How Many Star Wars Books

how many books are there in the star wars series.

All six movies have had novelizations written.If you’re asking how many books have been published total under the Star Wars name, you’re looking at hundreds, counting full novels, children’s books, guides, and so on.

star wars books.

im a big fan of star wars (who isn’t) and i know there are a lot of books on star wars out there. I don’t know where to start, i would like to read a book or series that does not have to do with the characters in the movies.

I have to say that I was actually surprised with the answers that you’ve got so far … usually a question like this brings the “haters” out in full force. You’ve got some pretty good suggestions here so I thought I’d add my two cents to the “fray” … well, it’ll be more like $2.50 because I’m kind of long winded …First I have to echo what others have said … you won’t find too many books that don’t have the “Big 3” of Han, Luke, & Leia in them. The “Tales” books mentioned are really only short stories about minor and unknown characters … they are a good read but if you don’t know the back story they won’t make much sense to you.That’s actually one of the main problems, if you want to call it that, with the Star Wars EU (Expanded Universe) … the books all build on each other and move the story along. You do have a big “perk” in that you are starting to read the books now and not when they all started coming out in 1990 … first we had books set 5 years after ROTJ, then came out a book that happened the day after ROTJ, then one set 4 years after ROTJ … etc, etc. Man, it’s hard to believe that its been almost 20 years since I saw “Heir To The Empire” in the book store. Being able to read them in “order” will make them much easier to follow.Anyways, “Krypton” mentions “The Adventures Of Luke Skywalker” … this book never really existed … it was the novel version of A New Hope and quite frankly it sucked big time … even back then … now it is a hopeless mess with all the info from the prequels. He mentions a book titled “Allegiance” by Timothy Zahn. VERY good book set in between ep IV and ep V. Timothy Zahn, IMHO, is the very best writer of the SW EU. If you read this book as one of the first you read remember the name Mara Jade … she plays a very big role in the SW EU and with the Skywalker family … I want to tell you more because she is one of the best “new” characters in the books but I don’t want to spoil the story.”SWdarklighter” … love the ID BTW, could you be a fellow fan of Charmed … anyways, she mentions the “Tales” books. These are basically a collection of short stories that tell us more about a lot of the minor characters in the movies that we didn’t even know the names of from just the movies. These books are full of background info on the saga but in many cases you would know what or who the stories were talking about if you hadn’t read other SW books. Also mentioned were the “Republic Commando” & “Med-Star” books … good reads that you don’t really need a lot of background info to understand. These books are set in between ep II & ep III. Also mentioned are the Darth Bane books … these are set about 1000 years before ep I … again, great reads that don’t need a lot of background info to understand. She and “Worf” also mention the “Rogue Squadron” series as a place to start … again, a good choice … this series is # 2 on my list of what to read first. I never thought I would like them but I was wrong … Wedge Antillies is one bad dude when it comes to flying an X-Wing. These books don’t have much of the “Big 3″ in them … Luke and Leia have cameos in the first few and Han does play a kind of major part in the last couple of the books but they are a really great read.”Worf” also mentions “The Thrawn Trilogy” by Timothy Zahn. These are the books that, no matter how ticked off Lucas gets about it, saved Star Wars. The books that came out after ROTJ were pure bantha poodu … same for the comics put out by Marvel … horrible stuff. Fans got turned off because these stories didn’t make much sense and that put Star Wars in a back room in some hospital on life support. This trilogy of books was actually a last ditch effort by Lucas to find out if there was still a fan base out there for Star Wars. After each of the books of this series came out they went to the top of the best seller list within a week. It told Lucas that there were still a lot of fans out there but that we would not accept the crap that had been put out before this because the story was junk. If he gave us a good story like the one Zahn told then we the fans would eat it up … it had to be a good story though and Zahn hit it out of the park with this set.Anyways, whenever I am asked what books to start with I always say The Thrawn Trilogy … then the X-Wing books. After that you are on your own … lol … For the most part most of the books that have come out since then have been pretty good … a couple of “clunkers” but still good.May The Force Be With You …

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How many Star Wars episodes are there.

Total? How many are there? It’s for school! Thanks!

