How Many Books Are In The Bared To You Series

How Christianity views young adult book series..

My step mother-in-law is currently in a foul mood over the fact that I am reading the first Harry Potter book with my 4th grader.I have always encouraged my children to read and would never stop them from it, as long as it’s age appropriate of course. Seeing as we’re simply reading the first book and my…

The only way she is going to change her mind about Harry Potter is to actually read them for herself, which she obviously hasn’t done. You could try explaining some of the Christian themes throughout the book like sacrifice, friendship, loyalty, etc. Your best bet is probably to continue reading them only when she is not around.

Just by reading the first chapter of this story would you consider the entire book to be worth reading.

Keep in mind this is totally fiantasy and written by a 13 year old.Welcome to my new story, True Evil Never Dies, first story in my line of Final Fantasy (not based on the game) Series. Ezrayahs life has aways been strange, from constantly moving, strange tainted memories, to her parents disappearing…

Wow, I’m really impressed by how ambitous you are. You’ve also got a wonderful imagination with a lot of potential for creating an amazing story. The only thing I would say that is that there are a few subtle cues that show you’re a little inexperienced. For example, in the second half of what I read, you started many of your sentences the same way and used the same structure for each sentence. I’m sure you could get someone like an english teacher to help you out, but even if they don’t, you just need more practice. Keep reading other books too, and observe how good authors craft stories. I love fantasy and look forward to reading your book someday when it gets published.

Read free romance books online without downloading

name of the batman comic that has Bane as a top leader.

Please bare with me. I read this comic a long time ago and it was in Spanish so the names i may present may not be completely accurate. it is a series of comic books where Bane is trying to defeat batman by releasing a bunch of criminals; such as, the scarecrow, the joker, and many others. at the end bane defeats…

Yeah it’s batman knightfall it’s probably one of the most famous batman story arcs it’s a very big story arc but has been released in like 3 or 4 different hardback collections split into 3 sections i think.KnightfallKnightquestKnightsend

How do you go to the toilet when you’re backpacking.

When you’re backpacking, and there is no toilet you can go to but you need to take a sh1t, how do you do it? And how do you properly clean yourself when you’re done? Also where do you sleep, if, for example, you’ve been walking a long road or a train track (it’s a pede-backpacking, no vehicles…

No offense I hope but I personally love (and oh yes, if I love it… I’ve married it) The …for Dummies series. Or in that case the Idiot’s Guides to… are better in my opinion. I’d start by buying one of those guides and learn all the answers to your questions and more BEFORE you leave. Please by no means buy this book and think you can then read it along the way. You’d be missing the point!My answers to the questions you pose are:One, go to the potty before you leave the house. Don’t plan on going again if you need privacy or a room to go in. My experience has been that finding the neareast source of leaves off the walking path has often been best. And DON’T wipe with the leaves. A case of poison ivy on the anus would bring a quick and memorable end to your backpacking trip yet would give your friends fodder for many years of story telling! Bring along those handy wet wipes for kids or adults. You’ll find they’ll come in handy for more than just this purpose. If you can’t handle baring your backside to Bambi and his friends, try looking for a camping facility that has facilities!Two, I’d avoid the train tracks. Don’t try to re-write a Stephen King short story. Drifters who use the train system live there (often times these are fellons on the run… for murder). Don’t go in search of a dead body and become one yourself. Invest in a hiking guide for your local area. And then invest in a tent. They make wonderful, compact varieties to fit in your backpack!Good luck on the trip. If you do the proper planning before hand you will be sure to love it.

Writers: What are your recommendations on how to create interesting fictional characters.

I’m a first-timer in an attempt to create a book (I’ve got an action/magic realism trilogy planned out, along with a kid’s book–potentially at least a two-part series). However, I understand that many authors are condemned for writing bland characters.If even Christopher Paolini, who wrote the…

Start of with the bare bones of someone, then keep putting them in different scenarios and think about how they would respond to that. This should help you think about their attitudes, their background, their mannerisms etc. I guess, try and always see things from their point of view. I never like writing when I know that a character is just ‘bad’ – if they do something really terrible, I have to be able to justify how they got to that point, why they believe themselves to right. You say you’re planning on writing children’s fiction and I think JK Rowling is a master of seeing things from a character’s point of view. All of her ‘baddies’ have legitimate reasons behind their wrong-doing making the series far more interesting than if they were just outright ‘bad’ people/

Who has read the book – The Sisters of Witherly Manor in The Elemental Princesses. What is your opinion.

