How Many Books Are In The Odyssey By Homer

How long is the Original “The Odyssey” by Homer.

So I read the Odyssey like 2 years ago, not in school or anything like that but by my self.I have The Odyssey I guess published by the “Townsend Library” because it has that label in the bottom, the book is not that long barely some 360 pages.My Question is, is this like a summary of the whole…

There is no “Original “The Odyssey” by Homer.” There isn’t even proof there was a singular Homer rather than many bards carrying poetry of history through Attica. If the translator of the koine tries for a rhymed and metered telling it will be much longer. I you read an English version from the Latin vulgate it will be shorter than a direct greek. With foot notes, special spacing and an index bibliography the book can run near 500 pages.

In Homer’s Oddesey, how many times does Agememnon’s story come up and in what book/page are the stories on.

Normally in this case i would ask for differences between these stories and why, but i would rather come up with my own. Classical Mythology paper. I just cant remember what pages they are on and i am about to go to sleep.

The Odyssey by Homer Written 800 B.C.E Free audiobooks reddit

questions abt the Odyssey by homer.

please answer in paragraph form…how can this book be tied to ancient rome or greece?Was the physical lay of the land important in any parts of the story? how or why not? how about the weather?What are the main events that move the plot along? What is the climax of the story? How did it end?

This classic from Greek literature was written in the Greek language as an epic poem — the return of Odysseus from the Trojan War to his wife Penelope and son Telemachus;the Greek and Roman civilizations had many overseas wars to fight and many veterans who were on the way home, at times for decades.The author HOMER includes a fight scene between the returning husband and the scheming suitors who are seeking Penelope to marry one of them. . .

What is the central internal conflict that Oddyseus must confront in the Odyssey.

I need the central internal conflict and how Odysseus reaches the resolution with direct quotations along with page numbers from The Odyssey by Homer, translated by Robert Fitzgerald.Thanks In Advance For Alll Your Help!!

I am reading that same one for school. This is a hard question because it could be so many different things depending on the ppint in the story. It could be the Gods troubling his way back to Ithaca in the first half, then the trouble with the suitors when he arrives back. There isn’t one specific problem throughout the book, but my best guess would be one of those two. It could also be the hostile tribes he has to deal with here and there like the cyclops, but it is most likely the first one about the gods

What were the roles of women in The Odyssey by Homer.

I am writing a paper on the roles of women and how they are portrayed in the Greek patriarchal society that the epic was written in. I ned info on Circe, Calypso, Penelope, Athena, ect. Please incluse a source….website, book, ect. Thanks!!

If you’ve read any other epic, such as the Iliad, you should have observed how the female characters are pretty stereotyped. Andromache is good, Helen is bad, Briseis is passive. In the Odyssey, however, there’s a wide range of female characters, and they’re all individuals. penelope is a fit mate for the “thinking hero”; Circe is a clever enchantress; Calypso is a sexy but rather dull goddess who can’t understand what Penelope has that she doesn’t (brains, the ability to be interesting); Eurycleia is the first of a long line of literary nursemaids ranging through Juliet’s nurse to Scarlett O’Hara’s Mammy; Nausicaa is an intelligent and determined girl who plays a key role in getting Odysseus safely home . . . . There are still others. And the primary god in the Odyssey is a goddess, who in many ways fills the role that in other epics is filled by the hero’s best friend. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that the society of the Odyssey was PATRIarchal!As for a source, do you really need one beyond the Odyssey itself?

What positive and negative qualities of Odysseus charactr are revealedby his behavior in the land of Cyclopes.

In the book “THE ODYSSEY” BY: HOMER,

Time to buckle down and actually read your assignment…for several reasons. The first is that too many folks in Y!A are onto the homework shirkers by now and most of what you’ll get as answers will not be helpful. The second reason is that doing one’s own homework is how you learn things. Granted, some things like classical Greek epic poetry don’t seem like they will help you in later life, but there plenty of reasons to have a good general education and be familiar with classical literature. Third, The Odyssey IS one of those classics that people refer to in everyday conversation…it pays not to look too ignorant if somebody makes a reference to Cyclops or to the “wine-dark sea.”Now, that lecture over, if you’ve read this far, some of Odysseus’ characteristics are: resourcefulness, intelligence, trickery, loyalty, bravery, ruthlessness and a certain facility with language. See if you can identify the places in the story of the Cyclops where he uses them.

how many days was the odyssey.

greek mythology book

The entire mythic cycle is 20 years (10 years at Troy and 10 years trying to get home) But the actual text of the Odyssey occurs over only a few weeks. The story starts in medias res with Telemachos, urged by Athena, to go visit Nestor and Menelaus and ask about his daddy. Odysseus has already been captive on Kalypso’s island and has already has nearly all his adventures when the story starts; huge parts of the text are Odysseus retelling what has already happened to the Phaicians. He then gets to go home, plays his little identity games, kills the suitors, gets tricked by Penelope, visits his daddy, then Athena comes in and pulls a deus ex machina and that is the end. From book 1 to 24 it’s a couple weeks, not ten or twenty years.Ahhh exact numbers…Iliad is 52 days…hang on, i’ll find itAH HA the Odyssey occurs over a 40 day period woot woot here’s the link also has the summaries =)…

How is the Odyssey related to Ancient Greece.

How is the book the Odyssey by Homer related to the past ancient Greece society?Thank you soo much!

The Ancient Greeks were fabulous storytellers. They loved their heroes, myths and legends. This is portrayed in Homer’s “Odyssey” and many other stories.