Man, some people should remember the words of “Joe Friday” … “just the facts” … because they end up with a case of “foot in mouth” disease when they try to sound like they know what they are talking about.For the record there are 6 live action episodes in the Star Wars saga. The following list is them plus the newer animated stuff that has come out in the past few years:1999 – Episode I : The Phantom Menace2002 – Episode II : Attack Of The Clones2003 – Clone Wars Micro Series Vol 1: Chapters 1 – 202004 – Clone Wars Micro Series Vol 2: Chapter 212008 – Star Wars The Clone Wars – Animated Movie2008 – ???? : Star Wars The Clone Wars – Animated Series2004 – Clone Wars Micro Series Vol 2: Chapters 22 – 252005 – Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith1977 – Episode IV: A New Hope1980 – Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back1983 – Episode VI: Return Of The JediAs for the other answers … yes there have been other TV shows, Ewoks and Droids to name a couple, that were put out in the mid 80’s but for the most part they were horrid pieces of crap.When Lucas first started out with the story there were actually 12 episodes that he wanted to tell in the same fashion as the old Flash Gordon series. Seeing that it wouldn’t work that way Lucas cut it to 9 episodes and as Lucas made changes to and the story itself evolves the number of episodes were cut to 6. Episodes 7 – 9 were supposed to have been about “the other Skywalker” that Yoda talks about in ep V but that trilogy was eliminated when Lucas made Leia Luke’s sister. In 1991 Lucas gave the “official continuation of the story” tag to the book trilogy dubbed “The Thrawn Trilogy” that was written by Timothy Zahn. The titles of the books were “Heir To The Empire”, “Dark Force Rising”, & “The Last Command”. These books are set 5 years after the events of ep VI and are incredibly well written and are a must read for die hard fans. “Blue Harvest” and “Revenge of The Jedi” were not “hoax” titles of ep VI per say. “Blue Harvest” was the stage code name for the sets used in ep VI. Lucas was trying to keep people guessing as to where he was actually making the movies so that was how “Blue Harvest” was born. The “Revenge of the Jedi” thing was a staff member of LucasFilm not paying attention in class. When they were brain storming for the title of ep VI someone said how about “Revenge Of The Jedi”. Lucas said that wouldn’t work because a Jedi would never seek revenge but some people heard the “Revenge” title and ran with it until Lucas smashed them.May The Force Be With You …

how many star wars books are there and witch one come first…Q….

3 books “a new hope” came first

How many Jedi followers or disbelievers have actually read all the Star Wars books from cover to cover.

And how many have deeply studied them, not just read them?I keep getting questions to answer that are obviously from people who never completely read the books and studied them. Is it fair to criticize the Jedi religion or mock its believers when you have not really studied their books?

You’re not talking about the “Expanded Universe” are you? Because if a million adolescents read a million words a day for a million years, they still couldn’t read all the crap that those Star Wars books have cranked out over the last thirty-five years.

Star Wars Book Recomendation.

I am looking to read one of the Star Wars Books but there are so many that I cannot decide on my own. A recomendation would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for one that is fast paced and I like the lightsaber fights.

To be honest there really aren’t any “one shot” books, or series for that matter, that have a lot of lightsabre fights in them and to read just one Star Wars book … well depending on how much of a fan you are it is kind of like that potato chip commercial … “bet you can’t eat just one” or “once you pop you can’t stop” … lol …As much as I hate to I’ll have to agree with “medley…”, Dark Lord: The Rise Of Darth Vader” would be a good one. Others … “Shatterpoint” a book that features Mace Windu set in between ep II & ep III … “The Cestus Deception” a book that features Obi-Wan & Kit Fisto also set in between ep II & ep III … “Yoda: Dark Rendezvous” a book that features, of course, Yoda, Count Dooku and has a little of Obi-Wan and Anakin in it along with some padawans. The Darth Bane books are pretty good but there are two of them right now with a third coming soon. Lots of lightsabre fights in them but they are set around 1020 years before ep IV.As has been said the Thrawn Trilogy, NOT the Heir To the Empire trilogy as that idiot markwillstar says, is pretty much the “Gold Standard” for Star Wars books. Set 5 years after the events of ep VI they were brilliantly written by Hugo Award winning author Timothy Zahn. The titles are “Heir To The Empire”, “Dark Force Rising”, & “The Last Command” … “The Last Command” remain one of only a few books that I have ever read cover to cover in one sitting. There is a massive lightsabre duel at the end of it as Luke duels a clone of himself.The X-Wing books are really great if you like a lot of action but there are no lightsabre fights in them although one of the members of Rogue Squadron, Corran Horn, is a from a Jedi family and doesn’t know it. In the fourth book of the series he realizes that just because he can be a Jedi it doesn’t mean he can use a lightsabre very good without training as he almost ends up dead for trying to use it in a fight.Anyways … lots of good suggestions here … enjoy.May The Force Be With You ….