“Four young sister’s embark on a magical journey to a mystical world called Witherland, with the help of a young elf called Averian, and his tiger companion Atlas. The sisters encounter mythical creatures; mermaids, dwarfs, wizards, faeries and many more, some good and some evil. The sisters soon learn they are heirs to the throne, one sister bares the mark of the Gods which reveals they are indeed The Elemental Princesses. The four sisters are destined to defeat The Queen of Darkness and save Witherland from her and her minions, but in order to save Witherland, the girls must travel to parallel Utopias to learn how to summon and control their unique powers of water, air, earth and fire. One month in Witherland is one second in our world! Let your imagination sore as you come and join the great battle! Hold your swords high and stand tall beside The Sisters of Witherly Manor, as they embark on their once in a life time journey to a far off magical, mystical place Witherlans callWitherland! “

What are the original Star Wars books. Are there books that the movies were based upon.

I always heard there were something like 6 or 9 books that the movies were based on. Is this true? Is there an original storyline? What books or series of books could I read if I wanted to read the movies? Thanks for your assistance!

Well since I was the one who got the best answer for that question I guess I’m honor bound to answer this one as well … lol …First thing to say is that the “There is a tagline that reads “from the Adventures of Luke Skywalker”, that has had many people looking for that book for over 30 years. That book does not exist.” stated by “actor22” is completely false … that was the first title of the novel for ep IV. It was only titled that in early releases of the book. There is another book, Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye, that carries the tagline “from the further adventures of Luke Skywalker”. The book is set in between ep IV & ep V & features Luke, Leia, & Vader in the story. This book also shows that the duel between Vader & Luke in ep V is actually the second time that they had went to blades against each other. The duel between Vader & Luke in that book is almost an exact “mirror” of the duel in ep V. In the book Luke cuts off Vader’s right arm and he is the one who falls down a deep pit like Luke does in ep V after Vader cuts off his right hand.Aside from that the others are right, the movies came first then the books. The books from the OT (ep IV – VI) are about useless to read now, they were even bad before the prequels came out & now they are totally wrong. The books to the prequels however are worth reading. The novel version of ep III is almost “required reading” if you want to know all the stuff that is going on in the movie. The biggest of the revelations in the book is why Yoda walked away from his duel with Palpatine. Matt Stover wrote it and it captures the “darkness” of the movie in a way that is amazing.There is one thing to remember when it comes to the story of Star Wars. Lucas seems to come out with a new “how & why the saga was made” story every 6 to 8 months but the simplest to say it is to say that the story itself has been changed radically from what it originally was as Lucas sought to create a cohesive story. In the first drafts Anakin & Vader were actually two different people, Luke & Leia were not twins and Leia was not the “other Skywalker” … the list is endless when it comes to the changes but what we have now bares little resemblance to what Lucas started out with. It actually started out as a 12 part story that Lucas wanted to tell in the same kind of format that the old Flash Gordon series was told in the late 50’s & 60’s. Lucas realized it wouldn’t work that way & cut it down to 9 episodes. The first trilogy was to be about the rise & fall of Anakin Skywalker, the second trilogy was to be about the rise of Luke Skywalker & the redemption of Anakin Skywalker, the third trilogy was to be about the “other Skywalker”. When writing the final duel between Luke & Vader Lucas got stumped on what he could have Vader say to Luke that would make him attack his father in a dark side fueled rage. To fix that he made Leia Luke’s sister and had Vader threaten her. This one change had one minor effect and one huge effect. 1.) It made fans go eeewwww … he kissed his sister one the lips … TWICE … lol … 2.) It eliminated the third trilogy that had been part of the saga. With the 6 movies we now have the story that Lucas wanted to tell has been told. As for the other books of the EU the only ones that have been given the tag of “official continuation of the story” are The Thrawn Trilogy. They were written by Timothy Zahn. The titles are “Heir To The Empire”, “Dark Force Rising”, & “The Last Command”. These books are brilliantly written & are what brought Star Wars back from the brink, if not for these 3 books we wouldn’t be here talking about Star Wars because the prequels would never have been made & Star Wars would be a dead story. The many other books and comics ARE sanctioned by Lucas but as of yet have not been given the “official” stamp. IMHO, this is kind of stupid because Lucas has to give his OK to any of the books that are written. Personally I think Lucas will be giving the “official” stamp to many of the books because they, for the most part, all “fit” into his story. There are some that are too weird to fit, namely The Crystal Star, but most work with the story.Feel free to message me if you have any other questions.May The Force Be With You …

