Kids How To Draw Books

Looking for How to Draw book printed in 80’s & details how to draw people, babies, cartoons & caricatures.

This book shows how to draw using basic shapes like ellipses, the key sections of a human face & also shows how to draw adult faces, kids faces. It also shows how to draw cartoons plus caricatures and some elements of figure drawing.

i don’t know where to find them, but i do know that those were awesome books. i learned to draw cats from one of those books!! good luck on finding them!

What should I do if I want to learn how to draw. Mostly comic book style..

Lately I want to learn how to draw superheros. I saw a guy do it at the book store and I was aw struck by his talent. I use to draw all the time as kid, I had how to draw books and was told I was good when I was a kid but just randomly stopped when my school work started becoming difficult. It use to be my escape,…

Go to your local library, in the art section (745.0 in the stacks) they’ve got a whole SECTION on how to draw, either the American superhero way or the manga style.There’s specific books out such as ‘How To Draw The Marvel Way’. You can get your own on Amazon used for cheaper price. I’d also suggest going over to the Facebook account of ‘Cartoon Block’, you don’t need to be a member of Facebook. The guy gives lessons in how to draw, right there on his site.

I survived series

How to DRAW .

All my life people have told me that i could draw really well but i just don’t see myself as being a person that could draw that good. What are some really good drawing books i could use? I really like the “Sin City” type art or anything that can make me understand drawing figures and real people.

The secret of drawing is learning to see, as all my artist friends agree. Get “Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards. Do the exercises. Carry a small drawing book (Moleskin is great if you can find one) and a pen, and draw quick “gesture” drawings of people in the street, or wherever you sit still for a few minutes. Don’t get stuck doing “drawings of drawings”, as so many do, and which your “Sin City type art” suggests. That’s kids’ stuff – you end drawing symbols of things, and not things themselves. A drawing is not merely the representation of a subject – it should capture your own personal response to the subject, and the “gesture” of the subject which captures its life. Trust your eye and hand, don’t be “fussy” (loose lines are more suggestive because they engage the viewer in the creation), be economical to find the line or tonal pattern that is significant, study the variety of drawings of great artists, and abandon ego and preconception. And draw draw draw, lineally and tonally.

What are some good books to learn how to draw.

Im looking specifically cartoon drawing, books with techiniques and all that,all types of cartoons, like cartoon artist, and cartoon portraits. not kids books. I want books at the medium to professional level.

Most drawing books are at a pro level. Come check out my art blog, I know there are some tips for you.-Wei

How can learn to draw comic book style..

iv been drawing since i was a kid, id say i draw pretty good, but i want to start learning how to draw comic book style characters… any tips?????

Emulation is the most sincere form of flattery. Find your favorite styled artist and catalogue as many comics of theirs as possible. I’d suggest learning many shading techniques as well as basic layout/shot designs along with establishing your own personal touch anatomy. Good luck with it! ~oh, don’t be too influenced by Manga or Anime, not that it’s ‘bad’ art or anything, just that you need to stick out and ‘everyone’ is trying to ape those styles. Go urban or traditional ~ a little influence from beyond is ‘ok’.

How would you draw something to symbolize silence.

so im doing a book report and i need a drawing and in the book the dad and kid dont talk there whole life so how would i draw something to symbolize there silence?any ideas at all??

draw 2 people sitting down back to back with their arms crossed like they r pouting or something. so it shows they r close physically but they dont talk to each other very much. if u would like i could kind of sketch an idea of wat exactly i mean then send a pic of it to u. (feel free to contact me if u want me to)

How did you learn to draw.

I’ve gotten into wood burning and am really enjoying it but would really like to do some original designs. How did you learn to draw? Books? Doodling for long enough? Classes? I have little to no skill drawing.

I’ve been drawing since I was a kid and I learned from a mix of all of these. I’d draw whatever I saw. I’d get how-to-draw books for whatever I wanted to improve on. I’d sketch, doodle, and draw whenever I had the chance. In high school I had my first real art classes and learned a lot from them actually. I still don’t think I’m talented enough and have a long way to go to improve my art. It will take some time but the amount of time is based on how committed you are to practicing and learning. Good Luck!

