How Many Fifty Shades Of Gray Books Are There

Is Twilight Sexist.

That depends.I think on a level, it is, because1: The main character is really weak and stupid.2: She’s a slave to her hormones and she can’t survive with Edward.3: Rosaline is another female character. She has a love interest as well. She was a victim (because aren’t all women victims? < sarcasm).4: Jessica is another female character. She's really snobbish and not a great friend.5: The other female friends are so minor... I don't even know their names.6: There is Alice, who has a cool power and she can fight well because of that (and only because of that, really), buuuut she also has a love interest. And so does basically most every other female character in the books.That's mainly the reasons why people call Twilight sexist. However, in a way, I also disagree with my points... if that makes any sense, because it's not like being in love is weak. Sure, every girl in Twilight basically has a romantic partner, but it's not like that makes them weak or anything. I guess, the problem is that it's as if they couldn't live without them. Like they have to kill themselves if their romantic partner leaves them (Example: Bella. She was pretty suicidal. She did a bunch of life-threatening things in order to see Edward).People also interpreted the book a certain way. And some people believe that no matter what the author says, it's not that way in the book unless they make it blatantly obvious they didn't mean it that way or did. Like how everyone acts as if all the weak women in Twilight represent all the women in the world. To some teenaged readers, yes, they pretty much think that Bella and Edward's relationship is the definition of love and so they probably would see it fit to be suicidal like Bella was if their love left them (and many seriously do).But that's not the author's fault, really. They chose to interpret things that way.I think most people really just want to justify their hating Twilight, so they take up on the "sexist" excuse. But really it's no more sexist than most books and movies are today so I have no idea why people have to get on Twilight's case about it.I didn't like Twilight. But the books and the movies were amusing in that bad way and I appreciate the fact that they can at least amuse me. The book was also Meyer's first attempt, and for her first attempt and never having written prior to Twilight (to my knowledge) it was a preeeetty damn good first attempt. I don't think Twilight deserves all of the hate it gets... but nor all of the insane love.However, Twilight did spark some godawful fanfiction-gone-real stories. Fifty Shades of Gray, now, THAT, is sexist. Twilight is the best feminist book in the world compared to that horrible thing. Which in return sparked Beautiful Disaster/Walking Disaster, and something else... some other Erotica series where the guy's name is Gideon. The guy has intercourse with a woman while she's asleep, so she couldn't have consented. And it's considered horribly romantic.I will never forgive Twilight for sparking that. But at the same time, it's not like Meyer had any control over that. They probably would have emerged eventually on their own, without Twilight having ever existed.Still, I need something to blame, to be honest!Back to the question... MOST of the time, I don't think Twilight is sexist. To me, it does not represent all of the women, nor all of the girls in the world, or even in just America, or whatever other country. It does stand true for some people, though, yet critics of Twilight act as if NO girl or woman is like the ones in Twilight.They don't know enough people.

Protestants (i.e. non-Catholic Christians): a question about the KJV.

Why does the KJV have more statements/words than other Protestant Bibles?Compare 1 John 5:7 in the NIV and the KJV and you will see that they don’t match.Here is the online comparison:;&version=31;9;Compare the KJV with the Greek text and…