Am I killing off too many characters in my book.

I’ve been writing a book for the past year now. I have fifteen main characters and in order to make the story progress further, I need to kill off some characters. So I thought about doing it one- by one, but they would begin to subtract from each-other. So I decided to put them on a bus which explodes, killing…

Fifteen main characters were probably too many to start with, unless your book falls in an ‘epic fantasy’ genre where switching POVs is the rule of thumb, and the book is a part of a series, and generally a 600-page brick on its own.That aside, though, I agree with what a previous poster said: Be careful with the characters that you kill. The number doesn’t seem too much, but if your readers emphasize with John Doe and Jane Dee, and you kill them off in a deus ex machina-esque thing like an exploding bus, you may alienate your readers.Make sure, also, that the deaths are “earned.” Foreshadow it. Make sure that the reader knows that they’re characters that probably won’t survive until the end. ALL of those deaths should have different degrees of foreshadowing.Make sure that the exploding bus does not feel like a deus ex, as mentioned–make sure that it’s relevant to the story and not just ‘So John, Jane, Tom, Dick, Harry, Hepzibah and Keanu stepped on a bus and BLAM! It exploded. But Keanu survived. Anyway, back to our story with Humphrey and Ingrid…’ I’m being a little facetious there, but there’s some truth to it–an event out-of-keeping with the rest of the story will also turn your reader off.About how far are you in the book when the Exploding Bus comes into play? I would be near the end when you do that, since something like that is climactic, and would be hard to realistically top.

How is harry potter related to ancient greece.

Im doing an assessment on ancient greece and its influnce on modern films/literature/architecture etc.. I was just wondering what relation the harry potter series has to ancient greece? So far i know that his scar relates to zeus, and that many of the creatures in the book series are mythological creatures from…

I think Harry bares resemblance to Hercules as there both are attacked as babies. Also, as Hercules’ labours are penance for the killing his family due to madness inflicted by Hera, so Harry believes he must take it on him self to fight and defeat Voldemort as his mother died such that he would be able to (and as such failure would leave it in vain).

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  1. Careful!!!!! There is not the definite line between fiction and reality that there appears to be. To use a scriptural story; when Abraham complained about his ‘lack of kids’, God had himlook at the stars and see how many kids he would have. Another tale; God called Gideon a mighty man of valour at a time when Gideon was a kid. The mind may not separate things as widely as the USA and Africa.

  2. Whenever I go hiking, I always make sure that I carry a roll of biodegradable toilet paper. Unlike regular TP, They will disintegrate over time and it is safe for the environment.

  3. Those are at least a “recipe card” approach to “reminding” the “author” about the character. This does indicate a susceptibility towards “bland” characters.

  4. “The Answer You’re Looking for Is inside You,” Mark Prophet, andI always heard there were something like 6 or 9 books that the movies were based on. Is this true? Is there an original storyline? What books or series of books could I read if I wanted to read the movies? Thanks for your assistance!

  5. you would bring toilet paper with you. at least i would. you could dig a hole to crap in, then bury it.Original Star Wars Books

  6. Make a character sheet. Write down the character name, what they want, how they are willing to obtain what they want, and one secret about them that only they know. this should help.