How to teach kids to draw.

I’m doing a research paper for my english class, and my teach and I agreed on teaching my brother and cousin how to draw. Its more of an experiment and as a reference I need at least one book from my local library.Do you know of any so I can narrow my search a bit?My options are between the ages of six…

Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes has some great reviews.…

What’s the best how to draw anime book.

I’m looking for a complete guide on how to draw anime. I have absolutely no drawing experience so I need something that includes the basics and works its way up. Something that shows how to draw anime girls to guys. From there expressions and emotions, to there cloths(uniforms to casual cloths and everything in…

Have you never picked up a how to draw manga/anime book?Well let me tell you I have and there are several on this subject. As for being the best, well that all depends on the persons opinion.Some say Christopher Hart books are the best, where others say the How To Draw Manga series are.Also depends on how much money you are willing to spend and/or where you buy them from.I say give them all a try and find the ones you like the most.The public library usually has a few, so check there first.I am one of those that like Christopher Hart’s books a lot, he has the Manga Mania series, Manga For The Beginner series, one titles Anime Mania and Mawha Mania[that’s the Korean version of manga] He also has a kids version of how to draw manga books.There are also tutorial sites on this subject like and has some as well, but I advise you don’t sign up for their home study course, because it’s a rip off. I know from experience.Also youtube has some how to draw manga/anime videos

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  1. You should check out Scribd. They have scans of books, including some “How to draw” books.Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery is an ideal allied to help make the perfect draw.

  2. +) In Full High Definition qualityi dont kno how about the ones u read and give u info on it how an we recomend one boook when there is probly about 15,000,000 books alone on the earth just called drawing

  3. Take an existing work of art (a painting or drawing) and turn it upside down and then have your brother copy the drawing as best he can. This method employs the opposite side of the brain and can help hone his skills.but have their mouths be zippers.Objects in the background should be more vague and less distinct than objects in the foreground.

  4. With Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery you will get: plenty of information, considerable classes that allow you to work on your own pace, instant use of the downloads and it comes with a 60 days cash back guarantee.

  5. a library?+) How To Draw A Realistic EyeLearn how I did. Try to copy what you see. Besides, I’ve lots of comics that have shoddy artwork, but they make up for it in a great storyline. If you have a good storyline, it doesn’t matter how you draw.

  6. Pencil Drawing Made Easy – Learn pencil drawing the easy way!Learn to Draw like a Master Artist with over 32 hours of easy to follow training videos

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  8. The internet is a good place to start. Google up something like “How to draw comic characters” or something similar. You’re bound to get at least one good website with tips and tutorials.Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery – Discover Right Now!All of these break down into 5 lessons of realistic facial features drawing.Stores like Half-Price Books sell a lot of classic comic books, so you can pick some up for reference.

  9. look gurlLearn how to sell your drawings and photographs and get paid for life!Also go to stores that sell arts and crafts materials, such as Michael’s. You can pick up some helpful How-to-draw books as well as materials for your drawings.

  10. There are all kinds of sites online nowadays which have free tutorials available in the areas of Anime and Manga. I would say you’d probably be more interested in the Manga-style of illustration based on the fact that you made a direct reference to “Sin City.” Personally, I’m a big fan of the “Witchblade” series.for the majority it is trueRealistic Pencil Portrait Mastery program has included in the deal 70 high-resolution photos in dark and bright (resolutions are in the region of 1500px by 2000px). They’re certainly valuable as they supply you excellent research substance, even though theyare all superstars but, as well as the superstars there are 30 pictures of facial features, which are good for you to get a sense of how individual characteristics range from individual to person.+) Draw along in each classif thye don’t then screw themI’ve began drawing way back in 2002-03 when I was a young boy!A blank page symbolizes silence pretty well, yeah?

  11. +) How To Draw A Realistic Mouth And TeethNowadays, I’m a talented man and had my 22nd Birthday on 09/09/2016!!

  12. With Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery you may understand all of the process and recommendations that you’ll require in order to become good artist of drawing.