The KJV comes from the Textus Receptus but it isn’t out of Antioch as mentioned above.Most people don’t realize how or why it came about.In, forgive me on dates I am operating from memory, the fourteenth century two groups of people were trying to publish Greek texts of the bible. Erasmus and I forget the others. It was kind of a race, first to publish won. Erasmus published first with the text he received from the local library (textus receptus). He didn’t have a complete copy and the text he had was highly corrupted. In fact, in some areas, he translated back into Greek from Latin because he lacked text for the segment.What Erasmus did not know was two things. First, his text contained 20,000 major errors and he was holding one of the most corrupted texts we have on hand. Second, his work would be used to start entire denominations and that when James commission a new bible because so many variant ones were suddenly popping up during the Reformation, that his text would become the basis for the KJV. Erasmus just wanted to be first past the post in publication. He did what most people who are in a hurry do, he cut corners.The translators of the KJV could not know this, all they knew was that there was a book with the Greek text in it and they took it and ran with it.In 1890, the KJV was retranslated into English and somewhat improved. By 1700 it was known that there were 30,000 variant passages. Currently we have between 200,000 and 400,000 variant passages in the textual record. It partly depends upon how you count them (remember the hanging chads from the 2000 election). Some of these variations are minor, but some have profound denominational effects. Whole justifications for existence can wink out of existence if you select one old text over another.The KJV has additional words because the translators chose passages differently from the NIV or chose to translate passages of similar meaning in different ways. We have certain passages for which English has no equivalent and so you try and get the gist across without losing anything.In the early 1700’s there was a crisis in Protestantism. Belief in the bible alone is meaningless if you cannot determine with certainty which passages are in the bible and which ones are not. Eventually, Protestantism just chose to ignore it and pretend we have a good copy. The earliest documents we have are from the fourth century, if you exclude the writings of the fathers from earlier periods. The fathers often quote scripture from their copies and these do not necessarily conform to our copies now. The implication was that scripture looked different to Polycarp who was trained by John the apostle or Clement who was trained by Peter, than it did to the scribe who copied Codex Vaticanus or Codex Sinaticus three hundred and fifty years later.The bible has been translated into English since at least the eighth century. Those are the oldest vernacular bibles we have available to us. It is a fascinating lesson to see how translators chose different passages at different times. The first to translate it into English only translated particular books. It takes a long time to hand write a single book of the bible. The earliest were probably Bede, Caedmon and Adhelm, but there were likely others who were simply lost to history because no one felt a need to record their name.An interesting academic exercise I had to do once was go to the local academic library and pull every version of the RSV printed and read certain passages to discuss how church politics influenced the translation of certain controversial passages, such as ones on homosexuality. I recommend it, you will get a better appreciation of how hard it is to translate, how important selling to the expected audience is, and how many shades of gray are present in what are often central texts.That is only disturbing under “sola scriptura.” If you relax your belief system to include apostolic tradition then the problem, while not gone, goes away substantially. Sola scriptura places all the weight of belief on a book instead of including the history of the book, other commentaries by people who knew the apostles, the beliefs of the early communities and so forth. It is still disturbing that we lack anything close to an exact text, but if you are using it for prayer instead of making doctrine, then it isn’t such a big deal. 2nd grade reading level books online free

I’m confused about domonation help..

In the book fifty shades of grey Mrs Robinson was Christian’s dominant if I’m right which in result help Christian to become what he becomes and I understand how he is a dominant and what he does to make him the dominant but I don’t understand how Mrs Robinson can be a dominant :-/So my question…

Yes. she would be considered a Domme (female word for Dominant). There are many, many Dommes in the kink community and many, many male submissives as well. There are also many different types of Dominants and Dommes. Its NOT a sexual term, although 50 shades and the recent explosion in D/s and M/s porn would lead you to believe otherwise. It is a term that describes the control of activities in the entire relationship including sex but can be in other areas only as well and/or in all aspects of life.That is the most important thing along with learning safety (also absent from the book i am told) that I can share with a newby who is interested in kink activities.Those in Dominant, Master, Top, Switch, Submissive, Bottom, Slave, Sadist, and Masochistic roles can be bi, straight, trans or gay no matter what label they fall under. I am a member of the BDSM community. I know that Fifty Shades of Gray is very popular and I have no desire to read it, nor is it well respected in the real life community. It is a story, and leaves out many important things to know about many crucial aspects of the BDSM lifestyle.Please know that entering into any Dominant/submissive or Master/slave role is not a decision to be taken lightly as you will either hold or give away yorur control in those roles, which means you must be able to trust the other person with your life, literally. Fifty Shades is NOT an accurate portrayal of these roles in real life.If you would like more info on different BDSM sexual roles, I’d invite you to type “BDSM roles and responsibilities” as well as “SSC” (Safe, Sane, Consensual-the primary rules that differentiate BDSM from abuse) into a search engine, and read more than that book. There are huge portions critical to physical and emotional well being completely absent from it I am told and those two topics are the number one most important exchange of information that anyone in a power exchange role can negotiate. Please look deeper than that book, if you are considering exploring any activities with and exchange of power. have fun! and play safe!

Hey whats the deal with this Novel “Fifty Shades of Gray”.

All I know is the novel is selling well with women and it involves a relationship between a female college student and a billionaire. Apparently the story is pretty erotic and involves BDSM.What does this say about the secret heart of women. I mean Men don’t read things they are not interested in. So…

It’s not very BDSM-ish, to be honest. The appeal of the books, for me, is that there is VERY steamy sex (and I have never read anything like that before) and he’s a super hot guy who just adores his woman and she really has to do nothing other than have hot sex and enjoy her life….it’s a fantasy, nothing more.As far as the kinky sex, most women would like most of what’s in the books, I’d think, minus the spankings…at least that’s what I’ve gathered from talking to the women I know about it. There is appeal to just being seduced and pleasured mercilessly.Well, my friend, now that you know, why don’t you try it with your woman–just pleasuring her to your fullest…see how she responds.