Question about Star Wars books..

I am a huge Star Wars fan but i was wondering about the books. What is the first one ever called? How many are in the series? Are they like super rare or somthgin? Please answer.

The first thing to know about the books of the Star Wars EU (Expanded Universe of books) is any “general rules” about the telling of a story in book form … toss them out the window because they don’t apply to the books of SW. The other major thing to know from the start is that the movies were NOT made from existing books … the books were written about the movies & Lucas has authorized other authors to write continuing stories about SW … no book is written without the express OK from Lucas on it’s story … none of them. They also fit in a pretty tight time line of events & each book builds on what has been told before. Del Rey is the official publisher of SW books. Here’s a couple links to time lines on their site:……These time lines do leave out many of the “lessor” books & “young readers” books & all of the comic books written about SW which there are many of & the ones put out by Dark Horse Comics are top notch stories that are part of the SW “canon”. These time lines are also not as current as you might expect them to be … don’t know why & it seems a little stupid for the official publisher of the books to not have a complete & total time line but hey … this is SW … “normal” rules don’t apply here … lol …If you add all the books together you’re looking at well over 200 & they span throughout the entire time line from 1000 years before the events of ep I & about 130 years after the events of ep VI with more coming out all the time. The books are NOT rare at all. You can find them at any Borders, or Barnes & Nobel stores. Personally I get most of mine through They have some great deals & are always prompt with delivery.The first book ever written was the novel version of ep IV. It came out under 3 different titles; “The Adventures of Luke Skywalker”, “Star Wars”, & “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope”. This book (all 3 versions) list George Lucas as the writer but in truth it was written by a good friend of his, Alan Dean Foster. The novel versions of the OT (ep IV – VI) are really no longer worth reading as they are not an accurate account of the movies any more, in truth they were very good in that respect even when they were first written. The novel versions of the prequels, however, are worth reading as they provide a LOT of info that can be shown in the movies because of time constraints. The novel version of ep III is almost required reading if you want to know all the little stories within stories within stories … etc … that are going on. Anakin’s fall to the dark side is shown in much greater detail in the book.The 2nd book to come out was “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye” in 1978. It was also written by Alan Dean Foster. This book is a great read & was written before the decision was made to combine the characters of Darth Vader & Anakin Skywalker into one. This book is set in between ep IV & ep V. In this book we get to see Vader duel both of his children although none of them has a clue that they are “related”. As you might think Vader whips Leia leaving her almost dead but Luke stands toe to toe with the Dark Lord & give as good as he gets. It is also an incredible “mirror” of the duel between Luke & Vader in ep V. If you want to know what I mean by that you’ll have to read the book.All that being said whenever anyone asks me which book I would start with my answer is always the same … The Thrawn Trilogy. The titles are “Heir To The Empire”, “Dark Force Rising”, “The Last Command”. They were brilliantly written by Hugo Award winning author Timothy Zahn. They are set 5 years after the events of ep VI and introduce most of the new characters that will play huge roles in the story as it goes along. “The Last Command” is one of the few books that I have ever read cover to cover in one sitting … I just couldn’t put it down until I was done with it. These books are also responsible for the “rebirth” of the SW story. In 1995 Lucas even toyed briefly with the thought of making these books into episodes 7 – 9. One call to Harrison Ford nixed that thought though as Ford was too busy at the time to play the role of Han. Lucas is many things but stupid isn’t one of them, he knew that if he tried to recast the roles of the Big 3, Han, Luke, & Leia, that fans wouldn’t accept it so that idea went out the window and led to Lucas doing the SE versions of the OT and finally to the prequel movies. While the Thrawn Trilogy is NOT ep 7 – 9 Lucas has given it the title of “official continuation of the story of Star Wars” so that ain’t to shabby. After that I always recommend the X-Wing books. After you’ve read them you’ll be ready to jump into the rest of the great stories that have been told without getting “lost” with characters and events that you wouldn’t know about unless you have read the other books.May The Force Be With You ….