  13. every one thinks they can’t drawa field.Teach your brother about perspective and how parallel lines (like lanes on a highway) appear to converge in the distance.Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery will explain to you most critical elements of head that you should know before drawing ears and approach to draw tourist attractions of ears simpler.

  14. uhmmmGet Paid To Draw – Make money as an artist with art, design, and photos! Discover Right Now

  15. (Just select the images and click upload!) took my first art class for a year when I was 7. Then for 5th and 6th grade I had a really nice art teacher who only taught up to 4 students at a time, this is where I learned the most and I improved a lot. I took art classes throughout 7th-12th grade. I didn’t learn much though public school since there are 20-30 kids per class and there are no critiques or demos, you just draw or paint and keep practicing. If you want to improve practice every day and watch tutorials. If you know someone who is an artist show them your work and have them critique it. Or have them show you different techniques.

  16. I have done drawing ALL my life, I’m still 14, so Im learning from my mistakes 🙂 Also talent helps a bit too lol

  17. but the rest of the folk who think they can’t draw, just take other people’s word for it if they tell you soI started tracing when I was 11 now I Am pretty darn good good will industries gave me a award and I had a comic strip out in North Dakota

  18. 2. UPLOAD – Uploading your pictures or drawings is actually easier than you think, and just takes a few minutes to do.I can’t assist you on the book, but a few things you might pass on to your brother are:Christopher Hart’s How to Draw Great Looking Comic Book Women

  19. All of the above. If you want to try self teaching find a copy of drawing from the right side of the brain and see how it goes. Classes or finding someone to guide your attempt Los would probably be helpful since you have not done much drawing on your own.

  20. The instructions from Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery guide contain 208 pages and a total of 605 illustrations. The basic process used is that you begin with a picture, pull a light outline of the feature, and then color it in.oohhh im having a tim burton moment.OK, this is what I used to do, I copied the draws of my preference. tried to make them the best that I could, then I realized how difficult it was to think of an image and then to fix it perfectly on paper. you know, perspective, emotions, shades, etcwell 2 tell u the truth, there isnt any person in the world can c the talent that he has, unless he improves it and works harder until all the ppl in the world r impressed. i can draw excellent as ppl tell me but i really dont know wut the big deal is when they c my drawings. i just like 2 draw!

  21. but just remember, if u can come out with your own style and people like it, u be rich one day 😉

  22. This step by step instruction will have you drawing better than you ever imagined possible.

  23. For the best answers, search on this site experience required!)Stan Lee’s How to Draw Comics the Marvel WayDiscover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits. This will help you to achieve mastery in a very short period of time.To keep things interesting avoid making the focal point the exact center.

  24. I started by drawing over the business ads in the yellow pages…Then I redrew a local ad for a pottery shop, and it was so much better, the pottery shop actually used it as their logo for many years…And I was hooked.

  25. If you want to discover ways to bring a realistic ear such as a qualified you have got assistance from a professional information, Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery from here .yeah bro! uhhmmm go to michaels arts & craft store, they sell good books , how to draw comic books styles and all that!Simple cartooning lessons for young and old alike. These are free lessons in how to draw easy step by step cartoons and are meant for everyone to just keep doing what you do. if other people like it good

  26. You can try Barnes and Noble and/or Boaders in the Art section. They range from about 15 to 20 bucks. I remember seeing one book at Barnes and Noble with the whole art kit.

  27. If you want to discover ways to pull images with a pencil then the thing you need is here now , the information Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery that may uncover you a puzzle which will take care of any conditions that you have.

  28. Christopher Hart’s How To Draw Comic Heroes and Villains3. GET $$$ – When someone downloads your picture or drawing, you will get paid! The best part is, you can sell the same image over and over again!+) How To Draw A Realistic Nose

  29. First thing that comes to mind is a drawing of 3 people, one of them is covering their mouth, the other covering their ears, and the other their eyes.

  30. Check ebay out. I had some of those books but sold them recently at a yard sale. I saw them on ebay though fairly cheap which is the reason I sold them at a yard sale instead. The author is probably Walter Foster.

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