How many pages are in the book odyssey..

I have to read the book “The odyssey” by Homer for summer reading and I still have to finish reading “The adventures of Huckle Berry Finn.” I am trying to figure out how many pages are in the Odyssey. I havent gotten the book yet cuz my dad is waiting till I finish my first book. So any one know…

Depends on the printer, of course. My copy of Robert Fagles’ translation is 537 pages for the poem itself, with another 100 or so for the introduction and notes.Frankly, if it’s taken you all summer to not finish Huckleberry Finn, you haven’t got a chance. Too bad. They’re both great and important books.

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  1. It’s a pretty easy read, actually. Well, after the first “chapter” or two (the chapters are called “books,” though). It took us almost a whole trimester to read it when I was in high school (but we were writing papers and doing projects in between, too).

  2. I agree with one of the other commentators. The original version of the Odyssey was written in the Greek and then translated into several languages. Furthermore, there is no actual proof that Homer was an individual, so it would be difficult to find the original scrolls handwritten by him. This story was told by bards and oral storytellers who passed it on from generation to generation until it was recorded by scribes. Lastly, it is very likely that your 360 page book holds the entire English translation of the story as we know it.

  3. I’ve had to read The Odyssey like three times over the past four years. The first time, it was like 563 pages. The second time, it was around 450. And the third time, something like 500 pages. It really depends on the print size, the publisher, the lay-out, etc.if you actually read the book then you would understand

  4. There’s different translations, but it’s like 400 pages. hahait was many many years…not days

  5. There is a big debate about whether the Iliad and Odyssey were actually Homer’s creations. I believe it was him that first told the stories, but were written down by someone else.Its based on ancient greek folk tales passed down from generation to generation

  6. The main adventures after the 10-year Troy war were about 10 years, also, 7 of them spent on Kalypso’s island.

  7. i read it to mine was also slimmed down and it is imposible to find an original copy but you can ask your local barnes and noble worker to help you find the closest to the original

  8. I believe the Odyssey was written down in Attic Greek around the time of Pericles hundreds of years after Homer died. Actually, Homer may be several itinerant bards who memorized and elaborated on the story. It was told for hundreds of years before it was written down. No manuscripts exist from the ancient period.There are several copies of The Odyssey. I saw one in Books.A.Million that was HUGE and over 1,000 pages. I’m not sure if you would consider that the original copy or not because The Odyssey was originally passed down by word, and re-written several times over a period of 3,000 years.

  9. Are you kidding me? You want me to write an essay for you and tell me how to write it?! No way, buddy.what publisher ? diffrent publications has different pages. The original book has 12,110 lines of dactylic hexameter.

  10. Just read Sparknotes. I swear it’s so much better. The book is in poetry form, so it’s not like you’ll have any idea what’s it’s about anyway. Just read the Sparknotes version.

  11. Specific number of pages? I’ve seen tiny volumes with tiny little print and larger books with legible print. Either way, you can do it!

  12. Well, it’s long; I can tell you that. It helps to write down all the characters and what you know about them–there are MANY characters that you have to keep straight.i will’t help you via providing you with the solutions, that is been some 365 days or 2 on the grounds that I examine it. yet might I propose gazing sparknotes on line? Please do no longer replica. And in case you discover what you’re in seek of, complex extra via your self, via reareading the full sections that they point out the referance in. no longer in common terms do you be conscious of the context, yet in addition if there may well be yet another one they have not metioned.

  13. I would encourage you to actually read The Odyssey. While it is a bit chewy in places the stories are worth knowing and once you know it it will amaze you how often they have been regurgitated by Hollywood.But last year, in college, we were expected to read the whole thing in about 4 or 5 days! It was do-able, but sucky, let me tell you.

  14. Either get off the internet, read it (The Odyssey is a great piece of ancient literature, by the way), and do your own work or get some Sparknotes and do your own work. Questions like this really make me question the future of humanity.sadly the internet has turned our youth into some lazy @-s-s self centered hobbits.

  15. My “Odyssey” is 500 or so pages.We had to read it last year in class.haha is this a question for homework? nice one. i would answer if i knew but i read that book a long long time ago.

  16. Basically, dear. What you want is for someone to tell you about the book, so you don’t have to read it. And frankly, by the time someone got through explaining to you, you’d read the book.

  17. Good book, but it’s not one to cram into a weekend (or even five days). I’d say you’ll need about two weeks, if you’re not a fast reader or you don’t like reading.560 pgs in the edition printed by penguin classics

  18. The Penguin Classic version is 560 pages…I would guess they’re all going to be about that. It is, after all, an odyssey: it takes him 20 years to get from the end of the war back home to his wife…that’s gotta take a lot of explainin’.

  19. Translations come in either poetry or prose which affect the length since poetry has shorter lines and more blank space on a page.

  20. this is so easy a simple yahoo search would tell you and all you’ll need to do is read a few paragraphs.The page will vary on translation, however I would be happy to tell you where it happens. The first reference is made during the council of the gods, at the start of the novel(which i believe appears in book 1). You also see a more in depth description given to Telemachus by Menelaus(Agamemnon’s brother) about the death of Agamemnon. Additionally, when Odysseus visits the underworld, he meets Agamemnon and hears the story. Outside of these three main occurrences, The story of Agamemnon is alluded to at numerous minor points throughout the novel. As a side note, the story of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra functions as an effective foil to that of Odysseus and Penelope.

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