How To Convert Audible Books To Mp3

MP3 help..

what r audiobooks on an MP3??&what r podcasts and how do u get them??

—–AUDIOBOOKS————————-…audiobooks are books that are read to youyou can download audiobooks from for a fee, but it is the official supplier of iPod Audiobooksor you can visit the iTunes store, also for a feeyou can get free audibooks from Project Guthenbergif you have audiobooks from a CD, you can import ithowever, itunes will classify all .mp3 audiobooks as music, so you will have to convert it to .m4b—-PODCASTS————————–…99% of all of them are free, and the easiest way is to go to the iTunes store, on the left hand side under music, movies, etc. it should say podcastfind one that you like and click subscribe

How do I install audio books on a Samsung Focus/ Windows Phone 7.

How do I install audio books on a Samsung Focus/ Windows Phone 7?

Assuming you are using, you can’t. Audible doesn’t save directly to .mp3 or .wma file and it’s audible manager does not currently support Windows Phone 7 devices.However, you can download programs which will convert audible files (.aa) to .mp3 format — and split them into multiple .mp3 files. For example GoldWave. These generally aren’t free, often take a while, and are a hassle (both to convert and find your place within .mp3 files when you pause).

Free vampire books

How can I fit more audio files onto CD (to play in car).

I like to burn audio files (audio books, not music) to CD and play them in my car when I am travelling.At the moment they are in MP3 format – and I use Windows Media Player to burn them to the disk. I think it converts them to WMA so the car CD player can recognise it.I can only fit on about 60-90 mins…

MelodyCan converter allows+ converting M4P to MP3 from iTunes;+ converting WMA files to MP3 purchased under Napster, Rhapsody, Yahoo (or any other) subscription;+ AA to MP3 conversion from Audible store; convert WMA to AAC for iPod users;+ converting M4A to MP3 format for any non-m4a devices;+ Real Audio conversion and much, much more.

Is there a way to make my wma files smaller for my mp3 player.

I recently tried an Audible audio book trial for 14 days but figured the 14.95 per month for just one book was too pricey.I then downloaded some audio books that my library provides with Over Drive media console.The site where you could download audio books didn’t have a good selection so I went to the…

there’re lots of softwares to compress WMA files even can use Windows Media Encoder:(it integrates with wmp)…you can try converting them to mp3 and then downsizing them too:

How do I download Audio Books to a USB flash drive.

I have a SanDisk Extreme Cruzer Contour USB 2.0 Flash Drive – 8GB. I signed up on to download an audio book, however when I wanted to download it to my device, it told me that this device was not on their list of compatible devices. I called the help center and they told me the same thing. Can you…

You need to remove the DRM protection first. I usually use Audiobook converter to convert them to mp3 format. You can go to to download the program.

How do I load an mp3 audio book into my Garmin 660. The instructions are unclear to a new user..

How can I convert a protected m4b file to mp3 format for free.

I’ve searched, but have only found programs that convert about 1 min. or so for free. I’d like to put an audio book that I bought from in my mp3 player. Please help. thanks!

You can burn m4b files to CD, the rip the CD to mp3, this process will remove the DRM protection.If you don’t have DVD or CD burner, you may try this media converter, it’s not free, but it can convert protected m4b file to mp3, it works pretty well for me, I think it worth the money. a nice day, you can use to search more answers or email me if you need further help.

How much does it cost to download an audio book.


You can buy them from with different prices for each book/ $7.49. You can look up some books on and download the .flv, then convert to mp3. People are posting audio books with the album cover as a video.

convert .aa to mp3 file.

i used the trial for and i got some books and i cant lsiten to them! is there a way of converting .aa files to .mp3, i don’t want a link to crappy trial software coz there usless, is there an online one i can use?

the problem with .aa files is that they have drm copy protectionsee this tutu rial on how to convert them…

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  1. When you downloaded the files, did you load them into WMP, iTunes, or something else? What I usually do (I use iTunes) is create a playlist and then burn that. You can then rip the CDs that you burned as mp3 files. Based upon what I’ve read, you should still have access to material you downloaded. If not, you might try their customer service.

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  3. No. .aa files have DRM on them, and there’s really no good or easy way to break it (setting aside the fact that it’s a federal crime in the US). Most sites that claim to are scams. Be aware that is registered in China, so there’s a good chance there’s bonus malware included.

  4. First download the same to the computer hard disk in as it is format. then use the audio converter software and convert as per your requirements. For most audios you can convert them into mp3 with the windows media player itself, by ripping the source file.

  5. you ought to use a converter to transform the song. erightsoft great is a gadget that enables you to try this. keep the bit fee low, decrease the bit fee smaller the report. The seize is that loweing the bit fee additionally reduces the customary of the song. keep the bit fee at 128 on the minimum, you may test with distinctive bit costs to discover the version.

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