How many words is equal to about 250 book pages.

If you’re writing in size 12 Arial?

Well depends on how many letters a word is. And of course there are other writing style influences that might cause differences in how many words are on each page. The use of white space influences how many words fit.If you write dialogue you have allot more whitespace then if you write blocks of text. For instance if you write a folder about your local town and all it has to offer visitors then you’ll fit many more letters on a page then if you write a book heavy with dialogue. Hence more whitespace.Of course there is the matter of size of paper to, a small paperback book has less space to offer then if you would print out on an Letter Size. And books differ in sizes.But lets say that you can put 300 words on a page depending on write style. It could be a bit more it could be quite a bit less. I just checked out that 50 shades of gray book and it seemed due to dialogue to be more like 120 to 150 words. And that is a big sized book! A small booklet would have to go with smaller lettering to get the same amount.So depending on writing style. 250 pages x 250 words = 62 500 words.I stick with it though that it really depends on writing style. Some books are written thick with words and big blocks of them. Other books, like fifty shades of grey, are written with more dialogue and much more whitespace.

How long has it been now since that book came out, yes you know the one I mean..

Fifty shades of gray, huge hype, everyone and there mother buys a copy, reads it then it just disappears leaving in its wake a mass of equally naf books and a movie deal ( I hear). My question is simply this, why did everyone read this dreadful ( my opinion) book. And by the way its nothing to do with bdsm that…

Fifty Shades of Grey became so popular because is introduced many women to genre of Erotica, and made it (apparently) socially acceptable to read female Erotica.Whether that trend continues, I can’t say. But female Erotica does seem to take up a lot of shelf space at Barnes & Noble.And yes. Most of it is drivel no better than Fifty Shades.

Is there a “50 Shades of Gray” in hardcover.

Does it exist in hardcover? All I can find is paperback online. That’s strange. Where are the hardcover versions at?

Many books deemed to be of a lower literary value are printed direct to paperback. OFten a first time author skips the hardcover version and goes straight to paperback.There is no hardback version of Fifty Shades because the publishers knew it wouldn’t sell as well as a cheaper version.EDIT: Not considering that it was on a fan fiction site before it went viral. I’m pretty sure the publishers are simply trying to cash in quickly on what they expect to be a short fad. Several people I know refused to purchase a paper copy of the book at all, they didn’t want anyone to know they were reading it.I read 50 Shades of Grey. I actually enjoy erotica and expected this book to be really hot, but I was laughing at the juvenile quality of the writing. It reads like an oversexed 15 year old boy’s wet dream. The characters are unbelievable and have a very narrow range of response. It’s also completely unrealistic of the D/s lifestyle. I don’t blame you for wanting to read it. I read it out of simple curiosity, but I wish now that I could unread it. There is so much better quality erotica out there.

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  1. The disputed differences between the two texts is about 10% of the total, and mostly occur in the New Testament.

  2. Each translation is a persons way of making the original easier for the masses without taking away from the original meaning.It’s kind of strange for us, but this is really part of the BDSM crowd. It is about power and the sex is mixed in there. A dominatrix is a woman that literally regulates all part of a man’s behavior and he gets punished if he doesn’t obey.

  3. The Textus Receptus is considered more reliable, as it does contain more. The Alexandrian Text is believed to have been edited by Origen, who was an early church father.

  4. So no thanks I’m not reading the fifty shades of gray I think the author made enough money and doesn’t need mine

  5. Bdsm? Not a coloring book? I was wondering where all those shades of gray would come from. Light gray, gray, dark gray.

  6. No, it’s made for girls. It’s what they like at young age. Men and women are different, that’s not sexism. It’s not sexist either that main character happens to not be bright and only care about the boy. Women are different, some are like that.

  7. I don’t believe in a 100% accurate English version of the Bible, as there are not 100% similar Hebrew and Greek words.

  8. That’s why I use the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance Of The Bible with the KJV. It has every word in the Bible and tells you the meaning from Hebrew and Greek. It also tells you what words were added. I hope this helps.