  7. The genius of Shakespeare then moves to the genius of the plot, again, more than a 3 x 5 plot, but a living sense of events, generated within living characters, and by other circumstances. Even though some of Shakespeare’s plots are “derived,” his plots are not “bland.”And, “Nineteen Ways of Looking at Wang Wei,” Weinberger and Paz,I always carry pepper spray, and even sleep with it in my hand.

  8. The genius of Shakespeare is living characters, several per play, not simply constructed on 3 x 5 character sheets, but, if you read Shakespeare, characters who are genuine, alive, energized, and more than rote.Fictional characters are almost always based off of real people. I’m quite forgetful, so I have “about sheets.” Basically, on a piece of paper, I write the characters name. Then their personality, appearance, background, family, conflicts, anything that I should know about them. During the story, I can just at their sheet and pull out information about them. But let’s back up. Creating a fictional character. Try to create your imaginary character as real as possible, to allow your readers to connect (unless your writing a fantasy novel with winged people, but you get my point). Make these characters have real traits of people. Honesty, clumsiness, etc. Think of people you know and pull different things from each one to create the character you want. This was, you still can use your imagination, but since you are taking some things from actual people, your characters will seem more real and be easier to relate to!! Remember, you want your reader to put your book down and expect your character to be right there. [: Keep that in mind! Good luck!

  9. The whole Star Wars story, in George Lucas’ head, was originally written directly for the movies. There are supposed to be 9 separate stories (3 trilogies), six of which have already been made into movies.

  10. I stopped counting grammatical errors at 10, that many and if I picked this book up, it would go right back on the shelf.Star Wars Books In Order

  11. BUT there is that other 1% and there’s no telling who they are, what they’ll look like, or what they’d do. When my spouse and I go camping and hiking (and we go several times a year) we usually have 2 large dogs with us, AND we’re usingally doing combination hunting/camping trips, so my spouse is armed. I simply don’t worry when we do that.Stay away from wet or damp areas–they breed lots of gnats and bugs.If you build up a character to its full potential and made them easy to relate to then killing them might not be your best option. The death of a beloved character WILL shock the reader. Especially the way you tell it. Can you rewrite two out from the start? Make an existing character a composite of two others? How about a family (4 People or so) that simply moves away after the stress of the accident. Bottom line your characters in a story are a type of family. How could any family react to losing almost half its members and feel the same as before?

  12. shouldnt you be in bed? jk ok im not into that kind of story but i believe my hubby would like it 🙂

  13. As for sleeping… If you’re with a group (as I would be. Any more I wouldn’t feel safe at all alone), what I’d go is pick a spot 50 to 100 yards off the road or track to set up camp, and I’d get permission from the landowner (if he or she was visible) if I wasn’t on public land.”Shakespeare in the Light of Sacred Art,” Martin Lings, for advice; and

  14. Set your tent up on bare ground using a tarp for ground cover. Look for a level spot that is not heavily covered with grass or flowers. By not camping on a heavily grassed area, you won’t be harming any plants.In other words, Star Wars was NOT a book first and then some time later made into a movie – unlike other series such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Eragon, and Twilight, which were first books and later made into movies.Well the catholic faith (that’s what i am too) thinks that harry potter makes young kids want to practice witchcraft. and sometimes that’s true i mean i love harry potter but i don’t go crazy about it. i have my “fan girl’ moments but I’m OK with it. i think its great that u are reading this to a 4th grader because the books taught me about love, friendship, loyalty, and the fact that good can always conquer evil in the end. So if it helps, tell your step mother in law that!

  15. RE:There is a tagline that reads “from the Adventures of Luke Skywalker”, that has had many people looking for that book for over 30 years. That book does not exist. All the Star Wars books have either been novelizations of, or based upon, the movies.

  16. This Site Might Help You.Look for water. You’ll need water for bathing, drinking and food preparation. Pick a campsite within 100 to 150 feet of a water souce.