The Star Wars books..

Who wrote the books and how many books are thier?

Do you mean the books for the 6 movies or the books of the Star Wars EU (Expanded Universe of books) ?If you are asking about the movies then the first thing you need to know is that one of the things that makes the SW movies unique is that they were NOT made from books as is the case with other saga stories like Harry Potter, LOTR … etc. The books were written about the movies. The novel version of ep IV: A New Hope lists George Lucas as the author but it was in fact “ghost written” by his good friend Alan Dean Foster. George Lucas has never written anything resembling a book in his entire life. When he “wrote” the SW story it was in the form of an epic level, 12 part outline of a story. From that he adapted the “scripts” for the movies. If you’re thinking about reading the novel versions of the movies don’t bother reading the ones for the OT (episodes 4 – 6). They were a horrid representation of the movies when they were first written & are even more so now with the changes made to the OT & all the new info from the prequel movies (episodes 1 – 3). The novel versions of the prequels are worth reading. The novel version of ep 3 is almost “required reading” if you want to know all the stories within stories within stories that are running along with the main story line. The novel versions of the prequels were written by the following:Episode I : The Phantom Menace – Terry BrooksEpisode II : Attack of The Clones – R.A. SalvatoreEpisode III: Revenge of The Sith – Mathew StoverAs for the books of the Star Wars EU … there are just under 200 of them written by some of the best Sci-Fi writers in the business … IE: Timothy Zahn, Michale Stackpole, Aaron Allston, Troy Denning, James Luceno, Kevin J. Anderson … just to name a few.Here is a link to the SW EU time line found at, the official publisher of SW books:…This time line doesn’t list any of the “younger readers” books or any of the stories done by Dark Horse Comics but it is a pretty complete and up to date time line. It doesn’t, the last time I looked, have the books of the new series that is running right now … “The Fate Of The Jedi” … but I’m sure it will in the near future.If you’re wondering what a good place to start reading the EU books I have to agree with “markwillstar”, a fact that galls me to the core of my being & one that almost never happens because we pretty much hate each other but when he gets one right I have to give him credit for it, in recommending the Thrawn Trilogy. It was written by Hugo Award winning author Timothy Zahn & it is WAY beyond great. It is set 5 years after the events of ep VI & shows the struggles that the Rebellion turned New Republic face as they try to bring back the fair minded & just principals of the Old Republic. This is when the last of Palpatine’s 12 Grand Admirals returns from his duties in the Unknown Regions to take command of the Imperial Fleet & launch attack after attack with the sole purpose of destroying the New Republic & replacing it with a New Empire. The titles are: “Heir To The Empire”, “Dark Force Rising”, & “The Last Command”. These books are a spectacular read and made Zahn the “Master” of the SW EU. Any SW book written by him is a great story and well worth reading as well. I hate to quote a “critic” because they almost always have the opinion directly opposite of mine. What he said was this: Zahn captures the feel of Star Wars so well that you can almost hear the soundtrack of John Williams playing in the back of your head as you read. After the Thrawn Trilogy I would recommend the X-Wing series. After reading these books you will know enough back ground on the characters to not be confused with story.May The Force Be With You …EDIT: Your opinion is yours … I kind of liked “Allegiance”, not one of his best efforts but still very readable. BTW … do you have an answer for this question or did you just want to ***** at me?.

How many star wars books are there.

Approximate is fine.

