not prompted to register your Kindle for iPhone App with Amazon, tap the i icon in the lower right corner of your Kindle for iPhone display, and a “Register” tab will appear on your display. 10. Select a book to read. Once your registration is complete, your Kindle for iPhone App display will include a “Home” screen that displays “Archived Items” as well as any books that have already been loaded to your Kindle for iPhone App for immediate reading. Tap on Archived Items and you will be able to choose any e-book that you have already purchased from the Kindle Store with your Amazon account. 11. Tap on any title and the book will load to the Kindle for iPhone App Home Screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch, usually within seconds. 12. Tap on a book and you can start reading.”

  17. Whispersync automatically synchronizes your bookmarks and your reading location among devices registered to the same account. When you open a Kindle book or archived personal document and are also reading on another device, you are given the choice to go to the furthest page read if you are further ahead on the other device. This ensures that you can easily pick up where you left off regardless of which device you are using.

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  19. With the Kindle app, you can download content from your Kindle Library on and then remove it from your device when you’re done.Note: If your device does not appear in the “Deliver to” pull-down menu, you need to register your device.

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  21. Removing Kindle content from or uninstalling the Kindle app does not remove purchased items or archived personal documents from your Kindle Library stored on You can permanently remove your personal documents from your Kindle library from Manage Your Kindle. You’ll still be able to redownload your content to registered devices from

  22. Tap the “X” icon on the upper left-hand corner of the icon.Taken from the book No Kindle Required by Stephen Windwalker, (once you follow these instructions, you can get this book off Amazon).

  23. From AmazonSelect “Deliver to my” from the dropdown menu and select your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

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