  17. Deposit solid human waste in catholes dug 6 to 8 inches deep at least 200 feet from water, camp, and trails. Cover and disguise the cathole when finished. If you use toilet paper there are two schools of thought. You can put the paper in a ziplock bag and pack it out, or you can burn it. Toilet paper does not decompose very quickly and burning it speeds up that process. Just remember to make sure the paper has stopped burning before you fill the hole back in. Forest fires can be started easily this is a link to get you startedSeveral suggestions:

  18. Star Wars-based fiction predates the release of the first film, with the 1976 novelization of Star Wars (ghost-written by Alan Dean Foster and credited to Lucas). Foster’s 1978 novel, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, was the first Expanded Universe work to be released. In addition to filling in the time between the films, this additional content greatly expanded the Star Wars timeline before and after the film series. Star Wars fiction flourished during the time of the original series (1977–1983) but slowed to a trickle afterwards. In 1992, however, Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy debuted, sparking a new interest in the Star Wars universe. Since then, several hundred tie-in novels have been published by Bantam and Del Rey. A similar resurgence in the Expanded Universe occurred in 1996 with the Steve Perry novel Shadows of the Empire, set between Episodes V and VI, and accompanying video game and comic book series.[89]I’d be careful to get rid of a character that readers may have a ‘connection’ with, keep them. You should get rid of the characters that seem the most lack-luster, and even if you have a character that you don’t want anymore but you want them to stay alive, they can just ‘take a leave’, and move somewhere.

  19. The same generalization obtains for most if not all aspects of fiction writing; e.g., outdoor scenes; whereby does one describe a desert or a garden? Of one’s personal “writing about what one knows.” If one has a photo of a scene, it is easier than simply going to one’s imagination about a general desert or garden. “Write what you know” is in this case “write authentically, from a personal point of view,” rather than moving characters around based on their favorite color, their family values, the plants you decide are in the garden, the temperature of the desert you set, etc.

  20. How I look at it is this… While I’m not going to go camping or backpacking alone–it’s a stupid and unnecessary risk for a woman of my age, if I were male? I’d go in a red-hot minute. Life’s full of risks, regardless, and all in all, I’d feel one heck of a lot safer out in the country than I would in parts of my own small town–which has a certain drug-related rough element–and only 10,000 people. In fact, I’m a little envious! My spouse and I would LOVE to do bike-backpacking–but that’s not something we can do with the dogs!

  21. Kill as much as you need but for future reference one of the chosen for dead could mysteriously disappear because if you ever needed him he could return and if not he could remain in hiding.

  22. EDIT – in repsonse to your additional details: The 6 books have the same titles as the movies. And yes, as novelizations, they **do** add some depth and additional detail which the movies don’t go into. The Phantom Menace book, for example, has a whole scene where Anakin finds a wounded Tusken Raider in the desert and stays with him all night to make sure that no harm comes to him. In the movie, this isn’t even mentioned.

  23. What is “bland”? The outside-the-beingness of the character. If one doesn’t know the character within-its-beingingness, one tends to have “bland” characterization.With every single character you have, create a profile and beck ground along with character traits and reasons why, even if none of that is mentioned in the book, giving them their own personality that fits with their background and origin will help.

  24. I tend to use 3 x 5 cards, but “character sheets” by any name are sweet.But if you’re armed and don’t know what you’re doing, that’s a great opportunity to shoot yourself in the foot.whenever I want to make a character that’ll just strike the reader, I sit around with my friends, family or generally people I know, and I look closely at their actual character, their reactions and mannerisma. Nothing better than having real and believable characters in your book. ^^

  25. What are the original Star Wars books? Are there books that the movies were based upon?LucasBooks radically changed the face of the Star Wars universe with the introduction of the New Jedi Order series, which takes place some 20 years after Return of the Jedi and stars a host of new characters alongside series originals. For younger audiences, three series have been introduced. The Jedi Apprentice series follows the adventures of Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi before Episode I. The Jedi Quest series follows the adventures of Obi-Wan Kenobi and his apprentice Anakin Skywalker after Episode I and before Episode II. The third and currently on-going series is The Last Of the Jedi series which follows the adventure of Obi-Wan Kenobi and the adventures of a surviving Jedi almost immediately after Episode III.