Well over 100 books that bridge the time period from 1020 years before the events of ep IV to about 45 years after the events of ep IV. If you add in all the Dark Horse comics series about Star Wars, and before you say comics … gag me … just let me say that if you have never read a Dark Horse comic before give one a try … they are very, very well put together and are actually written by novel writers and inked by the best of the best … then you have stories in a time period from 5000 years before the events of ep IV to 130 years after the events of ep IV.Here’s a link that will take you to the Star Wars time line at Del Rey books … the official outlet for Star Wars books:…A note about this list … it doesn’t have releases from the last 4 – 6 months on it … off hand I would say that would be either 4 or 5 books … it should update soon. This list also doesn’t include all the “Younger Reader” books of which there are at least 50 plus of. One thing about these “Younger Readers” books … they are NOT what you would expect them to be … simple wording, easy to see plots … things like that … in truth I have found many of them to be really good reads and even when the story drags you get to learn TONS of background info on different characters.Last, you can find a time line of the books similar to the one you get if you follow that link in the front of most of the newer paperback versions of the books.I know you didn’t ask it but if you’re looking for the best place to start my answer would be The Thrawn Trilogy … great set of books brilliantly written by Hugo Award winning author Timothy Zahn. The titles are “Heir To The Empire”, “Dark Force Rising”, & “The Last Command”. Of the 100s of books that I have read in my life “The Last Command” is one of only a very few that I have read cover to cover in one sitting … I just could not put it down until I knew how it ended.May The Force Be With You ….

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  1. -Order 66 (not yet released)Then, in the 90s/00s camethe best story line book series isA list of all Star Wars books. This includes all film novelizations, novels, comics, young readers, reference books, and roleplaying sourcebooks. All books are presented here in in-universe chronological order, as opposed to real-world release dates.

  2. All the Star Wars books have something to do with the characters in the movies. However, some have more and other have less. I have read nearly all of the books so here we go.Return of the JediThis was followed by

  3. If you only want to read one book then stop, I recommend Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader by James Luceno. It’s set immediately after Revenge of the Sith. (It’s kind of an unofficial third book in a series since Luceno also wrote one of the previous two books: Labyrinth of Evil. Book ending them around Matthew Stover’s Revenge of the Sith novelization kind of forms a natural story arc revolving around Vader, but their stories are not directly linked. The books just share the same main character, really. They’ve been released in a collection called The Dark Lord Trilogy.)

  4. You can start with Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker by George Lucas. If you’re into more “modern”, try Star Wars: Allegiance by Timothy Zahn.

  5. A good book to start off with characters that appear very little is “X-Wing: Rogue Squadron” It is a long series of books, but the main character (Wedge Antilles) appears very little in the movies.A smaller series (3 books) is the Thrawn Trilogy (called by some the Zahn Trilogy since they were written by Timothy Zahn). They are considered by most to be the “third” trilogy of the Star Wars universe. However they deal mainly with the character of the original movies, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa and Han Solo.Revenge of the SithThe Empire Strikes3. Revenge of the SithDarth Banegoogle star wars wiki and you will be able to look up some of the books

  6. Tales from theMos Eisley Cantina – short stories about the characters from the Cantina scene in Episode IV and how and why they were in the Cantina at that time. Features some of the more minor characters from the movies, but gives you a different perspective on the Cantina scene.-Hard ContactA New Hope

  7. I would recommend reading any of the books after Return of the Jedi in the chronological order listed in the front of each book, as future books often reference events that happened in previous series. For the most complete timeline, look in the front of any of the Legacy of the Force books for a complete listing of titles and chronology.

  8. There are 6 episodes but there is also the clone wars film. So that really, would make 7. Hope this helps

  9. Edit: Holy cow, why does everyone just have a single “thumbs down” rating? Time to spread some “thumbs ups” because we’re giving good suggestions here. Let’s try to have a little solidary folks…

  10. um, if you are looking one right after episode 6, start with truce at bakura. if not, where are you wanting to start? oh and the book are not rare AT ALL!! :p my 2 sisters and i practically have all of the main star wars novels out there, so yeah, they’re not rare 🙂

  11. The choices are too many to list all as there are a little over a hundred books so far not counting the two Scholastic books series for young adults (Young Jedi Knights and The Last of the Jedi).as a true jedi follower, i personally have only read a few, good parts, the rest i choose to ignore.

