How To Download Books On Android

How do I get an ebook from a website to show up on my Nook app for Android.

I have a tablet that runs Android 4.0, and I have the Nook app for it. I downloaded a couple books in epub format from a website, not the Nook shop or How do I get them to show up on my Nook ap?

You’d better download the books on your computer, copy them to your the “Nook” folder of your tablet with the USB cable.If you download on your tablet, you need to download & install a file manager, such as free ASTRO to get your files and select open with “Nook”.

E books and how to purchase books.

How do you get the books to read on a kindle or similar android E book and how much are the books

You go to the relevant website ( and click on Ebooks or you touch the kindle icon on your android and it takes you to the website. If you don’t already have a credit/debit card attached to your account you have to set that up first. Then you select the book you want, pay for it, then download it. The prices vary with how new the book is; some are free! Funny books free

How can i get my kindle books to read outloud on my android.

Ask nicely.Or, you could just download the Kindle app for Android, if they have one. I have an iPhone and they have the Kindle app in the app store. Then, if they have the app, I guess you log into your account and read the books from there.

How do you read a book on GoodReads.

I downloaded the app on my android and I heard you can read books on it for free. But I don’t know how to read a book on the app like the book won’t show up! Someone help!

Whoever told you that was mistaken or lying. Goodreads is for keeping track of which books you’ve read and are going to read, talking about books with other members of the site, and discovering new books, based on what you’ve told the site you like. Actually getting hold of the books to read is your responsibility.

Does any know how to down load books into Android Aldiko.

I have an archos 7 tablet that has an OS android. It has Aldiko installed on it but offers very little books. I would like to download books off another site but am not sure how. If anyone has any experience with this I could use some advice. Thank You

Books written before 1923 are free to download. Check Gutenberg.Books written since 1923, you need the permission of the author or publisher to read for free. Most authors can not afford to give them away for free. Respect that.

How do I download books on my Android without a credit card.

i just got my Samsung captivate glide and was going to download books but i need a credit card to do so. i dont have a credit card and before i use to have an iphone. with the iphone i never needed there a way to download books without the credit card? its really stupid how u have to have one to download…

Save books to Google Drive

how to buy books to read on my android or laptop.

you can buy all electronic books from amazon. When you buy it online, they allow you to download the book that you have bought. Here is a link to the ebook page on amazon >

How long does it take to download books on an android tablet. .

I downloaded a book on the nook app for my new android tablet yesterday at 6:51pm and now it is 1:05pm the next day and it still isn’t done downloading. Does anyone know why that is or how to make it go faster? How long is it supposed to take?

it depend on the connection you use size of the file etc. normally it won’t take that much time. you have to specify whether you are using wifi, 3G, gprs/edge etc. need more details.

How to uninstall GOOGLE BOOKS on android..

Okayy so for fun i just downloaded the app google books for my mom and its making my market and other things on my phone weird.Why?HOW DO I DELETE IT!?!?

simple, go to settings>applications>manage applications> find the google books app tap on it> upper right hand side should say uninstall this works if you downloaded the app if it came on your phone you may not be able to delete it (unless you root your phone)

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  1. Once you read a publication you start to see the story how you want to assume it not the way the director wants you to definitely see it

  2. You can buy the books directly through Amazon. Just search in the kindle store (select from the drop down menu titled “search in” and you will be able to find tons of e books and some of them are free. The books range from free to 10 bucks depending on the book.

  3. I have the app too! Truth is (after I’ve done some searching), you can only read the books that are really old in goodreads. For example, you can read: Jane Eyre or “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. I know. It sucks.

  4. thank you !!!! I only wanted to read some epub format books I already have but this app was driving me crazy.Which other app can be downloaded tor ead epub booksHINT: Use your eyes while reading…

  5. Just read a written book watching the exact same publication that is converted to that movie. A couple of details in a book that people neglect watching a movie. We don’t have the sense of smell or color our minds can create.

  6. I love GoodReads !! You can read other peoples Creative Writing essays and short stories which is pretty neat…. As in books you can read really old one.

  7. reading is much better the book keeps u thinking and you get more detail in what folks are thinking and you simply get more imagination

  8. while reading a written reserve, you’re stimulating the human brain. You transform your reading and literacy skills therefore you in the process, become more literate. Despite having today’s modern technology, you need to be in a position to read still.

  9. Goodreads is a social site for discussing and recommending books. The app is for tracking what you’re reading and what you would like to read. You still have to purchase the actual books.

  10. I don’t believe t.v. is a throw away of your energy, it’s just that I see no real use of it nowadays and there is nothing at all educational or useful on now. Children of today face ‘entertainment’ that is merely plain stupid and does not have any morale meaning behind them

  11. AFAIK, you can read reviews of books on Goodreads, but not the actual book. For that, you have to purchase and download the book from or somewhere.

  12. Use the Kindle app, or there are free e-reader apps in the Google app store, you can try different ones until you find one you like. Also try searching for free books, ie You can download from there to your device, and use the e-reader you prefer.

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