  9. I remember one of their Guru writers was sent to jail it was in the news the guru guy whit the sweat lodge were a couple of people died well he knows the truth now he found out that if you play dangerous games with peoples lives you go to jail

  10. I still liked the series (minus the second book). I think people like to pick apart the book because it’s now the cool thing to do so don’t let my comments speak differently, but the book does touch on issues that we obviously still need to work on as a society. Hope that helps!

  11. Good question. I love both translations and I believe that we can get a better understanding of what God means in His Word by studying and comparing different versions. I, myself, have read seven different translations and paraphrases. The New International Version was based on texts that were older than the King James.The King James may be more “poetic” or more descriptive but its like reading Shakespeare. The NIV is a lot easier to understand. I heard these KJV vs. modern translation debates before and I understand your point. I need a version where I can understand every word. What good is reading the Bible if you can’t understand it. The KJV has many words that are obsolete.

  12. Basically because the KJV was written at a time when scholarship was limited and there were far fewer manuscripts of the various books of the bible and little could be known about which were older. Also, a whole science has been created since then on how to determine, through textual analysis, which writing is more likely correct.

  13. 1 John 5:7 was just a foot note added to the original text. I believe that both texts are inspired of the Holy Spirit. Let me make my point. We have four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Each one is slightly different because each writer focuses on something different and is based on his own personal experience. We can read one writer and that is good, but if we read all four, then we can better understand what God is really comunicating to us. I hope that this helps you.

  14. Also, please explain why the Catholic Church had the original English publisher of the Bible, Wycliffe, burned at the stake as a heretic.

  15. The translators of the NIV used the other widely used text that came out of Alexandria, which is an older manuscript. Some have criticized this text because there is information that is missing, which is included in the Textus Receptus.

  16. I believe the KJV is the most accurate translation of the Bible available. I own other versions as well, but I prefer the KJV.Never read it never felt the need and anyway all hype made me think it was again one of those books that everyone has all the answers to and of course they don’t like remember the book the big craze The Secret everyone was loosing their minds and thought they had la vérité absolue bull **** and all these guru type people got together and were going to tell us the truth and that they were all knowing another load of crap

  17. Then when he found some scriptura that went against his fide, he altered it or took it out. Therefore his version of the bible is not true because he has changed it to fit his own ideas. Then along came other copy cats and so the various other Bible translations which also slaughter the text came along, including the KJV.

  18. In order to be dominant you don’t have to be into BDSM. A dominant person is the individual who typically initiates the sexual act or the person during the sexual act who performs the acts first. Like, this is probably an obvious answer but if two lesbians are having sex the lesbian who is on top is the dominant lesbian (it does not matter if a dildo is involved or not). If two gay men are having sex the one who is dominant would be the one who is actually performing the anal and not necessarily receiving. I hope this helped 🙂

  19. My grandfather passed down a story to me that was told to him by his grandfather and so on. It dates back to my cave-dwelling ancestors. Uncle Rog used to just strike the woman against her head with a stone until she was “asleep”. He never really worried about what she was interested in, plus he was usually gone before (if) she woke up.

  20. The “massive deal” is that it is the 1st printed e book to sell that it truly is a chunk of fanfic. aside from that? there is not one. it truly is not precisely the only paintings of BDSM erotica obtainable.

  21. The primary difference is the Greek text that was used as the source of the translation. The translators of the KJV used what is known as the Textus Receptus, or Received Text. This text came out of Antioch. It has more information in it than the other text used by many modern translations.

  22. I don’t think any sexism in the book was intentional by the author, but an argument could be made that the book is sexist. I think the main concern is the idea that Bella’s entire existence in the novel is of an object of desire of Edward and Jacob. Her entire plot and character development is tied to her relationship with these men. It hides under the illusion of this fantastical world but it’s still technically there. Edward’s insane need to protect Bella shows Bella as weak and unable to fend for herself. He makes decisions without asking her because he doesn’t think she can make these decisions (not saying this was intentional, but you could say it is true). She completely loses her mind when he leaves her in New Moon too…which…once again shows her entire development as a character tied to whether or not she has him.

  23. The Church has always been extremely careful to preserve the actuality of the scriptures in its translations. ( and when i say Church i mean the Catholic Church, before anyone split off of it, it was the only church) Then along came martin luther who decided he wanted to do sola fide and sola scriptura (faith alone and sripture alone)

  24. Please explain why the Vatican suppressed the publication of the Bible for hundreds of years, as they did not believe the average believer possessed enough intelligence to comprehend what they were reading, and needed a priest to interpret the meaning.

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