  12. Tales from the EmpireThere are six films each labeled “Episode IV,” “Episode V” etc.I have read a majority of the books, and most of them do include or reference characters from the movies. Here are a few, however, that aren’t largely based upon the movie characters (a character might be mentioned or have a short part in the book, but a majority of the action involves others):i think there’s a novelisation of all 6 movies. Then there’s a trilogy permitted by George Lucas that tells the plot of yet another 3 movies he’s written yet does no longer opt to offer. those books take the story Lucas creatde to the top. The novels are all by Timothy Zahn: ‘inheritor to the Empire’ ‘dark tension increasing’ ‘final Command’ I delight in fanfic and all of the spin-off novels, yet those 3 are definately a stable start up.

  13. If you want to look for a specific period in the SW Chronology, go to a bookstore near you pick any SW book and look in the first pages. There should be a pretty complete list of books and where they fit into the storyline.

  14. The Republic Commando series, written by Karen Traviss – takes place after the events of Episode II and continues on after that. It is based upon some elite units of the Clone Troopers and includes two young Jedi generals. These are among my favorite books in the Star Wars universe.I used to go to Jedi church on Sundays. One of the Jedi instructors keep looking at a Ewok kind of funny and I knew I couldn’t go back after that.

  15. he started the sequel books with his “Heir to the Empire series” in 1991.So six major books and then theres many side series books, such asWell, the ones based on the movies would come first, in chronological order. Then after that, and even between some of the movie-based books, there are expanded universe books. There are a LOT of them. Some are in the form of comics, some are novels, and some are chapter books. The only place I could find a list of all of the Star Wars books was Wikipedia, unreliable as that is. The link for that is in the source box below. You can find the specific books on Amazon, etc. Hopefully this helps!

  16. MedStar I: Battle Surgeons and MedStar II: Jedi Healer. Sort of a M*A*S*H companion to Star Wars, also taking place between the events of Episode II and Episode III. Lighter reading, with a little more humor. Look for interesting character names based upon popular entertainers from WWII era USO shows.[DELDUP()]

  17. After that, there were a lot of books written over the next 30 years. Like, more than 40. These books were set both before and after the first three books. You can find an addreviated list on the Del Rey website.6 i think. there are 6 movies anyway

  18. Another decent stand-alone was The Truce at Bakura by Kathy Tyers. Set immediately after Return of the Jedi it tells of an urgent Imperial distress call sent to the Emperor at Endor, who obviously is not there to get it. So the Rebels do instead.-Rule of Two

  19. 2. Attack of the Clonesits set 5 years after ROTJ and the last Grand Admirl of the Empire has discovered a Dark Jedi Master to run his military, and cloning machines to fill his ranks.

  20. X-Wing series – Takes place shortly after Return of the Jedi. Wedge Antilles seeks to rebuild Rogue Squadron into an elite fighter squadron to take on nearly impossible missions.Attack of the Clones4. A New Hope5. The Empire Strikes Back

  21. -Rogue Sqadron, Wedge’s Gamble, The Krytos Trap, The Bacta War, Wraith Sqadron, Iron Fist, Solo Command, Isard’s Revenge. (Features some characters from the movies, but mainly new characters)

  22. I thought there were no star wars books…Which are all set chronologically BEFORE the first three, but were written afterwoulds. Then, after these were written, heaps more were. If you want a full list of what happened when, Google ‘Star Wars Timeline Gold’ as it’s awesome, and lists it all.

  23. The best author is Timmothy Zahnn.i trust there’s a novelisation of all 6 action pictures. Then there’s a trilogy accredited by technique of George Lucas that tells the plot of yet another 3 action pictures he’s written yet does not favor to furnish. those books take the tale Lucas creatde to the top. The novels are all by technique of Timothy Zahn: ‘inheritor to the Empire’ ‘darkish rigidity growing to be’ ‘very last Command’ I take excitement in fanfic and each of the spin-off novels, yet those 3 are definately a sturdy commence.

  24. Some are rare, but it doesn’t mean they are good, just that it didn’t get as much publicity as some of the others.6 episodes on film.Tales from Jabba’s Palace – short stories based upon the characters in Jabbas palace from the beginning of Return of the Jedi.

