How Many Lord Of The Ring Books Are There

how many lord of the rings books are there and what are they called thanks.

can i get them of the internet without putting credit card details (im 16 and have’nt got a credit debit or cash card and if so what is he internet site called

Actually, The Lord of the Rings is a single work, which was published in 3 parts for practical (=money) reasons at the time it first came out.I’m afraid it won’t be easy to “get them” legally if you don’t have the means to pay for the book, but have you considered your local library?It’s almost certain that they’ll have a copy.And it’s a long book… so it would be a good idea to read it first and then decide if you want to spend money on it.In addition to LOTR (with its 3 traditional volumes: “The Fellowship of the Ring”, “The Two Towers” and “The Return of the King”), you might want to read “The Hobbit” (a prequel, but written for kids so the language is simpler and there’s no so much “historic” background).If all the “background” history fascinates you, you should read “The Silmarillion”, and if you should become a fan, there are several other books with accounts and retellings of the classical Middle Earth themes.

How many books in the Lord of the Rings are there.


1. The Fellowship of The Ring2. The Two Towers3. The Return of The King

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How many Lord of the Rings Dvds are there and what are there names.

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingsLord of the RIngs: The Two TowersLord of the Rings: Return of the KingAnd there’s a Spin-off type of book/movie called the Hobbit, But it’s not as good at LOTR 😉

Lord of the Rings= How many books are there .

In total? How many lord of the rings books are there?Give me the names please.

3Fellowship, Two Towers and Return of the King

How many Lord of the Rings movies are there.

1. What’s the titles (in order)?2. Order them from your favorite to least favorite.

If i list just the lotr books they go:The Fellowship of the RingThe Two TowersThe Reurn of the KingThe orders a little bit mixed up if you include the other books, i know the hobbit comes first, i dont know where the simillarion and unfinished tales go, i also thing theres another one.My favourite:Well, its tough to order them so i wont, i like them all

How many Lord of the Rings movies are there.

My boyfriend likes them and I want to get them for him for Christmas. I already got the Hobbit because he wants it. I watched the movies with him but all I remember is extremely long movies that just showed people traveling all the time. Also, what are the subtitles of the movies? I know they all have a…

There 3 films in the Lord of the Rings movie series. These movies are based on the Lord of the Rings book series by J.R.R. Tolkien. Tolkien’s original intent was to publish The Lord of the Rings as a single volume containing 6 “books” plus an extensive appendix. The publisher overrode Tolkien’s intent and published The Lord of the Rings as three volumes. The Silmarillion was intended to be a second volume but was not published until after his death.The three published volumes were:1. The Fellowship of the Ring2. The Two Towers3. The return of the King.The original six books were to be:1. Book I, The Ring Sets Out2. Book II, The Ring Goes South3. Book III, The Treason of Isengard4. Book IV, The Ring Goes East5. Book V, The War of the Ring6. Book VI, The End of the Third Age plus six appendices

How many Lord of the Rings books are there.

If I got this book it have every book and series etc of the whole lord of the ringsIf I read all of it would I have read all of the Lord of the rings??

As above, the trilogy is just that. There are however, several more books set in Middle Earth such as The Hobbitt, Unfinished Tales, and the Silmarillion

how many lord of the rings book are there

how many is there and could you name them please

It was intended as one. However, it was divided into the three parts that most of us know as The Lord of the Rings trilogy: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King. The adventure begins with The Hobbit though, a prequel so to speak.

How many Lord Of the Rings related books are there.

I know the obvious: Fellowship, Two Towers, Return of the King, and the Hobbit. But how many, should i say… middle earth related books are there? I heard of one like the simmularitan or something… any answer is appreciated… thanks 🙂

there are four core books – the hobbit, the fellowship of the ring, the two towers, and the return of the kingthere are at least five other books by jrr tolkein about middle earth – the sillmarillion, unfinished tales, the book of lost tales (volumes 1 and 2), and the children of hurinof the other five my favorite is the sillmarillion

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  1. The Fellowship of the RingI know for a fact that they don’t have them in most of the actual stores. So what I did was find out how much they were and then I bought a gift card.the samerlionThe Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersAs far as Peter Jackson’s films go:The Hobbit- Begins the story and tells how Bilbo found the One Ring.It’s a trilogy, three movies.It’s a bit more complicated than that… Tolkien originally wrote it as a single long book. The publisher decided to split it up. This was for two reasons. (1) It was unlike anything before it, and they had no idea whether it would sell. (2) This was not long after the Second World War, and the British government was still rationing just about everything, including paper for books. Had it been printed as one book, it would have had to be so expensive that nobody would’ve bought it.

  2. The Book of Lost Tales 1To have a further understanding of The Lord of the Rings, they are actually 3 stories in 1 book. The Hobbit is just 1 small book, but the director wanted to make the movie in parts, which is what he did for LOTR’s as well.5 for now, possibly a 6th… Why I don’t know..