  26. No reason to be foul in your question. Getting acquainted with mother nature is quite simple you dig a hole 200ft away from camp and water sources squat and doo your dooty. You clean yourself as you would at home, bury the mess and your done. Trail hiking usually has a destination in mind and many trails have trail campsites all ready designated. Being attacked by wild animals is a possibility and in areas like Yellowstone and Alaska thru Canada Griz are a real threat. There are ways and means to reduce the threat like being careful with food storage and such carrying pepper spray and where legal guns. However with your question it sounds as if you totally lack any kind of wilderness experience So i would recommend you sign up with an adventure group and go on a few short 2 to 3 day trips to learn more and experience some outdoor knowledge from a pro.

  27. There are also a lot of Star Wars universe-type fiction books, which are not the main 9 storylines as originally thought, but which sort of fit into the Star Wars universe, and they’re sanctioned as official by Lucas’s company.

  28. People, on the other hand? 99% of the people you meet camping and backpacking will be the nicest folks you could ever come across. They’ll be GREAT–helpful and friendly and polite, and they’;d share the shirt off their back if you were in doing good

  29. I like the STORY so far, but you have to work on your style of writing. You do not elaborate enough and interrupt yourself. I am a writer myself and I am not trying to insult you, but I came a long way. You really have potential for a brilliant, brilliant book. But you should consider the fact that most authors write their books over about 20 times before even trying to publish them. At 13, this is exeptional. Good luck, really.

  30. If you have to do Greece though maybe you could compare each House (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, etc.) to a Greek city-state

  31. I wouldn’t GENERALLY worry about wild animals, depending on where you are. Your food supply is in more danger than you are, and if you use the time-honored camping techniques for that when you’re in REAL wilderness areas as opposed to the sort of feral roadside and tracksides, in general, wild animals will leave you strictly alone. (Learn about bear country, however, if you’re going to go through it).toilet paper with me, an entrenching tool (small foldable shovel) and I find a good-sized log, and hang my tush over the far side to keep the rest of me clean.

  32. Write the children’s book(s) first, or concurrently; the artistic, creative mind is the childlike; the synthetic selfishness is chidish. Championing the one and healing the latter is how good parenting, good servant-leadership, and genuine creativity obtains.

  33. I in basic terms wrote my first e book, and had to kill off 2 characters. It replaced into unhappy, yet a mandatory area of the plot. I had initially planned for one character, yet 2 made the conflict greater intense – that’s a commonplace reason of killing off characters, rather those you like. I had various motives for killing those human beings. i necessary my important character to adventure a tragedy that could tutor her how risky her situation replaced into. She necessary to be spurred into action to objective to alter her situation and save her very own life. She additionally necessary a valid reason to be offended with yet another character close to the top, to be waiting to a minimum of in part blame this individual for the others’ deaths. additionally, numerous readers at the instant are not paying for into fluffy happy endings. they want some unresolved problems, rather if it ability there will be a sequel. happy endings are great, yet much greater real looking and helpful in the event that they are stained somewhat by employing the main important characters’ soreness and advance in the process the era of the e book(s). that’s what truly gets you to love and sympathize with the main important character.

  34. “Creation: Artistic and Spiritual,” Omraam Aivanhov,Consider the sun. If you’d want a view of a beautiful sunrise, locate your campsite with that in mind. Maybe you’d like to sleep as long as possible the next morning and would like to not be disturbed by the sun. This is another consideration when locating a campsite.I don’t know about greece, Rome would be better seeing as how a lot of the names and all of the spells are Latin. Also Remus (Lupin) is the name of one of the legendary brothers who, as the legend goes, founded Rome.Get away from everyone else. Locate your campsite off the trail if you want privacy. However, don’t veer far from the trail if you’re a beginner.

  35. So, to the degree you as author are able to authentically “be” in a character, scene, and plot, then you are at least authentically mediocre 🙂 Some comparatively superficial authors may write more slickly, and more popularly, but not as authentically. The latter type (for we are dealing in ideal types) may be more entertaining, more profitable, but “genuine” artists know the fine line distinguishing creativity and inspiration from rote recipes, however fine, that are not quite so.

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