  25. You can also try:andYes, originally the series was to be 9 films—though I very much doubt we’ll see the final three produced. The three original films (which were later called parts 4-6) take place in what is known as “The Rebellion Era.” The later three films (prequels called parts 1-3) take place in what is known as “The Rise of The Empire Era.” The final three (which would have been parts 7-9) take place in “The New Jedi Order Era.” A lot of material has been written about what takes place after “Return of the Jedi,” most of it in novels. I’ve included a link where you can find all kinds of information about the ‘after the films’ events in the “Star Wars” universe.

  26. I would agree with everything that has been said.I’m also a big, big fan of the X-Wing Series by Michael Stackpole, but no lightsaber fights as far as I can remember. It was all about Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron. Set over the course of a few years after Return of the Jedi, Rogue Squadron is instrumental in several skirmishes with the stubborn Imperial forces during the solidification of the New Republic.too many names to say.

  27. This series may also interest science-fiction lovers (though it’s not Star Wars)—Saga of Seven Suns (a 7 book series by Kevin J. Anderson)—set in our distant future, I recommend these.

  28. ‘Shatterpoint” first came to my mind when thinking of lightsaber fights. Most of the ‘New Jedi Order’ series also have frequent Jedi vs. Yuuzhan Vong battles (though there’s no real standout).Darth Bane series by Drew Karpyshyn – about the training and rise of Darth Bane. Very dark and very well written[/DELDUP]I jediin Addition to his 3 launch books, there have been id guess over a 100 books, comics, based on what happens after Return of the Jedi.

  29. How many star wars books are there?However, most fans agree that the very best Star Wars book series is the Thrawn series by Timothy Zahn. The three books are: Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, & The Last Command. 5 years after Return of the Jedi, the New republic encounters the last of the Imperial Grand Admirals, a genius tactician named Thrawn. Plus you have a reuniting of a splinter group from the old Rebellion and Luke meets Mara Jade (deadly former servant of the Emperor) for the first time.Lucas originally planned for a 3rd trilogy – episodes 7, 8, and 9. He never wrote them, but agreed that the “Heir to the Empire” trilogy written by Timothy Zahn is the best representation of the next trilogy. 3 very good books and a must read for any Star Wars fan.

  30. Okay, there are a LOT of Star Wars books. The original trilogy were written first, so the first book written wasSome other suggestions from my favourites (apart from those mentioned)–I like the Black Fleet Crisis trilogy, Allegiance (lots of stormtroopers), and the Han Solo Trilogy.

  31. I wouldn’t say that they’re rare, most of them you can get pretty much anywhere. (I have quite a few of them myself)1. Phantom Menace

  32. -True ColorsTales from the New Republicthe new rebellion, the new jedi order etc.The books suck. Mara Jade, really? I don’t think so. Lame character.

  33. Tales of the Bounty Hunters – more short stories based upon the short scene from Empire Strikes Back where Darth Vader meets with the bounty hunters on the star destroyer.RE:

  34. I think there is a novelisation of all 6 movies. Then there is a trilogy approved through George Lucas that tells the plot of one more three movies he is written however does now not desire to provide. These books take the tale Lucas creatde to the tip. The novels are all through Timothy Zahn: ‘Heir to the Empire’ ‘Dark Force Rising’ ‘Last Command’ I experience fanfic and the entire spin-off novels, however the ones three are definately a well begin.

  35. As of today, including The Fate of the Jedi: Backlash, which came out a couple of days ago, there are 126 star wars novels. (Excluding comics, ebooks, and children’s books) Now, these are all split up into little series, but they all tie in somehow. But you can enjoy a single star wars book without having all of them. In other words, you can enjoy a single book and still know what’s going on pretty much.

  36. Truth is there are a TON of star wars books and comics.For something recently released, the book Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor looks promising, however this is one I haven’t read yet. So I’m basically just saying it’s one I plan to get soon myself. It also takes place after Return of the Jedi and apparently harkens back to the flavor of the Star Wars universe back before the explosion of novels that began in the 1990s (with the Thrawn Trilogy). Luke is pitted against Blackhole who was first seen in an old series of Star Wars comic strips.

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