  3. 10the fellowship part 1&2There are three books and then a prequel to the trilogy. The trilogy in this order is The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and the The Return of the King. The name of the prequel is The Hobbit. There are also movies to accompany the trilogy, movies have the same names. The movies are not the exact same as the books. I do not know of such Internet sites. I would suggest just reading the books, in print from a library or just buy it.

  4. The Return of the KingThe Fellowship of the RingThe Return of the KingUnfinished Talesthe Fellowship of the Ring -1.LOTR The Fellowship of the RingsReturn of the King (Theatrical Release)The Two Towers

  5. You have specific answers already, I will just add that if you get them, get the special or extended editions with appendice discs. The appendices are as entertaining as the films for we uber fangirls and boys…

  6. Vol 1. The Fellowship of the RingThere are three books – The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, and the Children of Hurin are set in Middle Earth but are not part of the “Lord of the Rings.”THen I just bought them off the internet with the gift card.Plus, there will be two more movies following the story of the Hobbit which will be also set before what happens in the Fellowship…The Hobbit -The War of the RingThe Two Towers (Extended Edition)

  7. *The Return of the Kingthe two towers part 3&4Tolkien was nothing if not thorough. In writing “The Lord of the Rings,” he also wrote out histories of the principal races and provided each with a separate language, complete with grammar and vocabulary. The subsequent history of the hobbits’ Shire, especially, is included as an appendix to “The Return of the King” along with a small portion of the other background material.

  8. Morgoth’s RingBook II: The Fellowship of the RingThe Shaping of Middle-earthThe Lord of the RingsThe Fellowship of the RingIn defense of the Hobbit; it was written before LOTR. It is the predecessor to the trilogy and there are also other JRR Tolkein books that give a history of Middle Earth, other characters and the collection of life forms.

  9. Return of the King (Extended Edition)3 moviesThere are three books in the Lord of the Rings trilogy:There are 3 in the series/trilogy :The Two Towers

  10. I’ve read a lot of his books…The Fellowship of the RingSauron Defeated2.The Two TowersOther books are:Then by christopher Tolkien there is the ‘History of Middle Earth’The Two TowersThe Two Towers (Theatrical Release)Actually there are six, two per physical book.

  11. *The Fellowship of the Ringthe third is The Return of the KingThere are 31. Fellowship of the Ring

  12. the second book in the plotline ( i rember it because it has a 2 in it), this is the one with the big cavalry charge at the end, when all the forces of dark, get flanked by some elves and some gondorians i think (it was i the film, ill read the book when im on my summer holidays next year), my favourite film.

  13. 2- The Two TowersYes, All of the Lord of the Ring books are in there, but like I said, you don’t have to read the Hobbit first, but it helps.

  14. The Lost Road and Other WritingsThe Two Towers (Book 2)The Two Towers2) The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.3

  15. 1-2 Fellowship of the RingThere are the Lord of the rings Books also The Hobbit, there is also the Similarion , Children of Hurin, The lost tales and History of Middle earth Volumes 1 through 12 , Also there is the Tales of Tom Bombidil.

  16. Book I: The Return of the ShadowThe Fellowship of the Ringthe first book in the toliken series separate from the main plot, but has bilbo baggins, gandalf the grey, and a few others and is about the adventures of these 2 menBook I: The Return of the Shadow (or “The Ring Sets Out”)there is also a prequel to the lord of the rings and it is called The Hobbit

  17. Children of Hurin, Unfinished tales and tales of the perilous realms are all books by the two Tolkiens (Christopher and J.R.R) around the subject of Lord of the Rings and explain some of it in more detail.The histories of middle earth

  18. The Return of the ShadowTolkien’s son, Christopher, also wrote a number of books which expand on the back story that JRR created for the Lord of Rings.

  19. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingRight now, Walmarts website is having technical difficulties for some odd reason, but Im sure it’ll be up and running again.[DELDUP()]

  20. Book III: The Treason of Isengard3-4 The Two TowersLord of the Rings: The Two towersThe Book of Lost Tales Parts 1-2There are three books about lord of the rings. There is one “pre-book” called The Hobbit. it tells you about how the ring got into the bagggins’ possesion and what Bilbo had to do for it. The first one is called The Fellowship Of The Ring.There are 3 and a prequelBook V: The War of the RingThere are three books in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, but it really helps if you read the Hobbit first.hobbet

  21. The HobbitThe War of the Jewels2.The Two TowersThe Two Towers———–I also do not have a credit cardThe HobbitThere is also a prequel called The Hobbit.

  22. There are 3. LOTR – Fellowship of the Ring, LOTR- The Two Towers, and LOTR- The Return of the King. I have also heard that they will be making a film version of The Hobbit.

  23. The SilmarrillionBook II: The Fellowship of the Ring (or “The Ring Goes South”)The Shaping of Middle-EarthThe Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Twin Towers, and the Return of the King.

  24. Also, before these were made, there were several animated versions of the books(The trilogy and the Hobbit), the most popular of which was directed by Ralph Bakshi. (the DVDs are: “J.R.R Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings”, “The Return of the King” and “The Hobbit”) These are much harder to find on DVD than the Peter Jackson films, but you could probably find them used on Amazon or maybe Ebay.

  25. 1) The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.After Tolkien’s death, his son and literary heir, Christopher, edited the material that his father left behind, publishing first “The Silmarillion” (1977), a prehistory of the hobbit world, followed by many others, including “The Complete History of Middle Earth” in twelve volumes.

  26. 3 Movies.The second one is called The Two Towers (( not about the Twin Towers)) And the last is called The Return Of The King. hope i helped and if u want more info on lotr, (lord of the rings) email me at [email protected]

  27. *You can buy any of his books online like or Amazon or Barnes&Noble…but you do need a credit/debit card. Use your parents!*the first book in the LOTR main plotlinethe Two Towers -The Lord of the RingsThe Fellowship of the RingThey were meant to be 1 book, but publishers didn’t know how they would sell so it was split into 3

  28. Fellowship of the Ring (Extended Edition)The Lays of BeleriandBook IV: The Journey to MordorThe Peoples of Middle-earth

  29. If you enjoyed watching the Lord Of The Rings saga, then you should also try its game version.The Lord of The Rings:The Lost Road and Other WritingsThe Two Towers

  30. There are 3. Does he have a bluray player? There’s a great deal going on right now on Amazon for the trilogy extended set:… for just $50. It’s actually one of the lowest prices you’ll ever find for it.I believe there are four.1- The Fellowship of the Ringthe return of the king part 5&6The Return of the King

  31. LOTR: The Fellowship of the RingThe Hobbit is a prequel , The Fellowship of the Ring , The Two Towers and The Return of the King .3- The Return of the KingThe Treasure of IsengardBook IV: The Journey to Mordor3) The Fellowship of the Ring

  32. The Histories of Middle EarthThe Return of the King (Book 3)There are in all 6 books in the “Lord Of The Rings” series. These 6 books have been given under three names.The names are :The Silmarillion

  33. With this link you can get the full version completely free.Sauron DefeatedWell, let’s see…So the book was originally published as three books, which were called The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. Once it proved itself as a spectacular bestseller, and paper and printing became a lot cheaper, the publisher decided to print a one-volume edition, as Tolkien originally wanted.

  34. Morgoth’s RingThe Two TowersPrequel – The Hobbittecnicly there are three. but there is also the hobbit and another book that is the history of middle earth

  35. There’s 3. I have all of the movies, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and Return of the King. There’s the cinema versions and the extended edition. You can buy the trilogy at any store, like Walmart. The subtitles are usually English and Spanish. I would go to the store, or check online for the trilogy, or buy each movie separately if you want.There are too many books to name that have been published since his death, by J.R.R’s son.That is all the books in the Lord of the Rings but there is also the Hobbit–prequel to the Lord of the Rings which follows Bilbo and shows how he gets the ring. Tolkien has also written many other books about Middle-Earth but not about the same characters in the Lord of the Rings.

  36. 1) The Two Towers*The Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the RingCheck here if you want to get for free: Lord Of The Rings OnlineWhat I would do is look them up on walmart or target .com3.The Return of the King

  37. The Book of Lost Tales 2The Lays of BeleriandStrictly speaking, LOTR is a triple-decker novel: one story in six books, published as 3 volumes. The trilogy would be The Hobbit, LOTR, and The Similrillion. The parts of LOTR are::0)

  38. He has written many books in his lifetime. But the Lord of Rings series, plus further readings explaining the creation of this series is as follows:The Lord of the Rings:The Two TowersVol. II The Two TowersThe Hobit – prequel

  39. The Silmarillian (A history book on Lord of the Rings)Vol. II The Two TowersThe Lord of the Rings was originally intended to be one novel, a sequel to “The Hobbitt” but eventually became too long and therefore split up into three separate novels:Book 5 and 6- The Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The KingBook 3and 4- The Lord Of The Rings The Two TowersBook VI: The Return of the King

  40. the 3 main books, the fellowship of the ring, the two towers, and the return of the king, are the main plotline, by the way, and the hobbit is a prequel

  41. For your own FREE personal version of the book download it from the given link:The Peoples of Middle EarthThe SilmarillionThe first is The Fellowship of the RingFellowship of the Ring (Theatrical Release)The Return of the ShadowBook 1 and 2- The Lord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The RingNo that was the end of the series however they are making The Hobbit a movie(I like the hobbit better than Lord of the Rings).

  42. “The Lord of the Rings” is in three parts, as other answers have indicated. They are. in order, “The Fellowship of the Ring,” “The Two Towers,” and “The Return of the King.” Prior to writing “The Lord of the Rings,” J.R.R. Tolkien wrote “The Hobbit,” the action of which takes place before “The Fellowship of the Ring.” Since “The Hobbit” describes the early history of the ring, it ought to be read along with the others; however, it is an inferior book, and I suggest that it be read last, even though its events occur first.war of the ringThere is a prequel called the Hobbit as well. It was released last year.Book V: The War of the Ring

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